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Celsius Fat Burner Review – Does it WORK?

Celsius Fat Burner Review: Celsius Fat Burner is a supplement that comes in a liquid form. It is focused on boosting energy levels, boosting immunity, and cutting down fat through the process of thermogenesis and making you feel fuller for longer.

It comes in different versions and in too many different flavors. All these have different ingredient formulas. We’ve analyzed every particular version and flavor of Celsius Fat Burner, and we have to say that we are quite disappointed.

In most cases, Celsius Fat Burner uses some underdosed ingredients, contains proprietary blends, and even some pointless nutrients that don’t work for fat loss.

Each jar of Celsius Fat Burner will last you for one day only, so you’ll need to stock up on a lot of cans to have a supply for a long period of time.

So, we think there are far better options for cutting down unnecessary fat. Through our years of experience, we’ve seen a lot of supplements that are simple, effective, and safe. They contain only premium and natural nutrients in clinically backed doses.

We recommend going for those products instead of Celsius Fat Burner, because this one won’t promote substantial results, and it might leave you disappointed if you have serious fitness goals. It is also very complicated and might be confusing for a lot of people, due to too many flavors.


Celsius Fat Burner is a dietary supplement focused on burning fat, boosting energy levels, boosting immunity, and metabolism, and therefore increasing thermogenesis through which your body is supposed to burn more calories.

Celsius Fat Burner comes in 18 different flavors, from Sparkling Green Apple Cherry, Sparking Wild Berry, to Peach Mango Green Tea, and Sparkling Tropical Vibe. All these contain similar, but not the same ingredient formulas.

There are other versions of Celsius Fat Burner available on the official website such as Celsius Heat, designed to burn fat through heat production, Celsius BCAAS which boosts endurance, immunity, and fuels recovery, Celsius Stevia, Celsius Heat-on-The-Go, and Celsius On-The-Go.

In our opinion, this can be quite confusing for a lot of people; there are too many options available, making it hard to choose one.

How to Take Celsius Fat Burner

Celsius Fat Burner comes in a liquid form. Each can contains 12 fl. oz (355ml) of liquid per container. The manufacturer recommends drinking the whole can of Celsius Fat Burner once a day.

If you decide to take Celsius Fat Burner, it means that you’ll have to order it every day or, for example, purchase 30 cans for a 30-day supply.

Celsius Fat Burner Review: The Ingredients

Each flavor of Celsius Fat Burner has a slightly different ingredient formula. We’ll take Celsius Sparkling Green Apple Cherry as an example. It contains essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, and B12, which are essential for immunity and energy boost. The only ingredient beneficial for fat burning inside is chromium, at 50mcg per serving.

There are other key ingredients missing that would enhance the formula such as green tea extract, cayenne pepper powder, and glucomannan, which are very well-studied in the weight loss area.

If you’re serious about losing weight, Celsius Fat Burner Green Apple Cherry is not the best option on the market right now.

It’s a similar story to other flavors. The main issue with most formulas here is the lack of core nutrients for fat loss, some underdosed ingredients, and proprietary blends.

We noticed that Celsius Fat Burner uses proprietary blends in many flavors. That means that the manufacturer hides individual ingredient doses; the only dosage you are able to see is the combined dosage of all the ingredients.

We’ll take Peach Mango Green Tea as an example. It comes with 1.81g of MetaPlus Proprietary Blend consisting of Taurine, Caffeine, Guarana Extract, Glucuronolactone, Ginger Extract, and Green Tea Leaf Extract.

We always recommend passing on supplements that use proprietary blends. We don’t consider them safe and effective.

Does Celsius Fat Burner Have Side Effects?

Celsius Fat Burner should be relatively safe if used in recommended dosages. Due to some flavors having proprietary blends, it may have some ingredients overserved, which could lead to mild side effects.

Celsius Fat Burner Review Summary

Celsius Fat Burner is far from the best product we’ve seen. If you’re serious about your fitness goals, we’d pass on this one. It has many pointless ingredients that don’t work for fat burning, and those that work are underdosed or contained inside a proprietary blend.


  • Easy to take
  • Could benefit you to a little extent in the long run (depending on the flavor you take; each flavor has a slightly different formula


  • Complicated
  • Too many options on the official website which might be confusing for a lot of people
  • Each jar lasts for only 1 day
  • Lacks core ingredients for weight loss and fat-burning
  • Uses proprietary blends

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