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Pros and Cons of RedCon1 Double Tap

Here is our review of RedCon1 Double Tap, including Double Tap Powder and Double Tap Fat Burner Capsules. Our team will be taking a closer look at both versions to see which is better and how they stack up against other weight loss supplements in terms of increasing your metabolism, boosting your energy levels, and curbing appetite among others.

When it comes to fat burners, it’s important to carefully inspect and research the ingredients before buying. No matter how fancy the packaging looks or how enticing are manufacturer’s claims are, the ingredients are the ones that ultimately dictate your results.

Another aspect people often forget about is the servings and dosages. The best fat burners will use evenly spread dosages throughout the day – i.e. 2-4 capsules spread between meals – to keep your body burning fat for longer. Coupled with optimal dosages of the ingredients in the fat burner, this will help you cut weight more effectively and have more energy, without the stimulant crash.

But how will RedCon1 Double Tap work for you? Read on to find out…

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About RedCon1 Double Tap

Double Tap is a fat burner from RedCon1, a popular American fitness company founded by Aaron Singerman If you previously tried RedCon1 Double Tap, you know it came in capsules, as most fat burners do.

However, Double Tap recently became available in powder form too. Offering different flavors, all of which use artificial sweeteners like sucralose – not ideal. The capsule version of Double Tap contains 30 servings while the powder version contains 40 servings, and both cost the came – $49.99, which means the powder version offers somewhat better value for money.

It’s claimed to be strong!

Featuring heavy hitters like Green Tea and caffeine, RedCon1 says Double Tap is “extremely potent fat destroying compound” that will give you results from the very first dose. These ingredients are claimed to help boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories throughout the day.

There’s very little mention of cravings and appetite suppression, though. This is a big issue for many people. Using an appetite suppressant reduces your desire to snack on unnecessary calories, which can mean a difference between staying below or above your daily calorie limit.

Since it has caffeine, you can also use RedCon1 Double Tap as a pre-workout to boost your energy. The powder version is easy to mix and tastes great in our experience. Although, again, we’d prefer it to be free of artificial flavors and sweeteners.

Can females take RedCon1 Double Tap? Yes! Double Tap doesn’t affect hormones so it’s perfectly fine to take by both genders.


As a thermogenic fat burner, RedCon1 is marketed to help you:

  • Boost metabolic rate
  • Enhance calorie burn from stored fats
  • Suppress stubborn appetite (not sure how it plans to achieve this as it has no appetite suppressants besides caffeine, which is a mild appetite suppressant at best)
  • Boost energy and mental focus

Do the benefits sound over the top? Well, here’s what RedCon1’s marketing material says on their official website:


Yeah – the caps lock was unnecessary but we get the idea. This should be a strong fat burner that will supercharge your energy levels and rev up your metabolism significantly. Can it do that though?

Let’s find out below!

How to Use RedCon1 Double Tap

Instructions for using RedCon1 Double Tap fat burner is starting with half a scoop (1/2) first thing in the morning to check your tolerance. Once you’ve assessed your reaction to Double Tap, you can take 1 full scoop upon waking up on an empty stomach. Never take more than 1 scoop per day.

If you’re using the RedCon1 Double Tap Fat Burner capsule version, the full dosage is 4 capsules per day. The same rule applies though – start with just 2 capsules to see your body’s reaction and then go from there.

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RedCon1 Double Tap has a transparent ingredient label, meaning you can see every ingredient and its respective dose.

This allows us to check if the ingredients are safely and effectively dosed – good job by RedCon1! We always recommend staying away from products that use proprietary blends as you don’t know the exact amount of ingredients in them. Again, goob job by RedCon1 for being transparent here.

In terms of the ingredients themselves, RedCon1 uses caffeine, Green Tea extract, and a few other great ingredients that will boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat. However, it’s lacking better appetite suppressants, and it also uses some unproven ingredients.

In case you’re wondering, both RedCon1 Double Tap Fat Burner versions – the Powder version and the Capsule version – have similar ingredients with a few small differences.

Here’s a look at common ingredients in both RedCon1 Double Tap Powder and Capsules:

RedCon1 Double Tap Powder vs. Capsules: Common Ingredients

These are the ingredients that you’ll find in both RedCon1 Double Tap versions;

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine- It helps to process fats in cells throughout your body. However, according to research analysts at Examine, carnitine’s usefuleness as a weight loss aid is questionable at best – its effects appear to be too weak to induce noticeable weight loss.
  • Green Tea Extract- This is an excellent ingredient choice by RedCon1. The catechins in Green Tea trigger the stress hormone noradrenaline, which burns fat. Green tea is also packed with healthful antioxidants. [2]
  • Caffeine Anhydrous- Caffeine works similarly to green tea, in addition to enhancing your digestive juices to help resolve excess fat. Needless to say, caffeine is also the most effective legal energy enhancer you can take. The 150mg per serving is also a good dosage choice.
  • Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate)- This is a type of caffeine that’s bound to a molecule of malic acid. This type of caffeine is thought to reduce the jitters and other side effects of caffeine, resulting in a prolonged, cleaner stimulant effect. Not much research has been done on it, and there’s 150mg of additional caffeine here, which brings the total caffeine amount in RedCon1 Double Tap to risky 300mg per serving.

RedCon1 Double Tap Powder Unique Ingredients

Here are the unique ingredients in RedCon1 Double Tap Powder that you can’t find in the capsule version:

  • Choline Bitartrate- is a brain supplement that people use for improved memory and mental performance. [3]
  • Dandelion Extract- Dandelion roots are diuretic in nature, which means they make you lose water from your body. No effect on fat loss specifically.
  • Juniper Fruit Extract – Juniper helps improve your digestion. It eases upset stomach and contributes to healthier appetite.
  • Theobromine – Theobromine is a molecule found in cocoa and dark chocolate. Although some early studies show similarities to caffeine in effects, there’s not enough research done on Theobromine to make us recommend it as a great fat loss ingredient. [4]

As far as the RedCon1 Double Tap Capsule Version goes, it only has one unique ingredient:

RedCon1 Double Tap Capsules Unique Ingredient

The only ingredient that RedCon1 Double Tap Capsules version has that powder doesn’t is TeaCrine. This is a compound that’s structurally similar to caffeine, and has similar stimulant-like effects.

The issue is, there’s already plenty of caffeine in RedCon1. Increasing the stimulant load only makes you more likely to get side effects.

Which RedCon1 Double Tap is Better: Powder or Capsules?

Put simply, the powder version is better, and the capsule version is more convenient.

If you can’t be bothered hassling with the powder, then RedCon1 Double Tap Fat Burner capsules will do just fine for you. They have the core ingredients minus some additions of the powder version, but still good enough to give you a bit of an energy kick. The powder version has added Choline Bitrate which is useful for improving your focus.

In terms of fat loss though, neither version of RedCon1 Double Tap has the best ingredient profile we’ve seen. Numerous core ingredients are missing, including Konjac Fiber (the best natural appetite suppressant), Cayenne Pepper Extract (thermogenic), and Chromium (blood sugar regulator) among others.

In other words, while RedCon1 Double Tap may give you some energy thanks to green tea and caffeine, it doesn’t provide a strong enough metabolic boost to have a significant effect on your weight loss.

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Customer Reviews

RedCon1 Double Tap Fat Burner is available on Amazon, GNC, and other retailers, so it’s easy to find a good amount of reviews online.

Customers are generally happy about RedCon1 Double Tap; many say it gives them more energy just as we wrote above. While most users love the flavor, some complained about the use of artificial sweeteners in RedCon1 Double Tap which can be harmful long-term. Mounting evidence actually shows a link between gut bacteria disruption and consumption of Sucralose. [1]

Side Effects

RedCon1 Double Tap contains only 150mg of caffeine per serving, which is similar to one cup of coffee. This shouldn’t cause any side effects for most people. If you’re sensitive, then we recommend checking stim-free fat burners, such as Burn Lab Pro.

As for other ingredients in RedCon1 Double Tap, although some of them don’t work for fat loss, most of them are well-studied and dosed safely. The only warning we’d give here is related to Dandelion. As you’ve seen above, this is a diuretic that can make you dehydrated and put a strain on your kidneys if you aren’t careful about your water intake. If you have any pre-existing issues, definitely talk with your doctor before adding Dandelion supplements to your routine!

Price, Quality, and Value for Money

RedCon1 Double Tap Fat Burner Powder costs $49.99 for 40 servings, which we feel is a decent value for money. Especially considering it uses a few great ingredients for energy and fat loss. Is it the best value for money fat burner? It’s not – for that, it’ll need to include more proven ingredients, like some of the current market leaders have.

Pros and Cons of RedCon1 Double Tap


  • Comes in capsule and powder version
  • The powder version has 40 servings per tub, lasting you over a month
  • Good dose of caffeine for clean energy
  • Some green tea extract to boost your metabolism
  • Mostly good reviews from customers


  • Powder is artificially sweetened with Sucralose
  • A few ineffective or unproven ingredients, such as Dandelion, Theacrine, and Theobromine
  • Missing a few core ingredients for fat loss and appetite suppression
  • The price is teetering on the side of being too high for what it offers

Conclusion to RedCon1 Double Tap Review

RedCon1 Double Tap Fat Burner offers two versions – capsule and powder – for you to pick, depending on which one is more convenient for you.

While the powder version has a few extra ingredients, they aren’t proven to help with weight loss so they’re only adding pointless weight to the product.

RedCon1 Double Tap uses Acetyl L-Carnitine, Theobromine, and Theacrine which all have some studies showing they may help with weight loss, but they aren’t conclusive. We’d rather prefer to see ingredients with a better track record in terms of the evidence! Such as, Glucomannan, Chromium, Cayenne Seeds Extract, and other proven natural weight loss aids.

Granted, RedCon1 Double Tap has green tea and caffeine, which have some fat burning activity in their own right, but will these alone be enough to help you lose a substantial amount of weight? Coupled with the right diet and exercise regimen, they might – but for the price of $50, we suggest checking for other options.

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