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Transparent Labs Fat Burner Review

Finding a good fat burner is tricky. The biggest problem most people face is finding something that will work effectively without unpleasant side effects. There are different kinds of weight loss pills on the market, but not all of them will be effective for everyone, so it takes time to figure out which one works best for you.

Read on as we review Transparent Fat Burner, a product that aims to help you lose weight faster. Transparent Labs have been on the market for over 8 years and produce a wide range of supplements. Their product, Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner, has several great ingredients which can speed up fat loss in several ways. Let’s give you our summary first, shall we?

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Review At a Glance:


  • Reasonably priced
  • Its ingredients are backed by studies in terms of fat burning
  • Helps boost metabolic activity through thermogenesis, leading to higher calorie expenditure
  • Elevates energy for more efficient workouts
  • No proprietary blends
  • Shouldn’t cause side effects (unless you’re sensitive to caffeine)


  • It may not work well for caffeine-sensitive people
  • Missing Glucomannan, one of our favorite natural appetite suppressants

Interested in PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner? Visit their official website to get prices:


About Transparent Labs Fat Burner

There are tons of fat-burning supplements you can find around, and a couple of them include caffeine and chili pepper. These supplements work for only a fraction of people and still do not give the best of results.

Transparent Lab fat burner’s main advantage is that it helps you achieve your fat-burning goal in a way that you still feel comfortable and not overly stressed, which can help stop food binging and relapses.

It also helps you better control your appetite. This means that you would no longer keep feeling too hungry to consume more calories than you should.

The Transparent Labs Fat Burner is made to help you lose weight in four specific ways;

  • Thermogenesis – What happens here is an increase in the number of calories burned out even when you’re relaxing. Yes, it’s actually possible!
  • Appetite Suppression – Feel fewer cravings throughout the day.
  • Fat Oxidation – Helps use and break down your stored fatty tissue instead of glucose or muscle tissue.
  • Increased metabolic activity – Makes your body more efficient and converting food to energy, preventing excess fat storage.

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Transparent Labs Fat Burner: How To Use

You can only purchase the Transparent Labs Fat Burner from the manufacturer’s website. Each bottle of the supplement contains 120 capsules. It is recommended that you take 4 capsules daily – that’s two capsules two times a day.

This is a good way to dose a fat burner, because it keeps you topped up with the beneficial nutrients throughout the day – not allowing the effects to wear off.

The Transparent Labs Fat Burner bottle comes in only one size, and you can make an order of up to three bottles in a single purchase to help you save money.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Price

A single bottle costs $49.00. If you order two bottles, you’ll be paying $89.00 and save $9.00. To purchase three bottles at once, you’ll pay $119.00 and save $28.00. The shipping cost is $1.75. Make sure to check the price on the official website before purchase.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Ingredients

supplement facts for PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

This fat burner contains a couple of effective ingredients commonly found in weight loss products. While the ingredient combination makes sense, it’s still missing a few important ones, like Glucomannan.

Here are the ingredients contained in the Transparent Labs Fat Burner.

Forslean (Forskolin)

The job of the forslean is to help control how your tissues release fatty acids, which helps to enhance weight loss. 500mg of this ingredient is contained in the Transparent Labs Fat Burner.

Green Tea

The addition of green tea to the mix helps in fat loss. 400mg of this ingredient is contained in the supplement.


This ingredient is added because of its stress-reducing function. It makes it to the list of ingredients because losing weight can be very stressful, and L-Tyrosine will help relieve the stress. The Transparent Labs Fat Burner contains 300mg of this ingredient.


The 5-HTP is what helps you to stay energetic and in good mood. Its job is to ensure that you do not get overly hungry, leading to a reduction in your calorie intake. The Transparent Labs Fat Burner contains 300mg of this ingredient.


L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea alongside Caffeine and Catechins. These three ingredients combine to have a massive impact on your weight loss.

The L-Theanine also helps in stress reduction and keeps your appetite levels moderated.

What else does it offer? You also enjoy an improvement in the quality of sleep. 240mg of this ingredient is contained in the Transparent Labs Fat Burner.


240mg of caffeine is contained in the Transparent Labs Fat Burner, mainly for energy and metabolism boosting.

Caffeine works more effectively when paired with L-Theanine. Resulting in smoother energy levels without the jitters.

Synephrine HCI

Synephrine is another compound that plays a role in promoting fat burn. It is also commonly known as the bitter orange extract. What it does is increase metabolic functions when the body is relaxed. 50mg of this ingredient is contained in the Transparent Labs Fat Burner.

Salicin Bark Extract

120mg of this compound is contained in the Transparent Labs Fat Burner, and it is gotten from white willow bark. It complements the functions of the Synephrine HCI and also acts as a fat burner. This ingredient is herbal and helps reduce the side effects that could be caused by caffeine and help to cure migraines.

Cayenne Pepper

The Cayenne Pepper is one of the major contributors to a fat loss here. It burns body fat and heats you from the inside. After it heats the body, you start the burn more calories as the body cools off. 100mg of this ingredient is contained in the Transparent Labs Fat Burner.

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Benefits Of Transparent Labs Fat Burner

This product has a couple of benefits that make it very effective for those looking to shed some unwanted fat. Some of its benefits include:

  • It contains green tea extract, which helps to boost fat oxidation
  • The ingredients within have been linked to up to a kilogram (2lbs) of weight loss within 7-14 days.
  • Helps you burn about 200-300 extra calories per day. Over time, this adds up to a fairly massive number.
  • It helps in muscle building.
  • It helps to boost energy.
  • Physical performance improvement.
  • Assists in appetite suppression.

Does This Supplement Have Any Side Effects?

The ingredients in the Transparent Labs Fat Burner are natural, and as long as you take the capsules as recommended, you won’t have any side effects.

That said! Caffeine-sensitive people should be careful and only start with 1 capsule per day.

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Transparent Labs Fat Burner Customer Reviews

You can only get the supplement from the manufacturer directly from their website.

Below are some of the reviews from customers that caught our attention;

  • “Since I started using this supplement, the results have been very positive. I’ve tried several other supplements in the past, but they’ve not been as effective as this one, and I’m impressed because I was skeptical about buying them at first. I love it.”
  • “Maybe I expected too much, but I didn’t get the result I thought I would.”
  • “This supplement works fantastically. I’m getting it for my friend because I’m sure she’ll love it.” – Jennifer Stone.
  • “Not what I expected. I did lose some weight, but I felt too jittery.”
  • “All I can say is that this stuff works for what it was designed for. It’s worked for me at least.”

Final Thoughts

We all know burning fat – and keeping it off for good – is hard. Natural fat burner supplements can give you that extra edge.

How? By making weight loss a bit easier process; reducing appetite, improving metabolism, and enhancing the breakdown of stored fatty tissue.

Is Transparent Labs the right supplement for you? It depends!

If you’re looking for a caffeine-free product, we recommend checking our current top 5 fat burners on the market.

However, if you want an energy kick along with the potent thermogenic effects, you should give Transparent Labs’ Fat Burner a try! Staying true to its name, it features a completely transparent ingredient profile with some of the safest and most effective nutrients we currently have for fat loss. Click here to check its price.

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