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TestoFuel vs Beast Super Test: What’s Better?

TestoFuel vs Beast Super Test – which testosterone booster takes the win? We analyze both formulas in depth below, but before that, here’s a quick summary.

[BEAST SUPER TEST VS TESTOFUEL SUMMARY] TestoFuel is our winner here. It’s got 11 researched ingredients, and they’re all clinically dosed. This makes it highly effective at raising natural energy levels, testosterone production, libido, and daily mental well-being. It also has ingredients like Fenugreek and Red Panax Ginseng which lower your blood sugar levels, reduce estrogen and prevent unwanted weight gain. Beast Super Test isn’t a terrible test booster, but it’s got a few unproven ingredients, and the worst red flag is that it has a proprietary blend which hides the ingredient doses inside.

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TestoFuel vs Beast Super Test – The Basics


TestoFuel is the brainchild of Roar Ambition, a specialist sports company from Leeds, United Kingdom.

Although it’s been a no.1 reviewed testosterone booster for many years now, this product keeps getting updated every 6-12 months to keep it ahead of the pack. It’s got amazing reviews from MMA athletes and bodybuilding legends like Mr. Universe Robby Robinson.

TestoFuel promises to help you:

  • Boost natural testosterone production – both free and total T levels
  • Increase androgen activity – not just testosterone but also DHT
  • Balance the female sex hormone estrogen – reducing the risk of man boobs and weight gain
  • Improve workouts and energy – feel revitalized and full of vigor
  • Higher sex drive and libido – better performance in the bedroom

What’s interesting about TestoFuel is that it’s one of the rarer testosterone boosters to have 4 servings per day. You’re supposed to take 1 capsule, four times per day to keep your body continually supplied with test-boosting goodness.

TestoFuel’s Official Website: https://www.testofuel.com/

Sure, this sounds a little annoying but this is the best way to keep testosterone production in check throughout the whole day.

Each bottle of TestoFuel has 120 capsules, and so it’ll last you a full month if you take the recommended dose.

Beast Super Test

Super Test is made by Beast Sports Nutrition. It’s a well-known company featured on sites like Bodybuilding.com.

Although it doesn’t boast the same glowing online reviews and testimonials like TestoFuel, it’s still a farily popular product online.

Beast Super Test has got huge 180 capsules per bottle, which is more than TestoFuel. It also comes with 4 capsule serving per day, which is rare to see as we’ve said.

Beast Super Test promises to offer:

  • Professional strength testosterone support
  • Benefits towards your sexual health

Great! But can it deliver on these promises? And how does it compare to TestoFuel? Let’s investigate further.

The Formulas

Both TestoFuel’s and Beast Super Test’s formulas look interesting. One key difference is that TestoFuel is completely transparent with its ingredients; meaning, you can see everything clearly on the label.

By contrast, Beast Super Test has a massive proprietary blend in its formula. This proprietary blend only shows the combined dose of the ingredients in it, but doesn’t show you each individual ingredient dose.

How will this affect Beast Super Test’s score in the end? See for yourself:

TestoFuel Ingredients

  • Vitamin D (5000IU)
  • Vitamin K2 (18mcg)
  • Vitamin B6 (5mg)
  • Magnesium Aspartate (200mg)
  • Zinc Monomethionine & Aspartate (10mg)
  • D-Aspartic Acid (2300mg)
  • Asian Red Panax Ginseng (100mg)
  • Fenugreek Seeds (100mg)
  • Oyster Extract (100mg)

TestoFuel’s formula has 11 ingredients. All of these are familiar to us – they’re all heavily researched on their effects on testosterone.

Vitamin D is the foundation of any good testosterone booster. A big nice dose of 5,000IU will ensure your T levels naturally stay topped up. (vitamin D study)Magnesium in TestoFuel comes in the highly absorbable ‘aspartate’ form, making it easy to digest and use by your body. In studies, magnesium has been shown to increase the levels of both free and total testosterone by blocking the sex hormone-binding globulin which renders testosterone inert.

Then there’s a nice safe dose of zinc, 10mg per day. This is ideal for long-term supplementation, in terms of maximizing benefits and avoiding side effects. Zinc has been shown to prevent drops in testosterone from stress, hard training and other factors that hit you harder and harder as you age.

Moving on, we have D-Aspartic Acid. This is one of the best ingredients you’ll see in any test booster. It’s been shown, in multiple clinical trials, to increase the levels of circulating testosterone in the body. However, it works best in men who’re active and go to the gym.

Then there’s Fenugreek and Oyster Extract. Fenugreek was added to balance your blood sugar levels to prevent weight gain, as well as reducing the amount of estrogen in your blood. Oyster Extract is rich in minerals that the body needs to make testosterone. Panax Ginseng in TestoFuel helps protect you from chronic stress.

Overall, we’re impressed with TestoFuel’s formula. It’s complete with proven ingredients in clinically optimized doses, and there’s no fluff in it. Most importantly, the formula is completely transparent and you can see every ingredient dose on the label.

Beast Super Test Ingredients

  • Vitamin B6 (5mg)
  • Magnesium Citrate (26mg)
  • Zinc Citrate (14mg)
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract (500mg)
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract (300mg)
  • Male Support Complex (800mg)
  • Nitric Oxide Factor – Agmatine Sulfate (500mg)
  • Trans-Resveratrol (200mg)
  • White Button Mushrooms Extract (100mg)
  • Milk Thistle Extract (200mg)
  • Cranberry Extract (100mg)
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract (150mg)
  • Beta-Sitosterol (100mg)
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract (20mg)

Beast Super Test has a few problems with its formula. For one, magnesium is severely underdosed at just 26mg per serving. You need at least 200mg per day to reap its benefits on testosterone.

Another issue is the use of a proprietary blend, as we mentioned above. You need to know how much of each ingredient you’re taking, otherwise, you can’t asses the ingredient for safety or effectiveness.

Beast Super Test’s “Male Support Complex” is a proprietary blend with tons of ingredients in it. But we can’t see the doses of those ingredients. This makes it impossible to tell how well they’ll work for you.

It’s not all bad with this product though! There are a few great ingredients inside; such as Ashwagandha, Fenugreek and Trans-Resveratrol. These can help lower estrogen and stress hormones like cortisol, which can in turn give your testosterone more room to breathe, so to speak.

However, Beast Super Test also has several unproven ingredients in its formula. These include Stinging Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Cranberry extract, and a number of others. These ingredients are studied for some of their general health benefits, but they don’t affect your testosterone. For example, Stinging Nettle can reduce nasal inflammation, but that’s about as good as it gets.

It’d be much better to replace some of these ineffective ingredients in Beast Super Test with proven testosterone boosters such as vitamin D. Yes, vitamin D is missing from Beast Super Test – which is a major downside.

Key Takeaway: All things considered, TestoFuel takes the win in this round. Although it has fewer ingredients than Beast Super Test, the ingredients themselves are of cleaner quality and are more effective at doing their job. The doses are also spot on, whereas Beast Super Test has some ingredients that are underdosed, and many more that don’t even have their dosages shown on the label!

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Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Due to having top of the line ingredients in clinical doses, it’s safe to say TestoFuel is a safe supplement (no pun intended!). The team behind this product consult with fitness experts and nutritionists to make TestoFuel not only safe and effective, but also up to date with the latest clinical studies. One downside though, is that you should avoid TestoFuel if you’re extremely allergic to oysters.

Beast Super Test contains a few unproven ingredients, but that’s not even the biggest issue. It’s got a proprietary blend that doesn’t list the dose of each ingredient in it. Some ingredients could be dosed too high but we can’t tell. This naturally raises the risk of potential side effects.

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Price and Value for Money?

This is the round where it gets a little more competitive.

TestoFuel is a premium product manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, and since the ingredients are the best on the market right now, it doesn’t come as a surprise it costs $65 per bottle, or 45€ if buying in Europe.

Interestingly, you’ll get fast free shipping anywhere in the world if you order 2 or more boxes. Another benefit of buying in bulk is that you get various discounts and free extra bottles.

The best thing about TestoFuel is that if you aren’t happy with it, you are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee.

Beast Super Test costs $58 per bottle of 180 capsules. So the cost per capsule is a little lower. However, considering that Beast Super Test contains a number of low-quality ingredients, and hides some of the ingredient doses, it’s still not as good value for money as TestoFuel which is fully transparent.

Our Conclusion to TestoFuel vs Beast Super Test

So that concludes our TestoFuel vs Beast Super Test comparison.

TestoFuel really is the winner of this comparison, for the simple fact that it has better ingredients and better doses.

That’s what it’s ultimately all about anyways.

If the testosterone booster you’re buying has all the right ingredients in clinically researched doses, then there’s no reason to look further.

While we’re a little annoyed by TestoFuel’s high price, if you can afford it you can’t really get anything better at the moment. It’s been the market leader for so many years for a reason. You can buy TestoFuel here: https://www.testofuel.com/

Beast Super Test just doesn’t compare to this one. Maybe only in terms of price, which is too high for a product with unproven ingredients and undisclosed doses on the label.

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