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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene With Ephedra Review

With fat burners being among the top selling supplements on the market, companies often cram as many ingredients into a product as possible. That way, they can say it provides a wide range of fat burning properties to help them beat the competition.

A perfect example of this is Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals and their Lipodrene With Ephedra fat burner. Unfortunately, just because a product claims to offer multiple fat burning effects, that doesn’t mean that it’s any good or will even work at all.

In the following article, we’ll show you why that is and why Lipodrene With Ephedra isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Lipodrene With Ephedra Overview

The Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene With Ephedra fat burner claims to provide the benefits of all other fat burners in a single weight loss pill. On closer inspection though, these claims appear to be wildly exaggerated.

Most of the ingredients in this dietary supplement lack both scientific and clinical data that they actually work, so users aren’t guaranteed to see results. What’s worse is that many are known to be harmful and have severe side effects connected to their use.

Even the few ingredients that are useful for weight management are present in doses so small they will have little to no beneficial effects.

While it is reasonably priced, it simply isn’t worth the risk of experiencing either bad effects or none at all. This is especially true when a proven fat burner, such as Instant Knockout Cut, can be obtained for just slightly more.

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What Does Lipodrene With Ephedra Claim To Do?

Stimulate Increased Fat Burning & Weight Loss

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals claim their Lipodrene diet pills increase your rates of lipolysis and thermogenesis. With these being two of the body’s primary methods of burning fat, it would allow the supplement to promote weight loss with no effort on your part.

Boost Energy Levels

Lipodrene With Ephedra includes caffeine and other stimulants to give you more energy. The idea is a more energetic person can train longer and harder, increasing their energy expenditure, burning more calories, and making their body burn fat cells sooner than normal.

Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals say Lipodrene With Ephedra is also a metabolic rate enhancer. Making your metabolism rise would ensure you lose fat faster and avoid new fat storage, preventing weight gain, and could even help you build muscle too.

Provide Appetite Suppression

The Lipodrene fat burner even claims to be an appetite suppressant. Appetite suppression is ideal for weight loss as it helps you stick to a proper diet, keeping your calories low so you can burn fat and avoid weight gain.

Lipodrene With Ephedra Ingredients

Now we’ve seen what Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals say their diet pill can do, let’s look at its ingredients, to see why this fat burner won’t live up to its lofty claims.

Ephedra Extract

Ephedra extract is the purest form of the ephedra herb and is well known to boost metabolism, thermogenesis, and fat oxidation, all of which are beneficial for weight loss.

However, ephedra extract is equally well known for the extensive list of dangerous side effects it can cause. This has led to it being banned in many countries, including the USA, and makes it an ingredient that’s likely to do at least as much harm as good (1).

Senegali Berlandieri Extract

Senegali berlandieri is a plant native to northern Mexico that some claim enhances energy levels. Currently very little study has been done on it though and there are no conclusive results, so its inclusion is based purely on speculation, rather than facts.

2 Aminoisoheptane HCL

2 Aminoisoheptane HCL is a chemical that’s long been added to certain medications for its ability to ease congestion, raise energy levels, and possibly even work as a fat burner.

However, with it linked to a range of side effects including high blood pressure, glaucoma, heart arrhythmias, heart attacks, and even death, it’s highly recommended you avoid this chemical and any dietary supplements containing it (2).

Citrus Aurantium Extract/Synephrine HCL

While synephrine hcl and citrus aurantium extract are listed as two separate ingredients, the former is actually a compound in the latter, which is better known as bitter orange. Both are added to weight loss supplements for the belief they boost fat burning and energy.

With little evidence to confirm this and even the studies in its favour stating the effects are mild, it means both ingredients are unlikely to be beneficial for weight loss.


Theobromine is a compound in cocoa beans that has a similar effect to caffeine, just with a longer half life. It offers a number of benefits for the human body, of which increased energy levels, better mood, and reduced appetite are all beneficial for body weight loss.

With 500 mg of theobromine required for optimal effects though, even the proprietary blend can’t hide the fact there isn’t enough present here for it to be useful (3).

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract boosts lipolysis, energy, and metabolism, making it a very well rounded fat burning ingredient. However, much like the Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals product itself, this wide range of effects means each is relatively mild unless doses around 1 gram are used.

With the green tea extract stuck in a proprietary blend that itself is only 560 mg, there is nowhere near enough for it to have any positive effects on weight loss (4).

Hoodia Extract

Hoodia extract comes from a small shrub that will occasionally be added to a weight loss supplement due to claims it’s an appetite suppressant. However, studies show it may actually be ineffective for suppressing appetite and is potentially even dangerous (5).

Cassia Nomame Extract

Cassia nomame extract comes from a pea that is claimed to prevent fat from being absorbed by the intestines, which should prevent weight gain. However, with barely any studies having been done, it’s impossible to know if it actually has any effect (6).


Naringenin is a flavonoid in grapefruits that’s proven to aid weight loss, prevent weight gain, increase insulin sensitivity, and lower blood glucose levels.

This requires 450 mg to be consumed daily though, so the amount present in this supplement will be far too low to be of any use (7).

6,7 Dihydroxybergamotin

Another chemical in grapefruit, some claim 6,7 dihydroxybergamotin is responsible for the fruit’s weight control benefits, yet there is virtually no evidence to support this theory.

5-Methoxytryptamine HCL

5-Methoxytryptamine HCL is a derivative of the neurotransmitter melatonin. While some studies suggest it is useful for regulating sleep cycles, which can be beneficial on weight loss programs, there’s nothing to suggest it helps you lose weight directly (8).


L-5-hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid that boosts your brains serotonin production, which enhances mood, helps you relax, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, combats depression, and suppresses appetite, all of which are beneficial for weight loss (9).

For these effects to occur though, 200 mg of l-5-hydroxytryptophan must be consumed daily. With it present in a proprietary blend of 14 ingredients that itself only weighs 560 mg, there is no way the dosage will be large enough and it will therefore be ineffective.

Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbine HCL, is a herbal supplement made from West African tree bark that blocks a fat cell’s alpha receptors (10). This makes chemicals attach to beta receptors, which are more active, promoting enhanced fat loss.

Unfortunately, yohimbine only works while you’re in a fasted state and large doses are used, and is known to cause side effects. So, even if there is enough to be effective, it’s will likely cause as many negatives as positives.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The only ingredient not in the proprietary blend, caffeine is among the most popular and powerful stimulants on Earth. Proven to boost energy levels, it can stimulate thermogenesis and enhance your metabolism to encourage fat loss too.

Unfortunately, 200 mg is required for effective fat burning to occur. This makes the 100 mg present in Lipodrene With Ephedra far too low at just half what you’d expect in a fat burner.

Lipodrene With Ephedra Pros & Cons


  • Reasonably priced


  • Unlikely to help you lose weight
  • Can cause serious adverse health effects
  • Many of its key ingredients are unproven
  • Doses of proven ingredients are insufficient

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene With Ephedra Conclusion

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene With Ephedra is a fat burner that aims to trick people into buying it by listing numerous weight loss benefits and ingredients with complicated names. In reality, it’s unlikely to provide any benefits but could cause serious adverse health effects.

It’s not just a fat burner that’s a waste of money, it’s one you should avoid at all costs. If you’re having trouble losing weight, you’ll be much better looking at Instant Knockout Cut.

The best weight loss pill on the market, Instant Knockout Cut helps you lose weight in all the ways Lipodrene claims, while being proven to be safe and effective.



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