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Instant Knockout CUT Review: Does it REALLY Work?

Fat burner supplements can seem like a dime a dozen – try one and you’ve tried all of them. However, every now and again we find a unique fat burner that stands out in the overcrowded weight loss market. Instant Knockout CUT is one such product. Our team will be inspecting it today to see if it can help you get leaner safely and efficiently as its producers claim.

Instant Knockout CUT at a Glance:


  • Created by the U.K. supplement specialist Roar Ambition
  • 100% natural ingredient profile
  • Made for men and women from all walks of life
  • Used, and endorsed by Pro Athletes and MMA trainers
  • Latest update to its formula in 2022
  • Clinically dosed nutrients that are within safe and optimal ranges
  • Free from proprietary blends
  • Vegan-friendly capsules
  • Clean energy lift
  • Increases mood, reduces appetite, promotes enhanced metabolic activity


  • Premium price – high-quality ingredient sourcing and manufacturing costs more than average fat burners
  • Caffeine dose might be too high for intolerant individuals, though it’s paired with l-theanine to smoothen out any jitters
  • Only available direct from the official site

Why Consider a Fat Burner?

First things first; why should you consider taking a fat burner supplement? The most obvious answer is that you want a natural way of supporting your dieting efforts, and see weight loss results faster.

We all know losing weight is hard work.

You want to build a good looking midsection and a toned physique. Or perhaps you might have to make weight cut for your upcoming athletic event.

But every day you’re faced with challenges that make losing weight (and staying there) seem like an insurmountable task.

From the constant battle against your food cravings, to the constant food planning, preparing and measuring your macros. Fat loss can seem like an easy mission when you’re motivated and ready to get started, but see how you feel about it a month, or two months into the journey.

This is where premium, top-of-the-line quality supplements like Instant Knockout CUT step in.

A fat burner is carefully formulated to contain the correct ratio of specific vitamins, plant extracts and other natural ingredients that help your body:

  • Boost calorie burning with thermogenesis
  • Control appetite by balancing neuro-transmitters and expanding in the stomach for long-term suppression
  • Ramp up energy levels with natural stimulants (caffeine, green tea, and cayenne extracts among others)

Beyond these, some will say, superficial benefits, carrying less fat is known to give you some important health advantages;

  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Improved metabolic health
  • Enhanced mood and mental well-being
  • Lower risk of high blood sugar problems

The good news is, you can ensure these benefits by getting the right balance between nutrition and high-quality support from food supplements and you’ll soon feel like your old healthy and energetic self.

Introducing Instant Knockout CUT

If you’ve been on the lookout for so-called fat burner supplements, chances are you’ve already heard about Instant Knockout CUT. It’s one of the most popular products on sale that’s been ranked as #1 best fat burner with caffeine for many years now.

One thing that makes Instant Knockout CUT stand out is that it gets updated every 6-12 months in line with the latest scientific research.

If you already didn’t know, a fat burner is a blanket term for food supplements that contain a range of natural ingredients such as herbs, specific types of fiber, vitamins, and trace minerals among others.

While Instant Knockout CUT itself isn’t proven in studies to burn fat (nor is any other fat burner), it is the ingredients in this supplement that have been studied for their positive effects on fat burning, appetite suppression, and weight loss.

As we said, Instant Knockout CUT boasts some of the best reviews of any fat burner online. But how will it work for you?

After taking a closer look and testing it for ourselves, we’ve decided to give you our view from all the important angles. This way, you’ll have the complete picture of the product, particularly the ingredients profile and price.

Benefits of Taking Instant Knockout CUT

Instant Knockout CUT’s main goal, as with all weight loss pills, is to improve your body composition. It’s designed to lower your body fat levels in relation to muscle mass. Resulting in a more aesthetic, toned-looking physique.

Instant Knockout CUT is a premium fat burner that will support your weight loss by enhancing energy alongside noticeable reductions in hunger and food cravings. After the team’s inspection, Instant Knockout CUT really is on target.

It will help you with:

  • Metabolic rate – suppress lipid storage while burning more fat as fuel (instead of glucose).
  • Energy levels – along with the rise in norepinephrine, your mitochondrial cells also become more efficient at ATP energy production.
  • Appetite control – expanding fiber glucomannan curbs cravings and stomach pangs by creating feelings of fullness.
  • Muscle preservation – blocking enzymes that break down muscle tissue and use it for fuel.
  • Mental well-being – featuring natural mood boosters to enhance motivation and willpower during calorie deficit.

[Official website:]

How to Take

Instant Knockout CUT has a huge serving of 4 capsules per day. Specifically, you should take 1 capsule, 4 times per day. Compared to most generic fat burners, this might look like overkill.

In reality, having 4 capsules per day is a very clever move by Roar Ambition.

Instead of causing a short-term spike in effects with 1 or 2 daily servings, Instant Knockout CUT’s 4 servings of 1 capsule per day ensure even distribution of its key compounds, keeping your body in an enhanced fat burning state 24/7.

Who Makes Instant Knockout CUT?

Instant Knockout CUT is manufactured by Roar Ambition, a specialist sports nutrition and supplement company from the UK.

Their team is known for producing some of the highest quality formulas on the market, and their incredible customer service.

Roar Ambition’s products, such as Instant Knockout CUT, have been praised by users from all over the world, including pro sportsmen, women, and regular gym Joes.

Instant Knockout CUT Ingredients

Instant Knockout CUT features 9 all-natural ingredients. While not the most streamlined formula like that of Burn Lab Pro, each element justifies its place within the complex, having the support of multiple clinical studies in regards to fat-burning support. Upon inspection, we didn’t find a hint of junk fillers, dead weight, or harmful synthetics.

Initially, we were skeptics of whether such an extensive profile could deliver. But, when cross-analyzed with relevant studies, we found every ingredient to be well-served. Instant Knockout CUT’s caffeine dosage sat safely within the range of effectiveness, without giving us any signs forn concern.

We’ve found that the reason Instant Knockout CUT works so well is precisely because of its unique combination of ingredients. Here we explain how they’re shown to help you burn fat.

1. Green tea extract

All good fat burners need a strong and reliable base ingredient – and that’s exactly what green tea extract is.

High in natural antioxidants and health-giving polyphenols, green tea boosts your shredding progress from different angles.

You’ll get a massive hit of energy from this nutrient, helping you to burn more calories through exercises. It stimulates the spurt of norepinephrine – a potent hormone that breaks down stored fat for higher activity levels – even when you’re low on calories.

Not only that, academic papers show that green tea can increase daily calorie usage too, elevating your metabolic expenditure and melting more fat through the process of thermogenesis – by up to 16% in clinical studies. [1]

2. Glucomannan

It wouldn’t matter much if green tea and other IK CUT’s ingredients were melting away fat if you consume it all back – after all, the key to successful weight loss is to regulate your calorie intake as well as focus on your nutrients.

This is where a natural fiber of the konjac plant – also known as Glucomannan – comes in real handy!

Glucomannan is the world’s most effective natural appetite suppressant, high in the key long-chain polymer fibers – β-D-glucose and β-D-mannose.

It’s this unique structure of Glucomannan that curbs your hunger, allowing it to swell in your stomach so you feel fuller for longer.

A critical study review found evidence that glucomannan supplementation leads to consistent and significant weight loss in overweight people. [2]

Some scientists went as far as to refer to it as the ‘key to solving weight-related problems in the US,” too.

3. Cayenne pepper powder

Looking to turn up the heat? Look no further than capsaicin! A powerful natural thermogenic.

If you’re a fan of hot chilies you know how warm they make you. Now, imagine that occurring within your fat cells. Instant burn.

You may say this sounds intense, and it’s true. The good news is, you won’t even feel Capsaicin work its ‘magic’. And you won’t notice the heat.

What you will notice is a difference over time.

Cayenne pepper is packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, and bioactive elements that elevate fat burning, boost energy consumption, and enhance fat breakdown too. Which is why it works so well. [3]

4. Vitamin D3

The sunshine vitamin, or more specifically, a steroid hormone, vitamin D3 is a key nutrient in Instant Knockout CUT for keeping the weight off.

Firstly, it blocks the storage of lipids which leads to less fat accumulation in your body.

Secondly, the vitamin supports your serotonin levels, staving off the blues and motivating you to stick to your goals. The result? A quicker weight cut and easier progress towards your dream physique.

Adding vitamin D3 supplements to your diet is reported in respected journal studies to be a simple trick to enhancing weight loss substantially. [4]

5. B6 and B12 Complex Vitamins

Water-soluble B vitamins like B6 and B12 help to tie premium-quality fat burners like CUT together. These nutrients optimize the efficiency of your body’s energy usage.

B6 – also known as pyridoxine – has been found to raise metabolism which directly contributes to fat loss, while B12 improves carbohydrate digestion and stimulates protein synthesis. In other words, together, these two nutrients make you burn more fat, and preserve muscle at the same time.

6. Caffeine anhydrous

You’ve had a little teaser of caffeine from CUT’s green tea extract, and now you’ll get an optimized blast of the stimulant from this powdered caffeine compound.

Caffeine anhydrous inhibits your adenosine receptors, which results in elevated performance as well as reduced fatigue and slugishness. Caffeine allows you to zone in an blast through those tough workouts with less effort.

You ask; but what about fat burning? Well, caffeine’s got you covered there too. Its energizing effects directly contribute to the elevation of your metabolic rate and fat oxidation. [5]

7. L-theanine

This natural amino acid works incredibly with caffeine to cancel out any jitters and stabilizing your energy levels. This means you’ll have a long-lasting, sustained energy lift.

You will also experience a calming, meditative-like response to L-Theanine. With less stress and more focus on the task at hand.

8. Black pepper extract

Black pepper contains the active compound piperine, which, besides making other ingredients in CUT more effective, provides a wake-up call for two fat burning receptors in your body – TRPV1 and TRPA1.

When these receptors turn on, they start raising your energy metabolism while slowing down the amount of fat you store in your adipose cells.

Black pepper works synergistically with green tea and cayenne pepper to supercharge the thermogenic effects, while also working tirelessly in the background to keep your body digesting the nutrients optimally.

Interested in Instant Knockout CUT? Visit their official website to learn more about the ingredients:


Any Potential Side Effects?

After inspecting it with a fine-tooth combo, we’ve found Instant Knockout CUT to be safe. Its well-dosed natural formula shows clever ingredient selection, which shouldn’t cause any threat to users. It comes as no surprise to us that next to no reports of side effects have emerged since Instant Knockout was first launched years ago. And the side effects that are reported are mild and in the lines of slight nausea and stomach upset.

Instant Knockout CUT is completely vegan-friendly and free of harmful doses of stimulants, and is devoid of any synthetic ingredients.

Most importantly to us, you can see each ingredient clearly on the label, meaning no hidden substances or proprietary blends are found in this supplement. Again, this enables us to say with confidence that Instant Knockout CUT is safe for consumption.

Of course, you should still heed to all the general warnings! Consult with your doctor prior to taking any supplement – especially if you suffer from a condition.

Customer Reviews of Instant Knockout CUT

Interested in seeing Instant Knockout CUT in action? It boasts some of the most impressive reviews from both men and women, and users of all age ranges.

Instant Knockout’s official website has an awesome collection of testimonials – including from pro Athletes and regular gym folks alike – but here are a few Instant Knockout CUT reviews that stood out to us;

18-year-old's transformation from using Instant Knockout CUT
Woman's Transformation from using Instant Knockout CUT

Price and Where to Buy

A fist-shaped bottle of Instant Knockout CUT contains 180 capsules, which is a 30 day supply.

When scouring the market for best fat burners, Instant Knockout CUT certainly isn’t one of the cheapest.

However, at $59 per bottle ($1.96 per serving), Instant Knockout CUT comes at a reasonable price; especially when you take the premium manufacturing, endorsement by professional UFC Fighters, and high-grade ingredients into account.

The biggest advantage of Instant Knockout CUT is that you can get massive deals and discounts when you buy in bulk. For example, buying the ‘Ultimate Shredding Stack’ 3-month supply gets you 1 extra bottle of IK CUT for free + fast and free worldwide shipping.

We do think it’s a good idea to save up some money and wait to buy a quality fat burner instead going for a cheaper and less effective option.

Our Conclusion to Instant Knockout CUT Review

You can’t deny this fat burner’s credentials; it was originally used by Diego Sanchez and other UFC athletes, passing strict legal tests with its 100% natural nutrient profile.

For this reason, it clearly falls under the premium price bracket. But leading a healthy lifestyle should save you the extra bucks needed to buy Instant Knockout CUT.

At the end of the day, this is a tried-and-tested fat burner that’s used by top-level athletes, which for us warrants its price tag.

Sound like the one? Visit Instant Knockout CUT’s official website to learn more:


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