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Kane Testosterone Booster Review – Does it Work?

Here’s our Power of Kane Testosterone Booster Review – now updated. Will this fresh-faced testosterone booster work for you? Is it safe to take long-term? We share our short summary first, after which you can see a more detailed analysis from our team.

[KANE TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER SUMMARY] This testosterone booster has 100% natural ingredients. What’s more, it’s free of proprietary blends so you know the exact amounts of ingredients you’re putting into your body. But there are some downsides. Kane contains a high amount of Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek, two ingredients that aren’t proven to raise testosterone levels. In fact, they can lead to negative side effects in some cases. Vitamin D in Kane is underdosed. Kane is also missing an aromatase inhibitor to help lower estrogen levels. The serving schedule of only 2 daily servings means the effects won’t last you entire day. And the price of $85 is a bit over the top. It’s not all bad though! While Kane isn’t on the same level as some of the current market leaders, it can help lower stress and boost your libido thanks to Ashwagandha.

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Kane Testosterone Booster Review – The Basics

Kane is a brand new testosterone booster made by an American company Power of Kane. Some fitness gurus and Youtubers started recommending these testosterone boosting pills in their videos, and so we naturally wanted to learn a little more about this product to see if it lives up to the growing hype.

Many of the ingredients in Kane are high quality and patented, which is very impressive!

The manufacturers say this product will help you:

  • Get in a better physical shape
  • Have higher libido
  • Experience less stress in your daily life
  • Increase confidence in and out of the bedroom

…and all the other good things that come with higher testosterone levels.

Kane comes with a huge 150 capsules per bottle, and a daily serving of 6 capsules. You should be taking 3 capsules twice per day for optimal results according to its official website.

We don’t think this is the best way to take a test booster though. You want to be taking 3 or 4 daily servings to maintain the test boosting effects between the doses. This is why products like TestoFuel are so effective, one reason is their clinically optimized serving sizes.

But how will Kane work for you?

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients to find out.


Kane Test Booster has 3 capsules per serving. Each serving supplies you with the following ingredients:

  • TestoFen Fenugreek Extract (600mg) – This can lower estrogen as well as DHT, another important anabolic hormone.
  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract (1,000mg) – Good for libido and reducing stress.
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract (1,200mg) – Although often seen in test boosters, it hasn’t been proven to raise T levels.
  • Green Tea Extract (EGCG) (400mg) – This provides antioxidants that can help your body burn calories more efficiently.
  • Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract (350mg) – Tongkat is well known for promoting fertility in men.
  • Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate (100mg) – Magnesium calms nerves and improves muscle contractions.
  • Vitamin D (1,000IU) – Vitamin D boosts testosterone, but there’s not enough of it in Kane.
  • Zinc Amino Acid Chelate (25mg) – Zinc can prevent drops of testosterone from stress. It’s nicely dosed here too.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredients in Kane

Out of these 8 ingredients, most of them look good. Except for Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris which aren’t that great, the rest of the formula can actually help with testosterone production and other aspects of your general health.

For example, green tea is beneficial for fat burning. It can help you have a leaner and more shredded physique.

Vitamin D is also a great ingredient, but it’s underdosed unfortunately. Studies show you need around 3,332IU of D3 per day to really notice its benefits on testosterone.

Kane would be even better if it had something to help metabolize estrogen. Such as Indole-3-Carbinol from broccoli.

And so, while it’s not the most effective testosterone formula we’ve seen, we’ll give them props for not hiding the ingredient doses in a proprietary blend. So at least you can see what you’re paying for.

Side Effects

If you have any liver or kidney issues, it’s best to avoid taking Kane. It’s got a number of concentrated herbal extracts which can put a strain on your liver if it’s not healthy.

This is confirmed by Kane’s official website which suggests to take it only if you’re healthy.

With that said, most of the ingredients in Kane are well studied. They aren’t known to cause any side effects in healthy individuals, even if their doses are a little more aggressive like in Kane.

Price and Value for Money?

Looking to buy Kane Testosterone booster? Be prepared to pay a good amount of money for it! It costs $85 for a bottle of 25 servings.

This is more than any of the market’s best-reviewed testosterone boosters at the moment. However, in terms of effects and quality, Kane can’t quite keep up with them.

If the money isn’t an issue and you still want to give it a shot, you can only currently get it on the official website. Kane isn’t currently available on Amazon.

However, you get free shipping in the USA. Kane ships to other parts of the world too, including the UK, Canada and Australia. But the shipping price can go up to $66 depending on which shipping method you choose.

At the moment, Kane doesn’t seem to be offering any discount codes on their website.

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What do Others Say?

If you’re looking for Kane reviews on Reddit or similar sites, you’ll have a hard time finding one. The ones we did come across look positive for the most part. As with any testosterone booster, negative testimonials are unavoidable.

Kane is still a relatively new product compared to the likes of Instant Knockout. It may take a while until more customer reviews start popping up online. That said, we don’t like to rely on other reviews anyways as you can never tell if they’re honest or paid testimonials.

Conclusion to Kane Natural Testosterone Booster Review

That concludes our Kane Testosterone Booster Review! If you’ve seen other positive Kane reviews, you may wonder if this testosterone booster will work for you too.

It should work because it has some great ingredients. But we can’t ignore the elephant in the room – the high price.

For $85 (plus standard shipping of $15 if you’re not from the USA) you can definitely get better testosterone boosters with more effective ingredients, more daily servings, and clinically tested dosages.

Vitamin D in Kane is underdosed. Magnesium is too. A few natural aromatase inhibitors are missing to help lower estrogen. These rookie mistakes shouldn’t happen with a product that costs this much!


  • Ashwagandha is great for libido and stress
  • High amounts of green tea extract for fat burning
  • Contains a good dose of zinc to support immunity


  • Only 2 servings per day, 3 or 4 are needed to maintain the testosterone boosting effects
  • Missing some key ingredients
  • Uses Tribulus which hasn’t been proven to boost testosterone
  • Fenugreek sacrifices your DHT in order to raise testosterone, which can mess up the hormonal balance
  • $85 plus shipping if you’re not from the U.S.

What’s Better?

We do independent reviews on over 40 testosterone booster supplements every year, searching for the most effective, research-backed formula on the market.

Some of our criteria include:

  • Must support testosterone naturally and safely
  • 100% clean, legal ingredients
  • Long-term and short-term benefits
  • Energy, Mood and Libido
  • Brand Trust
  • Value for money

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