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Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts Fat Burner Review – UPDATED

Here’s our recently updated Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts review. We’ll be taking a close look at this fat burner which is claimed to help increase your metabolic rate. It uses a range of herbs and ingredients, some of which are stimulants. But some of them come at pretty high doses, so we were a bit curious whether this product is as safe as it’s effective.

About Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts

In a sea of supplement companies, Optimum Nutrition is one of the most popular on the market. But can their new fat burner product – Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts, live up to their high standards?

The benefits sound impressive, but there are a few unanswered questions. Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts contains a few ingredients that have been dosed a little too aggressively for our liking. These include caffeine and green tea extract. Combined, their caffeine content can kick your metabolism into high gear – helping you to burn more calories.

But this also raises some concerns in regard to Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts safety. High doses of caffeine are linked to negative side effects, such as anxiety, high blood pressure and insomnia. Let’s investigate further!

How to Use Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts

The new version of Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts comes in bottles of 100, 120, and 200 capsules.

If you take the recommended daily dose, which is 2 capsules twice per day. Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts will last you between 25 to 50 days, depending on which bottle you buy.

The price of the fat burner varies a lot. Many sites are selling it, so make sure to do your research before jumping at the first one you see!

What’s Inside?

Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts has impressive ingredients for burning fat. Our favorites are green tea extract, cayenne pepper extract and caffeine.

But its high doses of stimulants, like 200mg of caffeine per serving (not to mention additional caffeine in green tea extract). Make this fat burner a risky choice for more sensitive buyers.

Ingredients in Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts:

  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl (750 mg) – Plays an important role in energy metabolism, but it won’t help you burn fat unless you’re deficient in it. Here’s more on Carnitine; 


  • Vitamin B1 (2mg) – Also known as thiamine, Vitamin B1 helps regulate glucose production in your system. Simply put, this makes it harder for your body to put on fat. However, just like with L-Carnitine, it will only help you if you’re deficient in it. And the only way for you to be deficient in Thiamine is if you drink loads of alcohol. Or eat a diet that’s full of processed foods – don’t let us get started on this one!
  • Caffeine (200mg) – Ah, wonderful coffee. The jolt of energy caffeine provides is simply awesome. However, caffeine has another cool benefit – it boosts your metabolic rate, making your body burn more calories. However, be careful with the dosage of Caffeine in Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts. Doses of 200mg of caffeine and higher have been linked with side effects such as nausea, restlessness, and panic attacks. If you are sensitive to caffeine, make sure to lower the dosage of Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts. Here are some studies on caffeine; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22569090



  • Green Tea Extract (150mg) – Green Tea Extract is a good fat burner on its own. But when you combine it with caffeine, it gets even better. See, 4 catechin molecules inside of green tea act as thermogenic; they improve your metabolic work rate. When you add caffeine to the mix, your metabolism starts working even faster, and you burn fat more efficiently. However, the combo of green tea and caffeine can also be dangerous in too high doses.
  • Guarana Extract (100mg) – Guarana is a popular ingredient in many fat burners. However, we don’t rate it as one of the best stimulants on the market. It’s been said that it has thermogenic properties, just like caffeine and green tea extract. But it may not be safe to take in the long-run. I can’t recommend it to you. The lack of human trials and possible side effects make Guarana a questionable ingredient, at best. See more here; https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-935/guarana
  • Vitamin B2 (2.2mg) – Again, it’s really rare for anyone to be deficient in this vitamin. So the benefits you’ll receive from taking it are not really noticeable.
  • Vitamin B6 (2,4mg) – Same as with Vitamin B1 and B2, it’s unlikely that you’re deficient in vitamin B6. You can take a simple blood test and check if you’re deficient in any of these vitamins. But unless you’re a raw vegan, it’s highly unlikely.
  • Zinc (6mg) – Zinc is very important for testosterone production, as we all know. But I can’t tell if it will help you burn fat. Because Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts doesn’t read what type of zinc this is. For all I know, it could be Zinc oxide, which is not a good form of zinc. Also, the low dose of 6mg isn’t enough to have a significant impact.
  • Murraya Koenigii (300mg) – Also known under the name Curry Tree. Murraya koenigii has been said to have fat-burning properties, although there aren’t enough studies to prove this. More info here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curry_tree
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract (40mg) – Heats your body up from the inside, which helps you burn more calories. See the studies on Cayenne Pepper here; 


  • Wakame Extract (40mg) – Wakame is a brown seaweed rich in certain micronutrients. It’s a decent supporting ingredient.

Side Effects of Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts

There are a lot of mixed user reviews for Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts side effects. Some say the product works just fine, while others say they experienced adverse side effects using it.

They range from simple jittery feelings and increased urination. All the way to the increased heart rate, restlessness, and even an increased blood pressure.

We don’t know how many pills of Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts these people taken. But my advice to you is to start slowly, and work your way up to the maximum dosage. If you’re sensitive to caffeine and stimulants, just start off with 1 capsule and see how you react.

Pros and Cons


  • Caffeine is great for fat loss and energy
  • Green Tea Extract can help balance mood during a weight cut
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract is another great thermogenic


  • High doses of stimulants in one serving (200mg caffeine, combined with green tea, and cayenne pepper extract) – linked to adverse side effects.
  • Low dose of Zinc, only 6 mg. We also can’t tell what type of zinc this is, it doesn’t read anywhere on the Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts label.
  • Tons of websites compete for the price. You’ll have to spend time researching websites, and see which site offers the best deals.

Conclusion to Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts Review

To finalize our Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts review;

Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts isn’t for everyone. It has ingredients that work, but are aggressive. This makes it ideal for people who aren’t afraid of negative side effects.

If you’re a long-time user of fat burners, and you know how you react to aggressive compounds. Then you might react okay to Optimum Nutrition Thermocuts. The ingredients like caffeine and cayenne pepper will increase your metabolism and make your heart work harder.

However, if you want safe and long-term results, then I’d think twice before going with this one. It’s better to pick a fat burner with safe, proven ingredients. Rather than something that is stuffed with stimulants.

If you’re not sure which fat burner to pick, why not check our top 3 list. We did the heavy lifting and rated the best fat burners currently available on the market, check them here:

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