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Burn XT vs Skinny Gal – Which Fat Burner Wins?

Burn XT vs Skinny Gal – which fat burner is better at helping you trim that unwanted fat? Here’s our short summary, followed by a more detailed analysis below.

SUMMARY: While we don’t rate either one of these formulas as the best fat burners, we’ve picked Burn XT as our winner for the simple fact that it’s more transparent. The label shows every ingredient and its respective dose clearly, which isn’t the case with Skinny Gal, which decided to hide many of its ingredients behind a proprietary blend. Because you essentially don’t know how much of each ingredient is going in your body, there’s an increased risk of side effects. Burn XT does have some pretty big flaws of its own though, primarily the lack of proven fat burners, and a poor serving schedule.

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Burn XT vs Skinny Gal – The Basics

Burn XT is a fat burner that comes in a cool looking orange/reddish bottle that is designed for men and women and claims to boost your fat burning, reduce appetite, and help with energy while dieting. It contains 60 capsules per bottle and you’re supposed to take 2 capsules once per day.

Right off the bat, you should be aware that taking a fat burner only once per day isn’t ideal. You want to keep the beneficial ingredients circulating in your system, but you can’t achieve that with only 1 dose per day. The half life of these ingredients expires after a while. Ideally, you’ll want a fat burner that uses 3-4 daily servings. This prolongs the effects and ensures your body stays in the fat burning mode.

Skinny Gal, on the other hand, is a fat burner specifically designed for women. It comes in a stylish bottle with a combination of pink and black, and contains 60 capsules per container. It promises to boost your fat loss via thermogenesis, a process where your body heats up from the inside and starts burning more calories as it initiates the ‘cooldown’ process.

Even worse than with Burn XT, you only take 1 capsule once per day. You can take a guess of how long these effects are going to last. What’s more concerning about this product though, is that its label is far less transparent than Burn XT’s. It also contains a few ‘fad’ ingredients, such as Raspberry Ketones.

The Ingredients

Both formulas have some serious downsides. Let’s start with Burn XT first.

It contains high dose of caffeine (270mg). For most people, this dose is pushing it too much, as you have to consider your regular daily caffeine intake on top of it. That said, if you can tolerate caffeine well than this dose shouldn’t lead to a crash afterwards.

Another problem is that Burn XT uses some unproven ingredients. The biggest thorn in the eye is Acetyl L-Carnitine which hasn’t been proven to aid fat loss.

What’s more, we don’t see many of the best fat burning ingredients in Burn XT. Including cayenne pepper, garcinia cambogia, glucomannan, and a few others.

On the other hand, you’ll find some of these best ingredients in Skinny Gal. But the problem with Skinny Gal is that most of its ingredients are hidden within a proprietary blend, which means you don’t know how much you’re putting in your body. This lack of transparency makes us want to go with Burn XT’s formula, despite its shortcomings.

Burn XT Ingredients

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (700mg) – This ingredient has long been considered as one of the best natural fat burners, but we now know that this is not the case. It’s shown to be ineffective in clinical studies.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (450mg) – This, on the other hand, is actually proven to boost the metabolism, and consequently contribute to healthier body composition.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (270mg) – It’s a CNS stimulant that boosts energy, focus, and also gives your metabolism a nice ‘kick’. The dose is a bit too high though.
  • Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract (50mg) – Another great thermogenic. It heats the body up from the inside and helps you burn more calories as a result.
  • BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract (5mg) – This one doesn’t help with weight loss, but rather, supports the absorption of other ingredients in Burn XT in your body.

Skinny Gal Ingredients

  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit (40mg) – Fantastic appetite suppressant, contains something called HCA which boosts weight loss too.
  • African Mango Seed (25mg) – Unproven ingredient.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (15mg) – Or also known as CLA, this ingredient acts on a system in your body which regulates your metabolism. However, this effect is shown to be too weak to lead to any noticeable changes in body fat.
  • White Kidney Bean (10mg) – This ingredient is though to slow carbohydrate metabolism in your gut, however, just like CLA, it’s too weak to have any notable effect.
  • Proprietary Blend (235mg) – Caffeine, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean, Hoodia Gordonii, 5-HTP, Turmeric, Guarana Seed, Rhodiola Root, Cayenne Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, Papaya leaf, L-Arginine HCI – This proprietary blend contains a few great ingredients such as Rhodiola, which are helpful for mood and focus. But we don’t know these ingredients’ doses which makes it impossible to know how safe they are.

Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Neither Burn XT nor Skinny Gal should give you any side effects. Both contain ingredients that are common to fat burners and are well-studied. That said, the dosage of caffeine and green tea extract in Burn XT can be too high for people sensitive to stimulants, and those who have an unhealthy liver or kidneys (in both cases, consult with your doctor prior to taking Burn XT).

Price and Value for Money?

Burn XT costs $30 for one bottle of 60 capsules. Taking the recommended 2 caps per day means it will last you a whole month. It’s a decent price, but the manufacturers could’ve definitely put a few additional ingredients in there, such as glucomannan. This would help tremendously with appetite and sugar cravings. We’d also like to see a lower dose of caffeine to make it safer.

As for Skinny Gal, the price can vary between $15-$30 depending on where you buy it. The bottle has 60 capsules just like Burn XT, however, it’s different in that you only take it once per day, so it will last you longer. So that surely makes it a better value for money, right? No! For the simple reason that taking just 1 capsule per day will only take you so far – you want a fat burner that keeps 3-4 doses spread out throughout the day to maintain the appetite suppression and fat burning effects.

Our Conclusion to Burn XT vs Skinny Gal

Overall, we’d go with Burn XT for the simple reason that it’s more transparent. Everything on the label is clearly shown, so you can at least see how much of each ingredient you’re taking. The same can’t be said for Skinny Gal’s formula – it hides many of its ingredients in a prop blend which prevents us from assesing how safe it is and whether it’s worth it.

But Burn XT is a flawed supplement in its own right. With only 5 ingredients, only 3 of which work for fat loss, we really expected more from a package that costs $30. There’s a lot that could be changed to make it better.

The caffeine dose should be lower than 270mg per serving. Appetite suppressant like Konjac Root is missing. Adding cayenne pepper would significantly increase thermogenesis in the body. It should also have more daily servings to prolong its effects. Should we go on? The point is, it’s been a pretty big letdown, but we picked it over Skinny Gal nonetheless just because it’s more transparent and doesn’t hide its doses behind a disgusting proprietary blend.

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