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Burn Lab Pro Review: Does it Really Work? (UPDATED)

We’re always in search of the latest diet pills to hit the market, so we were naturally excited to get our hands on Burn Lab Pro – an ultramodern fat burner from the specialist company Opti Nutra.

Opti Nutra is known for producing some of the cleanest quality formulas on the market. These include the nootropic Mind Lab Pro, multivitamin NutriGenesis Multi, and testosterone booster Testo Lab Pro (previously known as Sport T+). Opti-Nutra’s team, which consists of Ph.D. scientists, formulates their supplements based on the latest academic research.

So, can Burn Lab Pro live up to the reputation? How does it compare to other fat burners in terms of reducing food cravings, improving energy, and ramping up your body’s fat-burning potential?

We answer all of that, and more, in our full Burn Lab Pro review below…

Burn Lab Pro Review – How Does it Work?

We’re yet to see a stim-free fat burner to work better than Burn Lab Pro. What’s more, it’s perfectly suitable for both men and women to use.

With 5 of the best-researched natural ingredients on the market, Burn Lab Pro will not only raise your metabolic rate, it will also help you resist hunger and food cravings.

Although it boasts a relatively streamlined formula, Burn Lab Pro targets fat loss from 5 different angles. You can find a detailed explanation on Burn Lab Pro’s official website, but here’s how it essentially works:

  1. Trigger fat breakdown – induces fat browning and ‘lipolysis’, helping the body to use more fat as fuel.
  2. Boost willpower – stimulates the release of catecholamine neurotransmitters which are crucial for focus and mental strength.
  3. Increases fullness – promotes satiety by stimulating endorphins and balancing blood sugar.
  4. Raises metabolic activity – increases energy expenditure via thermogenesis, especially during exercise.
  5. Limits fat storage – prevents insulin spikes that are associated with increased fat accumulation.

In addition to this, Burn Lab Pro contains ingredients that have been scientifically shown to protect lean muscle tissue during fasted and non-fasted state. More on this below!

Who is it For?

For both males and females. Burn Lab Pro wasn’t made for hardcore bodybuilders. Instead, it was carefully formulated with the modern individual in mind. The person who’s going through everyday stress and who wants to look leaner and feel more confident.

If you want to have a great body, you’ll have to get your body working for you, not against you. But chronic, ongoing stress can be a huge obstacle towards achieving this.

When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol, a stress hormone that signals to the rest of your body to preserve energy. This makes it next-to-impossible to burn fat.

This is why you’ll see people go on crazy caloric restrictions without dropping a pound. Even if they do lose some of it, they quickly gain it all back due to cortisol’s detrimental effects on their hormones.

Burn Lab Pro was specifically designed with these issues in mind. It’s a fat burner that not only helps you mentally to stick to positive habits, it also fights the detrimental effects of cortisol and improves your overall life quality.

Before we move to the ingredients and research behind Burn Lab Pro, let’s learn a bit more about the company…and why they’re so highly respected in the supplement industry.

Who Makes Burn Lab Pro – About Opti Nutra

Opti Nutra, a human performance supplements company founded in the UK which has been operating since 2015. When we started looking into them for our review, we were very impressed by what we saw.

A few things stand out to us about Opti Nutra that we haven’t seen with many other supplement companies. Here are only a few things that really caught our attention:

  • Their business model – Opti Nutra don’t sell Burn Lab Pro in stores, on Amazon or on any other 3rd party site. You can only buy it directly from their website.

Why do they do this? To keep the costs down for both them and their customers. As you’ll see below, Burn Lab Pro uses some of the highest quality ingredients on the market, making it is expensive to produce. If they added a middle man (i.e. Amazon) on top of this, the price would be significantly higher!

  • Focus on Quality & Cleanliness – As we’ve said, the formula quality in Burn Lab Pro is high. Opti Nutra focused on quality instead of how many products they put out, they don’t have a huge range like other manufacturers. This allows them to concentrate a lot more on each product to ensure the safest and cleanest results.

Burn Lab Pro is a prime example of this. We did the digging and found that Opti Nutra update their formulas numerous times to keep them up to date with the latest scientific research. The ingredients in Burn Lab Pro themselves are good too. The supplement is made in FDA and cGMP-approved facilities.

  • Shipping & Customer Care – Despite not using a big company like GNC or Amazon to help push their product, Opti Nutra don’t cut corners when it comes to their customers. Here are just some of the advantages they offer with Burn Lab Pro:
    • Discounts – buying more than one box of Burn Lab Pro reduces the overall cost.
    • Money-back Guarantee – if you aren’t 100% happy with the results after using Burn Lab Pro for 30 days, you get a refund without any hassle.
    • Worldwide shipping – Opti Nutra ship globally and quickly from the UK and USA
    • Fast Responses to Inquiries – You have the access to their friendly customer service 24/7

What this tells us, is that Opti Nutra really believe in what they’re doing. It’s the money-back guarantee that we really appreciate here. If you buy the supplement, use it and don’t like it, you’re covered by their cast-iron guarantee.

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Burn Lab Pro is Available on Manufacturer’s Website

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Burn Lab Pro Ingredients

Each serving of Burn Lab Pro contains the following ingredients:

  • Coleus Forskohlii (as Forslean) (375mg)
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract (as Capsimax) (75mg)
  • HMB (1,500mg)
  • NutriGenesis GTF Chromium (90mcg)
  • BioPerine Black Pepper Extract (3.75mg)

You’ll find no fillers or junk in this fat burner, it’s as clean as it gets. The ingredients themselves are contained in NutriCaps made of fermented tapioca to make them more bioavailable and easy on your digestion.

We also see NutriGenesis nutrients in the formula – including chromium. If you haven’t heard of it before, you may wonder: “What is NutriGenesis?” It’s Opti-Nutra’s patented process of growing nutrients on probiotic bacteria and yeast to mimic how they occur in nature. As a result, your body recognizes the nutrients the same it would those from real food.

So, the overall formula quality is outstanding. But how do Burn Lab Pro’s ingredients stand up in terms of effectiveness and scientific research? Can they really help you burn fat and stay lean?

Let’s have a closer look.

Capsimax®Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is one of the smarter choices in Burn Lab Pro. This ingredient is used in supplements for fat loss because it contains capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a compound that gives the chili its fiery punch. Once your body absorbs it, capsaicin raises your internal core temperature. In doing so, your body has to cool down in order to normalize itself. This process uses more energy than normal, forcing your metabolism to burn more calories (fat too).

Scientific evidence shows that supplementing Capsaicin can help boost overall energy consumption during the day. However, burning fat isn’t the only advantage, studies show capsaicin also helps suppress your appetite and help you feel more satiated for longer. Burn Lab Pro contains Capsimax®, a premium form of cayenne pepper extract standardized to have a science-backed ratio of its bioactive compounds.

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskohlii root is a unique natural source of Forskolin. Forskolin works by activating an enzyme that raises cAMP, a compound which signals to your body to:

  1. Regulate thyroid hormone and other hormonal cell messengers that influence thermogenesis, metabolic rate and fat breakdown.
  2. Activate the enzyme protein kinase, which stimulates the body to break down triglycerides – the building blocks of fatty tissue.

In simplest terms, Coleus Forskohlii tells your body to start burning more fat for energy. But many fat burners fail to deliver enough Forskolin to make a difference; Coleus Forskohlii has very little of the active compound.

Burn Lab Pro’s ForsLean® Coleus Forskohlii is standardized to contain 10% forskolin. Which is 2-5x more than the industry standard. ForsLean® nutrition technology is science-backed for shifting body composition towards lean muscle tissue and away from fat.

Burn Lab Pro Belly Fat Stack: Capsimax® + ForsLean® 

The hormone-induced fat breakdown seems to be more pronounced in visceral fat (belly fat), partly due to the fat-burning activity of cAMP. Burn Lab Pro stacks Coleus Forskohlii’s pro-cAMP activity with Cayenne’s pro-hormone activity to promote fat burning in visceral tissues.


Training while you’re low on calories not only drains you mentally, it can also lead to muscle wastage. Burning fat is great, but you’ll also want to preserve lean tissue in order to maintain a toned and strong body.

HMB (Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate) has been shown to help with this. It’s a fat-loss nutrient that maximizes exercise’s effects on fat burning while minimizing its muscle-destructive drawbacks. (study1) HMB works by:

  1. Enhancing acid buffering, peak oxygen consumption, and strength levels to boost athletic performance.
  2. Protecting muscle tissue by boosting protein synthesis within the mTOR pathway.
  3. Encouraging the body to burn stored adipose fat as fuel instead of muscle or glucose during a fasted state.
  4. Neutralizing enzymes that damage muscles that are generated during caloric restriction.

NutriGenesis GTF Chromium

GTF Chromium is a complex of elements, including trace mineral chromium, found in brewer’s year and other whole foods. GTF Chromium helps you lose unwanted weight by:

  • Enhancing insulin efficiency and sensitivity, so that less of what you eat turns into body fat.
  • Boosting the metabolism of dietary fats and carbohydrates.
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels, resulting in reduced appetite and night-time food cravings.

A review of 11 studies found evidence that chromium supplementation leads to significant body weight reductions. Burn Lab Pro’s NutriGenesis® GTF Chromium is naturally cultivated and grown on probiotic cultures and complexed with cofactors so your body recognizes it as a real nutrient from food.

BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper contains the active ingredient piperine that assists in fat loss by:

  • Stimulating thermogenesis to increase metabolic rate
  • Blocking adipogenesis: the creation of baby fat cells

However, as beneficial as it can be for weight control, this is not the primary reason why BioPerine® was added to Burn Lab Pro. The biggest benefit of this ingredient is that it can improve nutrient absorption – amplifying the potency of the entire Burn Lab Pro’s formula.

Burn Lab Pro BioPerine® is standardized to contain 95% piperine; raw black pepper only has 3-9% piperine. BioPerine® is patented to enhance utilization, bioavailability, and efficiency of nutrients – making it a great sight in almost any supplement.

Burn Lab Pro is Available on Manufacturer’s Website

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How to Use Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro dosage is 2-4 capsules per day, ideally without food. You can take this fat burner as a pre-workout, during exercise, and as a post-workout, as well as during any other time of the day. You can even take it before sleep as it’s free of stimulants.

If using as a pre-workout, take 2 capsules of Burn Lab Pro 30 minutes before training to give your body a clean boost in energy levels. Taken during exercise, Burn Lab Pro will increase your training intensity and calorie burning while protecting muscle. And if you take it as a post-workout, Burn Lab Pro will maintain elevated calorie burning, build strength, accelerate recovery and control appetite.

Burn Lab Pro Reviews from Customers

Although a new product to hit the fat burner market, Burn Lab Pro is already getting some impressive testimonials – including from elite athletes like Aljamain Sterling. Aljamain is a world-renowned Bantamweight UFC champion and currently uses Burn Lab Pro to cut weight for his fights.

Aljamain is known for dropping over 30lbs during the fight prep. When it comes to getting those last few pounds off (which are the toughest), Aljamain says every little detail counts – it’s here that a natural fat burner like Burn Lab Pro makes the most difference.

Aljamain Burn Lab Pro Testimonial

How it Worked for Us

Here’s a personal Burn Lab Pro review from one of our team members, Gabriel.

Over to you, Gabi.

I bought the Burn Lab Pro ‘3-month supply’ directly from the official website and used it for a period of 90 days. My approach:

  • Took Burn Lab Pro 2 times per day – 1 capsule in the morning, another between meals in the afternoon
  • No alcohol – I drank ZERO alcohol for the full 3 months. Lots of hidden and unnecessary calories. It helped that I don’t like alcohol.
  • Lift weights+cardio 3 times a week – I was pumping iron on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • Fasting 16/8 – I ate from 12 PM to 8 PM. Outside of that, I only drank water, tea and occasionally black coffee.
  • Cheated on Sundays – Snacked a lot on weekends. If I didn’t do this I could’ve lost much more weight. I relaxed my diet on Saturdays and really ate to my heart’s content on Sundays. I honestly can’t go without some mental break.

During this 3 month period I lost a total of 9kg of fat (roughly 19lbs). I went from 190lbs to 171lbs – and the main areas where I noticed the biggest difference was in my face, waist, and back.

For me, 9kg is a really impressive number as I was never able to lose more than 2 or 3 kg with other fat burners, even though I followed the same regimen I wrote above. Even more impressive is the fact that this stuff doesn’t have any stimulants.

If it helps, I’m 5’10, which may give you a good reference point if you’re of a similar build. Apart from helping me lose weight, I also got a more defined chest and arms – a big plus for me.

Here are the main differences I’ve experienced using Burn Lab Pro.

  • Felt better – had more energy and motivation to hit the gym regularly.
  • Easier training sessions – Despite being strict with my calories I rarely felt tired while training.
  • No desire for snacking – This is typically my worst problem, but appetite suppressants in Burn Lab Pro pretty much eliminated my craving for junk.
  • Stronger lifts – While I lost weight, I can only imagine it was only fat as my lifts in the gym improved, which indicates increased muscle mass.
  • Compliments – My confidence definitely improved seeing my colleagues and friends notice the difference.

One thing I didn’t realize until writing this report, was how much my posture changed during these 3 months. The belly weight made me slouched, without it I’m standing much more upright.

Would I use Burn Lab Pro again?

Definitely. I’ve just ordered another 3-month bundle to maintain my current 10% body fat while eating a pretty relaxed diet. In my opinion, if you follow a relatively clean diet and go hard in the gym 2-3 times per week, you’ll be on the right path.

I didn’t experience any side effects using Burn Lab Pro by the way. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me as this fat burner uses clean ingredients in the right doses. There’s also no caffeine or harsh stimulants that would make me jittery.

~ Gabriel

Burn Lab Pro is Available on Manufacturer’s Website

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Side Effects

As Gabriel mentioned, Burn Lab Pro is an extensively researched supplement. We don’t see it causing side effects so long as you’re following the dosage recommendations.

Plus, it’s easy to take with a glass of water 2-4 times per day. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, you’ll love this fat burner as it will give you similar effects in terms of energy and fat loss results without making you jittery or anxious.

If you prefer a strong stimulant kick (from ingredients like caffeine), then Burn Lab Pro is not a fat burner for you! In that case, you’ll want to check Instant Knockout, which is our current #1 rated fat burner with caffeine.

Fat burners aren’t safe for everyone! If you have any kind of condition or allergies, you need to talk to a qualified professional before taking a new supplement.

What Makes Burn Lab Pro Different?

What is it about Burn Lab Pro that makes it so effective? There are three things in particular:

  1. The ingredients: They’re patented, well-researched, effectivelly dosed and of cleanest quality.
  2. Multiple servings: Many fat burners only have 1 serving per day, which leaves a lot of downtime between doses. Burn Lab Pro has 2 daily servings to maintain fat burning effects for longer.
  3. Stim-free fat loss: Burn Lab Pro offers a safe way of burning fat without compromising on its effects – it still burns fat, reduces appetite, and improves mental willpower without causing rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure or other side effects of fat burners with stimulants.

Although these things sound simple and obvious, you’d be surprised how many companies skimp on these areas in the name of profit. Why do they do this?

Why Don’t Other Companies do the Same?

Money, above all. Offering weaker less effective ingredients is a lot cheaper for a company. This is because, without the research to back up their claims, these ingredients are a lot easier to find as there’s less demand for them.

If you want effective, research-backed ingredients that are also high quality, you’ll have to be ready to pay the big money – and Opti Nutra are. The same goes with servings. With 2 servings a day, you’re getting a continual supply of beneficial nutrients throughout the day, with one Burn Lab Pro bottle lasting you an entire month.

Official website: https://www.burnlabpro.com/products/burn-lab-pro

Price and Value for Money?

Burn Lab Pro comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you aren’t happy with it you can return the product without any issues. Burn Lab Pro costs $59, £35.00 for one-month supply (1 box). That’s $1.96 a day.

If you’re looking to save money, you can drastically reduce the cost of Burn Lab Pro by buying multiple boxes. Here are the prices for multi-box purchases of Burn Lab Pro:

  • 2 Month Supply (2 Boxes): $118.00 ($59.00 per bottle) | $1.97 a day
    + Fast Worldwide Shipping
  • 3 Month Supply (3 Boxes + 1 Free): $177 ($44.25 each) | $1.48 a day
    + Fast Free Worldwide Shipping

As you can see, the best value for money at $1.48 a day is the 3-month supply.

Burn Lab Pro Review Conclusion

So that finalizes our Burn Lab Pro review. On the whole, we have to say that Burn Lab Pro is an impressive fat burner. To recap, here’s what we like the most about Burn Lab Pro.

  • Great results – One of our editors, Gabriel, experienced significant amount of weight loss using Burn Lab Pro for 3 months.
  • Up to 4 capsules a day – To keep your body in a fat burning state all day long.
  • Study-backed ingredients – The formula is based on robust human clinical trials.
  • Cleanest quality – Eco friendly, contains Nutricaps made of prebiotic fiber, patented ingredients, cGMP and FDA manufactured.
  • Great reviews – Although it’s only recently come out, it already has gleaming testimonials online.
  • Excellent deals – The 3-month package costs $1.54 a day, plus you get free worldwide shipping and 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Fast tracked shipping – Opti Nutra offer free fast shipping everywhere in the world from the UK and USA.

We do find it annoying that you can only get it on Burn Lab Pro website, which makes buying inconvenient. However, you can use Paypal, Amazon Pay and other options which helps a ton.

If you want to learn more you can check Burn Lab Pro on their website here: https://www.burnlabpro.com/products/burn-lab-pro

For more fat burner reviews, check our Get Leaner archives.


  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Editor lost 19lbs using it
  • Nutricaps made of prebiotic fiber (fermented tapioca)
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging
  • Fast worldwide shipping (free on bulk orders)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Buy 3 boxes get 1 extra box free


  • Only sells directly from the manufacturer’s website
  • Expensive due to patented ingredients
  • Some people prefer a caffeine ‘kick’

Burn Lab Pro is Available on Manufacturer’s Website

>Click to Buy Now<

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