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Our Review of Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster – Worth it?

Many men struggle with low testosterone levels. Pair that with a lack of sex drive or erectile dysfunction and you have a situation where no one would be happy.

This is why many men tend to go for natural testosterone boosters, but as with everything you consume you shouldn’t put just anything in your body without doing your research.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll be going through the Arazo Nutrition Test Booster and reviewing it to see if it is the right testosterone booster for you.

The Good

  • Wide availability on the internet(Amazon, various sites) as well as physical stores such as Walmart
  • Natural ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Third-party safety tested for purity

The Bad

  • Most ingredients used don’t have enough research to back their effects up
  • Lower doses than the reccommended active doses by research
  • Relatively high price


When looking for a natural testosterone booster it is easy to get lost in the vast sea of products that all claim to help you boost your testosterone levels, libido, help with erectile dysfunction, and so on. The unfortunate part is that many products simply don’t deliver their promises. In our opinion, Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster is one of them. Despite having a few decent libido-enhancing ingredients, the testosterone boosting part is underwhelming to put it lightly. It uses cheap and poorly absorbable forms of ingredients (i.e. magnesium and zinc oxide) and is missing some core ingredients that the best t-boosters use. In the following sections, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Arazo Nutrition Testosterone Booster to explain the reasoning behind our opinion on it.

What do we recommend?

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About Arazo Testosterone Booster

Arazo testosterone booster can be found not only in Walmart but on Amazon and other websites that are more dedicated to health and fitness. This gives us hope that the product is good and will give us the desired benefits, but will that be the case?

In the ingredient part of our review, we’ll see how each ingredient works and what we could expect from each and every one of them.

How to Use Arazo Testosterone Booster

The use of Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster is rather simple; once a day you take 3 pills prior to going to bed with 8oz of water. You shouldn’t exceed the serving size or take the supplement more often than once every 24hr.

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When we look at the ingredients list it’s the part of every review that either makes or breaks a product, so without further ado let’s jump into it.


Magnesium is the second most important electrolyte in the human body. When you maintain a healthy level of magnesium in your body it reduces the chances for depression and helps combat ADHD. There isn’t enough evidence to support the thought of magnesium levels improving your physical performance directly. However, it is shown to raise free and total T levels, which can indirectly lead to better performance.

Magnesium supplements are safe to consume even if you have a normal level of magnesium in your body as the human body will only absorb the magnesium it needs. The only side-effect could be diarrhea when taking extreme doses of the mineral.Or when taking cheaper forms of magnesium, such as the one in Arazo Testo Booster. The dosage of 200mg per serving of magnesium oxide can produce laxative effects, especially if you take it on an empty stomach.


Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved with many enzymes. The most common uses for zinc are to combat the frequency of illnesses as well as to maintain your testosterone levels. Zinc can be naturally found in meats and eggs, oysters are a food that contains a large amount of zinc.

Oral supplementation of zinc has been shown to help with increasing testosterone levels and fertility in males who struggled with low testosterone levels and infertility by studies. 25-45mg of Zinc has been considered a high dosage of supplementation by researchers, and this supplement contains 30mg which makes it a safer high daily dosage of zinc. The only issue is that it comes as zinc oxide, which is the form of zinc with the lowest bioavailability out of all zinc supplements.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is commonly used in Indian medicine which focuses on taking herbs and other supplements orally for maintaining optimal health. Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster contains the fruit part of Tribulus Terrestris which appears to be potently protective of organ function, particularly the prostate. Conducted studies also found that Tribulus Terrestris works well as an anti-stress supplement. Traditional dosages for the fruit seem to be around the 2-3g range, so the 750mg in Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster should be safe but likely not enough to yield a substantial benefit.


Chrysin can be found in bee pollen as well as propolis. When injected directly into the testicles it is shown to boost testosterone, but due to chrysin being really hard to absorb oral consumption doesn’t do too much for boosting testosterone. Even really high dosages of 400-3000mg have been shown ineffective so let’s just skip this ingredient altogether as its dosage is only 75mg in Arazo’s testosterone booster.

Horny Goat Weed

Used in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac and erectile aid. When research was done on animals Horny Goat Weed showed an increase in testosterone levels. As there aren’t any experiments involving human testosterone levels and Horny Goat Weed, we won’t look at it as a testosterone booster. The human study on postmenopausal women and bone health concluded that 60mg daily was the lowest active dose currently known. As this testosterone booster contains 50mg, we’ll look at it as an erectile aid and aphrodisiac that will maybe give you a small bump.


Now we have come to an ingredient that has much research to back its aphrodisiac and pro-fertility effect claims. By contrast, the evidence for testosterone boosting is not too convincing. The main benefit of LongJack is that it works as a pleasure enhancer and pro-erectile agent. LongJack is also known for increasing sperm production. The dosage of 20-30mg is shown to be effective so the 50mg of Longjack in Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster is on the higher side.

Saw Palmetto Berries

This ingredient is a concoction of fatty acids. These fatty acids have the ability to block an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

This is great news for people genetically susceptible to hair loss. Many people claim this ingredient has testosterone-boosting properties, but unfortunately, it’s not effective. The dose of 50mg is on the low side, as well.

Hawthorn Berries

Also known as Chinese hawthorn, Hawthorn Berries have traditionally been used to improve heart health. It is thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects but more research needs to be done before this can be confirmed. Furthermore, Hawthorn Berries have no proven testosterone enhancing properties.

Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis has been used in traditional medicine for many effects, but the most important ones in a testosterone booster would be an increase in bone mass and the acceleration in fracture healing rates.

In athletes, Cissus Quadrangularis is most commonly used as a pain killer mostly related to joint pain. Although it shows promise in rodent studies, more research needs to be done with human studies to confirm this benefit. The low dose of 50mg tells us that this ingredient might be used as a subtle pain reliever in Arazo Nutrition Testosterone Booster more than anything else.

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Customer Reviews of Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster

Customer reviews seem to be mostly positive with us being unable to find people reporting any nasty side-effects.

The only complaints we found regarding Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster were that classic issues people might encounter when taking a supplement such as diarrhea, cramps, and so on. While these aren’t any serious negatives, we advise you to stop taking any supplement that gives you any side effects such as these and talk to your doctor before using it again.

Side Effects

Although some of Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster’s ingredients haven’t been researched enough, the dosages for most of the ingredients are on the lower side. This means the risk of side effects from using Arazo Nutrition Testo Booster is low, as confirmed by other people’s testimonials.

With that being said, it is best to start with the lowest dosage, and gradually increase it to the manufacturer’s serving step-by-step just to be on the safe side. We personally do that with all supplements anyways. The only real side-effect we can find is the potential for diarrhea from the higher dosage of magnesium oxide.

Price and Value for Money?

Arazo Nutrition Testo Boost costs $51.90. This price tag makes it a little bit on the higher side. You will be paying $1.73 a day for what seems to be a supplement containing quite a few ingredients that haven’t been researched enough to deliver the testosterone boosting benefits the supplement promises.

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Conclusion to Arazo Testosterone Booster Review

Arazo Nutrition Testosterone Booster didn’t get a high grade in our books, but it isn’t a terrible product, and many people seem to back this product up with claims that it has helped them boost testosterone levels, perform better in the gym or bed, and so on.

Our problem with this product is that some of its ingredients aren’t researched enough for us to tell our readers that they can rest easy and be sure they’ll get the desired benefits from consuming Arazo T-booster. If you are interested in alternative testosterone boosters you can find our top 3 picks right here.

What’s Better?

We do independent reviews on over 40 testosterone booster supplements every year, searching for the most effective, research-backed formula on the market.

Some of our criteria include:

  • Must support testosterone naturally and safely
  • 100% clean, legal ingredients
  • Long-term and short-term benefits
  • Energy, Mood and Libido
  • Brand Trust
  • Value for money

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