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We Analyzed Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement Shake

Instant Knockout Complete is a meal replacement powder made to help you cut back unwanted fat.

It is used by many bodybuilders, pro athletes, and legendary MMA coach Greg Jackson to shred extra weight without hurting muscle or strength.

By combining a 100g pouch of Instant Knockout Complete with milk or water and drinking it daily, you can get the benefits of a complete meal replacement shake on the go.

But how does Instant Knockout Complete work? What makes it different from other meal replacement shakes on the market? Should you buy it? Read on to find out everything you should know about Instant Knockout Complete and if it is good value for money.

Instant Knockout Complete at a Glance


  • Works to support your weight loss while preserving muscle tissue
  • 400 calories per serving (2 scoops)
  • 4-pillar weight loss system – thermogenesis, calorie control, nutritional balance, appetite suppression
  • Zero chemicals or animal products
  • Manufactured in FDA-approved facilities
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Excellent, natural vanilla flavour
  • Free shipping in the USA & UK when buying in bulk


Summary: Although it’s not cheap, Instant Knockout Complete has one of the best weight-loss meal replacement formulas on the market. It uses premium ingredients, including proteins, MCTs, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all while having only 400 kcal per serving. Thanks to its selection of specialized, science-backed nutrients, Instant Knockout Complete works to suppress your appetite and assist with calorie control, so you are less likely to overeat. If you are looking for a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake that doesn’t only help you lose weight but also assists with muscle building & toning, get your hands on a supply of Instant Knockout Complete and try it out for yourself.

Instant Knockout Complete is Available on Manufacturer’s Website

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Instant Knockout Complete – The Basics

Instant Knockout Complete is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake, and one of the products from the Instant Knockout range of supplements specializing in weight loss.

Featuring a blend of protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other essential nutrients, Instant Knockout Complete provides you with a complete meal in each 100g serving. Simply mix the powder with your beverage of choice and drink it daily to lose weight.

Instant Knockout is best known for formulating th thermogenic fat burner supplement named Instant Knockout CUT. Cut has proven to be highly effective at boosting the metabolism and burning off unwanted fat – enjoying excellent reviews online.

Instant Knockout Complete was developed to complement Instant Knockout CUT to provide an effective all-in-one, complete weight loss support system. It not only provides complete nutrition for your body, but it also works to curb appetite.

Like Cut, Instant Knockout Complete is specialized for athletes and fighters. However, it is available to everyone who wants to lose weight in a natural, safe, and effective way.

How Does it Work?

Instant Knockout Complete is, quite literally, a complete powdered liquid meal with 400 calories per serving. With each serving you are getting a potent dose of protein blended with vitamins and other key nutrients.

As the Instant Knockout website explains, the formula is named “Complete” because it gives your body all it needs with just 400kcal per serving. It’s formulated to be a complete meal replacement powder; specifically formulated to make you feel fuller and satiated.

While some weight loss shakes are cutting out calories and carbs, Instant Knockout Complete still provides you with the crucial carbs and calories of a healthy meal, but it also helps you stay full and enjoy stable energy levels throughout the day – all while having just 400kcal per serving.

Each serving of Instant Knockout Complete (100g of powder/2 scoops) nourishes you with 35g of high-quality protein, 35g of carbohydrates, and 13g of fiber. The protein aids your muscle growth and repair, while the carbs and fiber support your digestion and energy.

Carbohydrates in Instant Knockout Complete are designed to provide an increase in energy levels, but at the same time, keeping you energized all day long without the slumps and crashes that are common with cheap, fast-acting carbs. Meanwhile, fiber further balances your blood sugar levels to help you with not only digestion but also your mental energy and concentration throughout the day.

Instant Knockout Complete Advantages & Benefits

What are some of the key features of Instant Knockout Complete? They include:

  • 35g of highly bioavailable protein for muscle repair and growth
  • 35g of slow-release carbs for all-day energy support
  • 13g of fiber for digestion & appetite management
  • Vitamins A, D, and E for immune strength, skin quality, and antioxidant protection
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for inflammation management and cognitive well-being
  • Chromium to stabilize blood sugar & mood

What Makes Instant Knockout Complete Stand Out?

So, what makes Instant Knockout Complete different and unique? Why pick it over other formulas?

After all, there is plenty of weight loss shakes you can find today.

Looking at the supplement market, typical weight loss shakes are stuffed with protein with as little carbs and calories as possible. They are formulated to give you the highest amount of protein while cutting out other nutrients.

If you are a sedentary person following an ultra low-calorie diet, these shakes are fine. However, these low-carb, low-calorie weight loss shakes are not the best option for active individuals.

Your body needs carbs, protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients to keep fueling itself. Not only for nourishment but also to keep your hormones in check. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to hormone disbalance, raising detrimental hormones such as cortisol while messing with your testosterone/estrogen balance. At this point, without enough nutrients, your body begins to eat away at its own muscle tissue – reversing your hard-earned progress.

Instant Knockout Complete is made to prevent muscle atrophy while providing you with a satiating, nutrient-dense meal replacement shake.

What’s Inside?

To get a better idea of how Instant Knockout Complete is an effective meal replacement in each serving, it is helpful to understand the ingredients it contains.

Instant Knockout Complete Graphic

Instant Knockout Complete is made to supply your system with a wide palette of nutrients, helping your body to perform at peak levels throughout the day. The manufacturer says that the Instant Knockout Complete is intended to be used with Instant Knockout CUT to maximize your weight loss while improving muscle mass. What’s more, it is ideal for both men and women.

Here are the ingredients in Instant Knockout Complete:

1. Plant-based Protein

Instant Knockout Complete contains a complete, highly absorbable plant-based protein to help your body function optimally. It uses two main types of protein: pea and soy protein. This all-natural, vegan combination of proteins is shown to be highly efficient in enhancing muscle growth, promoting satiety & fullness, and contributing to normal metabolism. All of this, but without the risk of bloating or other side effects that come with whey protein.

2. MCT Oil

MCT oil works together with vitamin B6 in Instant Knockout Complete to improve overall metabolism and eliminate fatty acids from your body. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are proven dietary fats that your body can quickly convert to energy. Your body digests and utilizes MCTS more efficiently than longer chain triglycerides, which is why people take MCTs in the morning for a lasting energy boost. According to Roar Ambition, the manufacturer of IKO Complete, the MCTs in the product work to increase fat breakdown, fatty acid oxidation, metabolic rate, and energy release. Overall, they help you burn more fat quicker while having more energy; a win-win situation.

3. Chia Seeds

The popularity of chia seeds for weight loss has taken off in recent years. Nutritionists rate it as one of the best energy-boosting foods with less caloric value. Chia seeds are rich in fiber, which aids your digestion, along with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, and calcium to name a few. Chia seeds also have just 101kcal per 28g, which makes them extremely nutrient-dense but low in calories.

4. Golden Flax Seeds

Golden flaxseeds are a small seeds rich in omega-3s and fiber. Instant Knockout Complete has included this ingredient to assist with cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight management. What’s more, high fiber intake is linked to reduced appetite, and ultimately, fewer calories consumed.

5. Oat Flour

Instant Knockout Complete utilizes natural oat flour to provide a complex, nourishing source of carbohydrates. Roar Ambition specifically picked oat flour because it has a low glycemic index. For example, oats have a GI of 37, compared to the GI of white bread – 75.

6. Organic Brown Rice

The brown rice concentrate is shown to be as effective as whey protein when it comes to increasing muscle protein synthesis (aka, muscle growth & strength). Vegan-friendly and side-effect-free, organic brown rice is rich in amino acids like leucine, isoleucine, and valine, also known as BCAAs. Just like any high-quality protein, organic brown rice protein supplies your muscle tissues with energy and molecules essential for muscle recovery.

7. Vitamins & Minerals

As we’ve touched briefly, Instant Knockout Complete contains a whole range of nutrients important for your metabolic function, immune system, brain performance, and hormone balance amongst others.

One of the most important nutrients in Instant Knockout Complete is undoubtedly vitamin D. Vitamin D acts as a secosteroid hormone – it increases your body’s ability to build new muscle, while at the same time optimizing cell energy production for quicker weight loss.

Then we have chromium, which is shown to regulate your blood sugar levels. More balanced blood sugar levels means fewer “ups” and “downs” during the day, and longer-lasting, stable energy.

Instant Knockout Complete also contains 45% of our RDI for zinc and 50% for magnesium, two minerals crucial for healthy testosterone-to-estrogen balance, as well as stress hormone regulation. Lack of either of these two leads to increased irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and weight gain – to name just a few.

There are many other nutrients alongside these in Instant Knockout CUT that play an essential role in keeping you healthy and looking great, which is a big thumbs up from us.

Nutritional Information & Facts

Instant Knockout Complete has the following nutritional value (per serving of 2 scoops/100g):

  • Calories: 400
  • Protein: 35g
  • Total Carbohydrates: 35g
  • Dietary Fiber: 13g
  • Total Sugar: 3g
    • Added Sugars: 0g
  • Total Fats: 13g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 690mg
  • Salt: 1.1g

Vitamins & Minerals in Instant Knockout Complete: 100% DV vitamin D, 50% DV calcium, 45% DV iron, 50% DV potassium, 90% DV vitamin A, 45mg DV vitamin C, 8mg vitamin E, 36mcg vitamin K, 70% DV thiamin, 60% DV riboflavin, 40% DV niacin, 80% DV vitamin B6, 50% DV folate, 50% DV vitamin B12, 360% DV biotin, 50% DV pantothenic acid, 110% DV phosphorus, 40% DV iodine, 50% DV magnesium, 45% DV zinc, 30% DV selenium, 30% DB cooper, 30% DV manganese, 35% DV chromium, 35% DV molybdenum, 30% DV chloride, and 30% DV choline

We are glad to see that the dosages of the above ingredients are fully disclosed and transparent.

Instant Knockout Complete Weight Loss System Explained

What is the Instant Knockout Complete System all about? How does it work?

In essence, Instant Knockout Complete is developed to work in synergy with other Instant Knockout products.

For example, by taking Instant Knockout Complete and Instant Knockout Cut together, you will maximize the fat burning and appetite suppressing effects while getting the full nutritional value of a healthy meal.

Instant Knockout Weight Loss System

The Instant Knockout System was developed from the partnership between Roar Ambition and the legendary MMA trainer Greg Jackson.

The Instant Knockout Weight Loss System is based on four core pillars:

  • Pillar #1: Thermogenic Boost: Thermogenesis is a fancy term for increased calorie expenditure. Your body triggers thermogenesis when you train in the gym, for example, or when it needs to convert stored body fat to energy. Some ingredients – such as caffeine anhydrous and cayenne pepper – are shown to increase thermogenesis, making your body burn more fat. Thermogenesis is closely related to your metabolism. Many of the ingredients in Instant Knockout Cut – the complementary supplement to Instant Knockout Complete – are studied for their ability to boost thermogenesis.
  • Pillar #2: Calorie Control: The only proven way to cut pounds is to stay in a caloric deficit. You need to expend more calories than you ingest – daily. Instant Knockout Complete is formulated specifically to assist with calorie control, resulting in you eating less. Instant Knockout Complete has 35g of protein, 35g of carbohydrates, and 13g of fiber per serving, all of which should help you feel fuller for longer. Less snacking and fewer cheat meals means increased chances of reaching your weight loss goals sooner.
  • Pillar #3: Nutritional Balance: Healthy nutritional balance is crucial not just for weight loss, but your overall well-being too. Instant Knockout Complete gives you a full palette of nutrients – similar to a quality multivitamin or meal replacement shake. Without proper nutrition, your weight loss program is bound to fail. Instant Knockout Complete aims to supply your body with the ingredients it requires to get rid of unnecessary fat while protecting muscle mass.
  • Pillar #4: Appetite Suppression: Needless to say, food binges can quickly ruin your progress. The ingredients inside Instant Knockout Complete are formulated in such a way that they suppress your appetite from multiple angles. For example, the complex sources of protein in Instant Knockout Complete take longer to digest due to their large molecular structure – resulting in your feeling fuller for longer. Similarly, the trace mineral chromium stabilizes your blood glucose so you don’t feel those sugar cravings when blood sugar levels dip. Meanwhile, the fiber in Instant Knockout Complete ensures slow and steady digestion of nutrients, further contributing to you feeling satiated.
  • Pillar #4: Appetite Suppression: Needless to say, food binges can quickly ruin your progress. The ingredients inside Instant Knockout Complete are formulated in such a way that they suppress your appetite from multiple angles. For example, the complex sources of protein in Instant Knockout Complete take longer to digest due to their large molecular structure – resulting in your feeling fuller for longer. Similarly, the trace mineral chromium stabilizes your blood glucose so you don’t feel those sugar cravings when blood sugar levels dip. Meanwhile, the fiber in Instant Knockout Complete ensures slow and steady digestion of nutrients, further contributing to you feeling satiated.

Instant Knockout Complete is Available on Manufacturer’s Website

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Is Instant Knockout Complete Supported by Scientific Evidence?

The Instant Knockout’s website claims Complete is based on five years of research and development. The company says they have created, tested, and refined the formula with the assistance of some of the world’s leading nutritionists and experts in a state-of-the-art lab.

Roar Ambition, the maker of Instant Knockout, references dozens of studies on the product’s official website to attest that Instant Knockout Complete really works.

For example, this study found greater fat breakdown in the group of volunteers who took MCT for 14 days. The researchers from the study suggested MCTs can boost fat oxidation, fat burning, and, ultimately, help you lose weight.

It is also correct that oat flour has a notably lower glycemic index than white bread and other fast-acting carbohydrates. In a 2017 study, researchers also praised oat flour for being high in proteins, fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, essential nutrients, and antioxidants, amongst others.

The proteins that Instant Knockout Complete uses – pea and soy protein – are backed by solid evidence, too. It has been shown that plant-based proteins are just as effective, sometimes even more effective, than whey protein when it comes to muscle building & repair. All the while being significantly cleaner and less likely to cause you bloating or other side effects.

Overall, Instant Knockout Complete contains a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes designed to enhance weight loss by giving your body everything it needs in each serving. By consuming IKO Complete every day, you could see results from your diet & training routine sooner.

How Much Does Instant Knockout Complete Cost?

Each pouch of Instant Knockout Complete (14 meals) will set you back by $65. Here are all the options you have when buying it online today:

  • 1 Pouch: $65 plus shipping
  • 2 Pouches: $130 with free shipping to the USA and UK
  • 3 Pouches: $195 with free shipping to the USA and UK

Roar Ambition ships Instant Knockout around the world. If you’re buying outside of the USA or UK, you only pay a small shipping fee.

Refund Process

With Instant Knockout Complete, you are backed by a 30-day refund policy in the United States and Canada. For the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, the refund policy is 14 days.

Note that your products need to be unused, unopened, and sealed with undamaged product packaging in order to quality for a refund. If you tried IKO Complete and didn’t find it is right for you, then you are not eligible for a refund on the open product.

You may initiate the refund process by contacting the company’s customer support: [email protected]

Instant Knockout Complete Weight Loss System Combo Pricing

You can also buy Instant Knockout Cut and Instant Knockout Complete together.

Also known as the “Weight Loss System,” buying packages of multiple Instant Knockout products gives you certain perks; such as better deals, and faster weight loss results.

The available packages include:

  • Ultimate Fighter System (4 x Instant Knockout Complete, 2 x Instant Knockout Cut): $375 + Free Shipping to the United States and United Kingdom
  • Pro Fighter System (2 x Instant Knockout Complete, 1 x Instant Knockout Cut): $195 + Free Shipping to the United States and United Kingdom

Who is Behind Instant Knockout Complete?

Instant Knockout is a child brand of Roar Ambition, a leading sports supplement company. The company makes three popular products as a part of the Instant Knockout brand, they are:

  1. Instant Knockout CUT
  2. Instant Knockout Complete
  3. Instant Knockout System

Roar Ambition consists of a team of leading nutritionists and fitness experts. Their staff works in cutting-edge labs to formulate effective supplements.

You can reach out to Roar Ambition through the following:

Roar Ambition manufactures all of its products in a FDA-approved facilities.

The Bottom Line

Instant Knockout Complete is a nutritionally-rich meal replacement shake with 35g of protein, 35g of carbohydrates, and 13g of fiber. It has 400kcal per serving, along with clinically tested doses of vitamins and minerals.

Overall, Instant Knockout Complete gets a big thumbs up from us for its state-of-the-art formula and effectiveness in aiding weight loss, appetite control, and muscle preservation. Taking it should bolster your dieting & exercise efforts noticeably, by providing your body with the nutrients it needs for peak physical and mental performance.

To learn more about how Instant Knockout Complete works, the science behind its ingredients, other people’s testimonials, and more, visit Instant Knockout’s official website.

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