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Sculpt Nation Turmeric Review: Good for Weight Loss?

Sculpt Nation Turmeric Summary




Short-Term Effects


Long-Term Effects




Safe to Use


The Good

  • Turmeric is effective at suppressing inflammation
  • Helps with joint & bone health
  • Supports brain health as well

The Bad

  • $49.99 is too much for just turmeric and black pepper
  • Only 2 ingredients - missing many essentials that would help with fat burning
  • Doesn't boost energy levels because it doesn't have stimulants
  • It didn't help us lose weight

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Looking to burn fat with turmeric? Because that’s exactly what Sculpt Nation Turmeric Black claims to do!

The formula has been updated in 2021 and renamed to Turmeric BLACK, and it is said to deliver these health benefits:

  • Boost your mood & mental willpower
  • Improve energy levels
  • And most notably, reduce inflammation within your body

The company Sculpt Nation has risen to popularity quite fast with some of their products, including Sculpt Nation Burn which we reviewed – and were somewhat disappointed with.

So, can this one fare better? Is it worth the whopping $49? In this Sculpt Nation Turmeric review, we’ll look at this interesting fat burner/general health supplement and its ingredients in order to find out!

I have to say though, I’m pretty amazed by the science of Turmeric. It’s quite a beneficial compound. However, I’ve never heard of it being used as a fat burner before. Our team (except for Andy who tested another supplement at the time of writing) decided to try it for ourselves and see if it lives up to the marketing hype.

So, let’s look at what Sculpt Nation Turmeric Black claims, what’s inside of it, and whether or not it can deliver on its promises!

Sculpt Nation Turmeric Black Review – The Basics

Sculpt Nation claims a whole wealth of benefits you can expect when you take their Turmeric supplement on a regular basis. Including:

  • Improved energy levels – Train harder during your workouts.
  • Reduced inflammation – Turmeric is well known for this effect, so it comes as no surprise.
  • And… Better Fat Burning – It will be interesting to see how it achieves this one!

One thing to keep in mind – always take turmeric with piperine for enhanced absorption. Turmeric alone isn’t absorbed very well by your body, which is why you should take it with black pepper, which is shown to increase the absorption by up to 2,000%. See the study here:

Luckily, Sculpt Nation have thought of this when putting together their Turmeric formula, and have included Piperine amongst the ingredients to ensure you’re getting the most out of turmeric. So props to them for that!

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A Little More About the Company

Like we already said, Sculpt Nation offers quite a few products on the market, and their website looks decent too. You’ll find all the important information about their products there. Although, there’s not much info about the company itself and how it got started! I personally like to know a bit more about those I’m buying from, it just makes them look more trustworthy.

But besides that, I like that Sculpt Nation goes into detail explaining their product’s benefits. Instead of just going heavy on the marketing but not backing it with evidence.

So that’s good, but what else? What about things like the design? We liked the design of their Turmeric supplement, it’s a nice and stylish combination of orange, black and white. Definitely looks appealing to the eye!

Then again, the looks of this supplement won’t matter much in the end. The more important question is, can its ingredients help you achieve your weight loss goals?

How to Use Sculpt Nation Turmeric (Dosage Instructions)

Dosage instructions for Sculpt Nation Turmeric is 2 capsules per day. I recommend taking it with meals – it helps your body absorb those fat-soluble compounds in turmeric.

One container of this product will give you 30 servings, as there are 60 capsules per bottle.

Sculpt Nation Turmeric Dosage - How to Use

The ingredients are all stuffed in a proprietary blend, so that’s not good. If you aren’t aware, proprietary blends are concoctions of ingredients which have their dosages hidden on the label from you. Basically, you can only see the entire blend’s amount.

The best way to deal with proprietary blends is to avoid them. You should always buy from a company that is fully transparent with their products.


Alright, here’s the look at the ingredients list. Right off the bat, it doesn’t look impressive. The ingredients formula of Sculpt Nation Turmeric is based on Turmeric alone, with a minuscule amount of black pepper extract added for enhanced absorption.

Even after the recent Turmeric Black update, they’ve only added black turmeric, which is the same as regular turmeric in terms of benefits and health effects.

In other words, all of the benefits of this product are coming from turmeric alone. This includes benefits like reduced inflammation, which, granted, is something this particular supplement does well. Most of these benefits come from curcumin, one of the main compounds in turmeric (source: One ingredient alone for weight loss isn’t enough, unfortunately.

Sculpt Nation Turmeric Black Ingredients

According to Sculpt Nation’s marketing material, taking their Turmeric product helps to boost your energy so that you’re able to stay consistent with your goals and get those gains in the gym.

Energy is important when you’re on a cut. This is a period where you’re restricting calories, and your mood goes down, which makes it easy to lose motivation and give up on your diet.

For this reason, you’ll find some type of stimulant in most fat burners on the market. This is because it can be hugely beneficial to keeping your energy levels and motivation high when you need them the most. Unfortunately, Sculpt Nation turmeric doesn’t contain any kind of stimulant – not even caffeine anhydrous.

Caffeine is definitely one of the best fat burning ingredients out there. But only when it’s sensibly dosed with around 100-200mg per serving. Otherwise, you might risk jitters or crashes. Here’s a study review showing Caffeine’s benefits for weight loss:

Our Experience Without Stimulants?

As far as Sculpt Nation Turmeric is concerned, the marketing material promised energy boost but we didn’t experience any. Obviously this was to be expected from a stim-free product.

In addition to this, the claimed thermogenic benefits of Sculpt Nation Turmeric weren’t as good as we had hoped.

On the brighter side, we did find much better results from using products that have cayenne pepper extract – which is an actual proven thermogenic ingredient.

Anything Missing?

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to get more from this supplement.

Besides the aforementioned cayenne pepper, we also felt the absence of a good appetite suppressant such as Glucomannan. So far, we haven’t found a better ingredient for curbing appetite and unhealthy cravings. This comes as no surprise, considering that this natural fiber swells in your stomach and can keep you feeling full for hours. Here’s a study showing Glucomannan’s weight loss benefits over 8 weeks:

We also want to see some green tea extract, and also ginger to help with digestion and circulation.

Side Effects

Our Sculpt Nation Turmeric trial period didn’t last very long. Only 3 weeks. We wanted to go for the 4-6 weeks to see if there are any long-term fat loss benefits, but we gave up and stopped using it due to side effects.

While the side effects weren’t serious (turmeric is generally a light compound), many from our team did experience symptoms like diarrhea, slight nausea, and constant sweating – which made working on a computer really hard. This is likely attributable to the unbalanced dose of turmeric extract in this product, which we can’t tell due to the proprietary blend.

Lucky Andy for not having to test with us! 😉

Where to Buy Sculpt Nation Turmeric?

Whenever buying Sculpt Nation Turmeric you can rest assured you’re getting a genuine product. That’s because you can buy it direct from the manufacturer’s website.

But, the price is $49.99. That’s pretty high for a simple turmeric supplement. Especially considering it’s not the most effective fat burner.

That said, you can save some money when buying in bulk. So if that’s something you want to try, you can get a 2-3 month supply and test it for longer than we did.

That’s not to say you can’t get better value for money elswhere. With a little bit of research you can definitely find a more effective fat burner.

Sculpt Nation Turmeric Weight Loss Reviews from Customers

We don’t like to rely on customer reviews when testing weight loss products. The reason is, they can be moderated and manipulated to the point where we don’t know how accurate those “reviews” are. And since Sculpt Nation Turmeric isn’t sold on a 3rd party site, you won’t find customer reviews of it anyways – except maybe for Reddit.

Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory compound
  • Might help with fat burning slightly (didn’t help us)

The Bad

  • Everything is one proprietary blend – you don’t know the doses of ingredients in it
  • We experienced some side effects while trialing it
  • Sculpt Nation has gained a bad rep for some of its other supplements in the past, so naturally they have quite a few negative reviews online

Conclusion to Sculpt Nation Turmeric Review

So there you have it, this was our complete Sculpt Nation Turmeric review!

Overall, we aren’t totally convinced by this product. It’s a good general health supplement that can help with inflammation. But for fat burning? We expected a bit more. I mean, it costs $49.99 for one bottle. That’s not cheap!

We did notice a reduction in inflammation. Gabriel has problems with his sinuses and they started clearing up from using this product. But other side effects forced him and the rest of us to give up on this product earlier than planned.

If you ask us, Sculpt Nation Turmeric isn’t the best value for money. As well as this, using a proprietary blend taints the image of the company and shows that they aren’t confident to show what’s inside their products unlike some of their competitors.

I recommend doing more research to make sure you’re getting the best value for money fat burner.


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