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We Analyzed Modere Trim: Here Are 8 Things You Should Know

Modere Trim At a Glance


  • Completely natural
  • Good variety of flavor options
  • Low risk of side effects


  • Only 2 ingredients – CLA and collagen
  • Neither ingredient is proven in reliable human studies to substantially burn fat or curb appetite
  • Exact ingredient doses aren’t shown on the label


Does Modere Trim work? Based on our research of its information on the web, Modere Trim looks like a decent supplement for skin quality, but we can’t consider it a serious fat burner supplement. This product lacks the firepower that would make it able to compete with the market-leading weight loss supplements. Not only is it missing cayenne pepper, Konjac Fiber, and other essential ingredients, but it doesn’t even show the amounts of the ingredients that it does use – they are hidden in a proprietary blend. For the price of $99.99 per bottle (30 servings), Modere Trim isn’t the best value for money we’ve seen – to put it lightly.

What do we recommend?

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About Modere Trim

Modere Trim is a liquid weight management product that contains a plant-derived type of CLA as well as collagen/HA matrix.

According to the manufacturers, this “innovative, first-in-the-world” combination of the two ingredients is said to help you:

  • Reduce fat storage
  • Inhibit fat cell formation
  • Enhance muscle definition & skin quality

We’re well aware of the CLA use in weight loss supplements. So far, the results we’ve seen from CLA supplements have been lackluster at best. Especially when there are no supporting weight loss ingredients such as cayenne pepper and glucomannan included.

But, can Modere Trim surprise us? We’ll be finding out very soon.

For now, let’s go over the flavors and what you can expect from Modere Trim in terms of its taste and quality.

Modere Trim Flavors – Our Opinion

As a fat burner drink, Modere Trim comes in a variety of flavors. These include:

  • Chocolate
  • Lemon
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut-Lime
  • Mango
  • Orange Citrus

Does Modere Trim taste good? If you take a look at the other reviews, most people are saying they like the flavor and aroma. It doesn’t leave an ugly aftertaste, it tastes pretty natural. This is to be expected from a product with no synthetic sweeteners!

We also see a lot of people asking questions such as: does Modere Trim expire? Does Modere Trim need to be refrigerated? Does Modere Trim go bad?

The answer is that Modere Trim has an official expiration date of two months. It’s best to keep it refrigerated. If you keep Modere Trim in warmer temperatures, its shelf-life is one month max.

How to Use Modere Trim

The dosage directions for Modere Trim are to take 1 tablespoon directly by mouth, ideally in the morning.

In terms of how long Modere Trim lasts, one bottle yields 30 servings.

As for how long the effects of Modere Trim last, the answer is that you may not notice any effects at all since the product doesn’t have stimulants. The effects of Modere Trim are subtle at best and last only around 4 hours, depending on your metabolism.

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Here are the ingredients in Modere Trim:

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid – dose unknown
  • Liquid BioCell (Hydrolyzed Chicken Cartilage Extract with Collagen Type II, Chondroitin Sulfate, and Hyaluronic Acid) – dose unknown

And here are Modere Trim nutrition facts:

  • 45 kcal
  • 4g of fat
  • 2g of carbohydrates
  • 0g of sugars
  • 15mg of sodium (20mg with the Modere Trim Chocolate flavor)

Modere Trim looks like an extremely slim and simplistic weight loss formula. It only contains CLA and Liquid Collagen as its active ingredients. These two ingredients alone are unlikely to result in Modere Trim curbing your appetite effectively.

The good news is, it has no stimulants so the risk of side effects is low right off the bat. Modere Trim is also vegan, keto-friendly, halal, dairy-free, and gluten-free – which is great.

As we mentioned, Modere Trim uses a plant-based form of CLA. The problem is, they don’t show the specific CLA amount, nor the amount of Collagen that is inside. This is due to the proprietary blend which only shows you the dosage of all the ingredients combined. As a result, we had to rely on third-party studies to assume Modere Trim has the correct amount of ingredients.

Modere itself does not share any studies that they have done to support the claims for their product.

Luckily, we do have the research behind CLA and collagen – the only active ingredients in Modere Trim – so we can have a fairly accurate picture on how this product will work for you.

Let’s take a look.

CLA – Does it Work for Weight Loss?

CLA’s biological activity can get somewhat technical, and not everything has been consistently proven in lab research. We’ll stick to layman terms to give an idea about how this fatty acid can help us lower fat in our body.

Put simply, our body processes calories in different ways, depending on what we need it for. Nearly all energy in our cells is formed from ATP. This molecule can be created from carbohydrates or created from other nutrients.

Modern-day supplements and marketing material have really oversimplified the complex process that calories are.

When it comes to CLA, some studies suggest it works by helping our body oxidize the white, stored body fat. This process transforms white fat to brown fat, which is used to keep your body warm. [1, 2]

Brown fat, under certain conditions, is easier to burn off by your body than white fat. As such, according to the aforementioned studies, if you take a CLA supplement consistently over a long period of time, you could possibly burn more fat.

But not every study has replicated these results. So, in terms of how much fat can you realistically expect to lose from CLA alone, is up for debate.

What about collagen?

Collagen is a compound vital to the body – it makes up virtually all of your tissues. Collagen is integral for joint and bone formation and maintenance, as well as the strength and quality of your hail, skin, and nails.

Supplementing collagen can not really do much for weight loss, but it works to improve your joint function, in the context of joint pain, arthritis and such.

Anything Missing?

As a whole, Modere Trim looks like an awfully underwhelming supplement – it’s difficult to put it any other way.

The main issue with Modere Trim is that it is missing pretty much all of the core ingredients for fat burning and appetite suppression that are commonly found in the best fat burner supplements.

Glucomannan, Green Tea Extract, Chromium, and Vitamin D are just some of the essential ingredients in any weight loss supplement.

With CLA and collagen alone, Modere Trim’s formula is unlikely to give you substantial benefits in terms of fat burning. Perhaps if you take it consistently long-term, though we wouldn’t get too excited.

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Customer Reviews

Independent Modere Trim reviews are difficult to come by as the product is only officially sold on its website, though other people can be seen reselling it on Amazon and such.

In terms of Modere Trim doctor reviews, there aren’t any legitimate ones at the moment, as far as we are aware. If you’re looking for those, it’s probably best to talk to your own doctor before taking Modere Trim, in order to see if the product is right for you.

Side Effects

Modere Trim side effects are unlikely to occur for most healthy people. However, if you look on the internet, you will see people are searching for terms like “does Modere Trim make you poop?” or “does Modere Trim cause headaches or anxiety?”. In rare cases, there is a possibility of the aforementioned side effects, mainly due to the CLA in Modere Trim which can sometimes cause diarrhea.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Modere Trim is not FDA-approved, just like most supplements out there. This doesn’t mean it’s outright bad, we just mentioned this because a number of people were asking.

Price, Quality, and Value for Money

A bottle of Modere Trim with 30 servings will set you back by $99.99. This is more expensive even than some of the current market-leading fat burner supplements on the market, even though Modere Trim doesn’t keep up with them in terms of ingredient quality and effectiveness.

Pros and Cons of Modere Trim


  • All-natural
  • Stim-free – unlikely to cause side effects


  • Only 2 ingredients – neither of which is remarkable for weight loss
  • Exact ingredient doses not shown
  • Steep price for what it offers

Anything Else to Consider?

It’s worth noting that even if Modere Trim used more effective ingredients, it is still by no means a replacement for a calorie-controlled diet, quality sleep, and regular training program.

Even the best fat burner supplements won’t work to their full extent if you don’t combine them with a healthy lifestyle. People who’ve been successful in losing weight and keeping it off know this very well.

Conclusion to Modere Trim Review

To conclude our Modere Trim review – does it really work? Is it effective and safe?

The answer is that Modere Trim looks like a safe and quality supplement, in terms of its natural ingredients. But as far as the effectiveness goes, Modere Trim is substantially weaker than many other weight loss products we’ve reviewed.

This is mainly due to the fact that Modere Trim is using only 2 ingredients – neither of which is proven in reliable human studies to burn fat substantially.

Modere Trim doesn’t give much energy, either. This is because it has no stimulants that would help kick the metabolism into a higher gear. All in all, Modere Trim doesn’t appear to be an effective weight loss product, nor do we think it is worth it, considering the steep price.

It’s best to do more research on higher-quality fat burners on the market.

Modere Trim Alternative?

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