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Jenah Yamamoto – Height | Weight | Measurements | Diet

Jenah Yamamoto (AKA, @Gypsyone) is a fitness influencer, photographer, and social media personality originally from Hawaii but later moving to California, USA.

Jenah is known for her awesome, hourglass figure. It is the result of countless hours of working out and carefully watching her diet.

However, her success didn’t come easy. There were a lot of ups and downs and bold decisions that Jenah had to make in order to get to where she is today.

Here’s how she did it.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Jenah YamamotoDate of Birth: 4th April, 1993
Weight: 132lbs-140lbs (60kg-63kg)Height: 5’7” (170cm)
Nationality: AmericanOccupation: Photographer, Fitness Model, Travel Blogger


  • Professional Photographer
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Model
  • Social Media Personality


Early Passions

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Jenah Yamamoto is a growing name in the social media world, where she is recognized for her awesome figure and lifestyle as a photographer and travel blogger.

Jenah is of Japanese, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian descent. She has a sister, Kiani Yamamoto, who is a growing digital influencer in her own right.

From her early days, Jenah was passionate about staying active and living healthily, something which she learned from her parents. As the years went on, her interest in fitness only grew stronger. Coupled with her interest in photography and modeling, Jenah was ready to start a new chapter in her life.

Taking a Leap

After moving to California, Jenah Yamamoto decided to open her social media profiles to share her lifestyle with other like-minded people. She started posting photos and videos of her awesome workouts, which also added to her growing photography portfolio. It wasn’t long before Jenah’s social media following took off.

Ever-Growing Recognition

Within a few years of opening her online accounts, Jenah became a well-known name in the fitness & travel community. Furthermore, the success of her travel blog, Gypsy One, presented her with opportunities to collaborate with Adidas and other big-name brands, along with being featured in a number of publications like Complex and Acclaim.

Jenah’s success keeps on growing, and with it, so does the number of people that are inspired by her awesome lifestyle.

Jenah Yamamoto Workout

Jenah can be seen working out in different photos and videos on her social media accounts. As someone who travels often, Jenah doesn’t have a routine that is set in stone, but rather, mixes things up in her workouts all the time.

Some days, Jenah might visit a gym and train with the weights. Other days, she will focus more on bodyweight workouts and stretching. Just like with any successful fitness model, the key to Jenah’s success in keeping a fit and lean figure all year round is – consistency. Even when she doesn’t feel like exercising, she will stay disciplined to see her goals through.

Jenah Yamamoto training with a training partner in a gym.

Jenah Yamamoto Diet

The discipline mentality that Jenah has with her training is applied to her diet, as well. She doesn’t restrict herself from any foods, but rather maintains a balanced approach to nutrition. 80 percent of the time, Jenah will whole grains, chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, and white fish. These foods are rich in protein and healthy fats, helping her to build lean muscle but also providing micronutrients that are important for Jenah’s overall wellness.

She may supplement her healthy diet with a fish oil and multivitamin supplement, especially when she travels often and needs to make sure she is getting all of her essential nutrients.

What Jenah Yamamoto’s Story Teaches us

Jenah has taught us that achieving success comes down to a few key things. One is that you should be bold in pursuing your passions. Jenah’s move to California and the starting of her social media accounts are the key decisions that she made that helped her get to where she is today. Coupled with her discipline and consistency in pursuing her goals, Jenah has slowly but surely built a dream lifestyle for herself.

Having this in mind, why not start your own success story today. Boldly pursue your passions, don’t let anything deter you, and stay dedicated to your goals until you see them through – that’s how you too can reach your own mountain of success, just like Jenah.

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