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Our Opinion on Purition – Is it A Good Meal Replacement Shake?

TL;DR Purition Summary: Based on our analysis of the information available on the internet, Purition looks like a decent meal replacement powder. It is good enough for us to recommend it to our readers as it ticks most of our boxes including flavor options, formula quality, value for money, and brand trustworthiness.

What We Liked:

  • 100% natural and whole food based
  • Different versions of Purition are available depending on your preferences – Original powder, Vegan powder, and Keto bars
  • Decent macronutrient profile
  • A wide number of flavors, including Coconut, Mixed Berry, Chocolate, Macadamia & Vanilla, and Blackcurrant, among many others
  • You can try samples for $3 a meal before committing
  • Free shipping on orders over $90

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s missing some core ingredients such as vitamins A & D, and chromium to name a few

Our #1 Recommended Alternative:

Instant Knockout Complete

About Purition

Purition is a whole food-based meal replacement powder. It is formulated with natural ingredients as one convenient shake or breakfast bowl – saving you time and effort.

Consisting of whey protein isolate, almonds, coconut, chia seeds, nutritional yeast, psyllium husk, and apple pectin, among others. Purition is claimed to help you not only with fueling your body with healthy ingredients, but also:

  • Weight management
  • Digestion
  • Energy levels
  • Muscle performance

There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from, and there are also Purition options for people who’re vegan or on a keto diet.

So far, so good! These are all promising claims…. but it’s not the first time we’ve heard them. Almost every meal replacement shake says the same thing. And sadly many of them are really good ads hiding processed garbage behind their big marketing claims.

So how can you tell if Purition is the right choice for you?

In the following sections, we’ll have a closer look at the formula as well as its pricing, customer reviews, and more to help you determine how it compares to other leading meal replacement shakes.

What’s Inside?

Here’s a look at the Purition’s ingredient label:

Looking at the ingredient label, we can see that Purition contains most of the ingredients you’d expect from a good-quality meal replacement shake.

You get 14g of healthy fats, 6.2g of gut-friendly fiber, and 16g of whey protein isolate. All while having only 1.1g of sugar and 0mg of cholesterol. Purition is off to a good start!

If you are usually intolerant to lactose, you may find Purition to work well for you since it contains whey protein isolate which is ridden of most of its lactose content. Still, there is an option to go for a vegan-based Purition shake which avoids whey protein altogether – containing pea protein instead.

In terms of micro nutrition, Purition has most of the basics covered. Everything from the B-complex vitamins to vitamin E, to minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and selenium. Most of these nutrients come far below daily recommended dosages, which makes it safe to consume alongside any other vitamin supplements in your stack.

Purition’s B-complex vitamins are used to help with the assimilation and absorption of the food you eat – boosting your metabolism & energy production. But you may not notice any benefits from its low doses in Purition.

Overall, Purition looks like a good meal replacement shake. It does have some downsides, mainly the lack of some other ingredients. The protein content is also somewhat low compared to other options today. Still, if you’re just looking for a natural and healthy meal replacement shake to have your bases covered, Purition is a solid pick.

Anything Missing?

Speaking of the missing ingredients, Purition lacks some important nutrients that we’ve seen in other leading meal replacement shakes such as Rootana.

These nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin D, and chromium. Vitamin A is essential for the health of your skin and eyes, along with strengthening your immune system. Vitamin D, meanwhile, regulates almost every cell in your body, and most people are deficient. Lack of vitamin D can lead to hormonal imbalances which may make you feel depressed, demotivated, and generally lethargic. Not only that, low vitamin D blood levels can lead to weight gain. This is why supplementation can be extremely beneficial.

Lastly, we have chromium, which helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. In doing so, it helps you to have more stable energy throughout the day as well as improved nutrient metabolism – helping to regulate appetite.

If Purition included just 3 of these ingredients in the formula, it would be a far more complete shake.

Purition Nutrition Facts

Here is the nutrition of Purition (no pun intended) per each serving:

  • 198kcal
  • 14g of fat
    • 3.1g of saturated fat
    • 5.5g of monosaturated fat
    • 5.4g of polyunsaturated fat
  • 3.5g of carbohydrates
    • 1.1g of sugars (0g added sugars)
  • 6.2g of fiber
  • 16g of protein
  • 0.1g of salt
  • 0mg of cholesterol

*Allergen information: Purition contains coconut, almonds, milk, and sesame seeds as potential allergens.

Dosage Directions

Take a scoop of Purition (40g) and mix it with your beverage of choice. You can take it once or twice per day as a way to stay on top of your nutrition, especially when you’re in a hurry and not able to make a healthy meal.

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Safety Talk

Purition is a safe and healthy meal replacement powder. It’s free of stimulants, major common allergens, and artificial sweeteners or other junk in the formula. As a result, most people will not experience side effects from using Purition.

That being said, there is a possibility in rare cases of minor adverse reactions. Due to the fiber, you may experience some gas and bloating initially if you aren’t used to having much fiber in your diet.

Purition Reviews – What do Others Say?

Purition is a fairly new meal replacement powder to hit the market, so independent reviews can be tricky to find. In our opinion, it’s best to rely on your own research of the ingredients to determine if the science agrees with what the manufacturer is telling you. This goes for not just Purition, but any supplement or food-based product you are interested in.

Pricing & Where to Buy?

Purition starts at $3 per sample (a single meal). You can try a product in a few different flavors and options to see if it works for you. This is great in our opinion as it allows you to test the waters before committing to a full buy.

The full price of Purition for both the original and vegan options is $25 per bag, which yields 12 meals.

There are also Purition KetoTHIS snack bars for people who’re on a keto diet – these start at $3 per bar.

At the moment, Purition is available to buy on its official U.S. and U.K. websites as well as on Amazon.

Conclusion to our Purition Review

All things considered, Purition is a decent, basic meal replacement shake. If you’re just looking for a healthier alternative to processed foods to have your nutritional bases covered, Purition is a good option.

However, it still has some downsides that make it fall behind other brands in our eyes.

Purition is missing some core nutrients such as vitamins A & D along with chromium, among others. It also uses less than we’d like of some of its existing nutrients – these low dosages mean that you may not be getting optimal amounts.

If you’re specifically looking for a meal replacement shake for boosting your energy and for weight loss, there are definitely better options available on the market.

Our #1 Recommended Alternative:

Instant Knockout Complete

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