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Burn XT vs Instant Knockout: It’s a No Brainer

Burn XT vs Instant Knockout, which one is better at burning unwanted fat? Which one is safer? How much do they cost? How fast can you expect to see results in the mirror from using them? Here’s our quick summary followed by a deeper analysis of their ingredients below.

[INSTANT KNOCKOUT VS BURN XT SUMMARY] Instant Knockout blew Burn XT out of the water. The only area where Burn XT takes the lead is the price. It costs around $29 compared to Instant Knockout which costs $59. However, Instant Knockout has 120 capsules per bottle (compared to Burn XT’s 60), it gives you 4 servings per day to keep the beneficial ingredients circulating in your system for longer (compared to Burn XT’s 2 pills a day taken at once), and it’s got a better formula overall with proven appetite suppressants and thermogenics that Burn XT’s ingredients just don’t come close in terms of effectiveness.

Burn XT
  • 5 ingredients
  • 2 capsules once per day
  • A few great ingredients
  • ACLAR doesn’t burn fat
  • Unclear money-back guarantee
  • Available on different websites
  • Worldwide shipping
Instant Knockout
  • 10 ingredients
  • 1 capsule four times per day
  • Glucomannan reduces cravings
  • 24-hour effects
  • 90 day guarantee
  • Only available on the official website
  • Worldwide shipping

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Burn XT vs Instant Knockout – The Basics

Instant Knockout has been the market leader for a number of years now. Produced by Roar Ambition, this innovative fat burner comes in fist-shaped bottles of 120 capsules. It was initially only available for MMA fighters to help them achieve weight cut before a fight, but due to popular demand, it was later released for the public. You’ve probably seen or heard about Instant Knockout a lot if you’ve been researching fat burners. The majority of the big review sites recommend it as their top pick.

It promises to help you with:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Thermogenesis (rise in core temperature, followed by an increase in the metabolism)
  • Lypolysis (fat breakdown instead of glucose)
  • Muscle preservation

Instant Knockout’s Official Website: https://www.instantknockout.com/

Burn XT is made by Jacked Factory, a great company in its own right. They’ve been around for a while now, and offer different formulas for men and women. One difference between Jacked Factory and Roar Ambition, is that Jacked Factory sells Burn XT on numerous sites, including Amazon. While this might be a good thing if you’re hunting for bargains, Roar Ambition’s business model actually cuts down the cost of the product since there’s no middle man involved – you buy it directly from its makers, getting the latest and freshest batch of the product.

The Ingredients

Burn XT contains 5 ingredients, whereas Instant Knockout has 10. In terms of shared ingredients between both supplements, they include: green tea, cayenne pepper, and caffeine. Overall, Instant Knockout delivers a more serious package, with the likes of Glucomannan, GTF-Chromium, essential B vitamins for energy and focus, and other heavyweights included. Burn XT has a few great ingredients in it, but it also uses a few unproven ones, so it doesn’t score as high.

Burn XT Ingredients

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (700mg) – This has long been popular as a great fat burner, but science doesn’t really agree with this – showing no fat loss benefits from supplementation.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (450mg) – This is a much better choice. It boosts your metabolism and contributes to a healthier physique overall.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (270mg) – The most consumed drug in the world is also a good fat burner. Drinking coffee won’t necessarily help you lose 10 pounds on its own, but it can help by improving your mental focus and mood, which are crucial to achieving any fitness goal.
  • Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract (50mg) – This is a thermogenic ingredient. Meaning, it makes your body more efficient at burning through stored fat for energy.
  • BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract (5mg) – No fat loss benefits with this one. It just makes the rest of the formula more bioavailable to your body.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

  • Vitamin B6 (5mg) – Basic and foundational ingredient for fat loss, mood, and energy. It can also help you maintain healthy hormone levels, such as testosterone and estrogen.
  • Vitamin B12 (10mcg) – Another essential ingredient needed for energy production and general health.
  • Zinc (10mg) – This is a great choice by Instant Knockout. Zinc can prevent stress from triggering fat build up, along with balancing your sleep hormones and immunity. This helps keep your body strong while on a caloric deficit.
  • GTF Chromium (100mcg) – This one works by regulating insulin release, preventing your body from storing more fat after eating carbs. Chromium has a positive effect on blood sugar levels too, helping you to feel less tired after a meal.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (500mg) – Same as with Burn XT, great ingredient overall.
  • Green Coffee Bean Leaf Extract (100mg) – This contains chlorogenic acid, which activates certain enzymes in your body that induce weight loss. On top of that, green coffee bean also helps slow down carbohydrate absorption in the gut.
  • Cayenne Pepper Fruit Powder (100mg) – This is a thermogenic ingredient that promotes faster metabolism, and thus, higher overall caloric expenditure.
  • Glucomannan (Konjac Root) (1800mg) – Glucomannan is the best natural appetite suppressant you’ll find. It’s incredibly effective at promoting satiety and fullness. This is because it swells in your stomach when you combine it with water, and stays like that for hours.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg) – A powerful dose of a powerful and highly effective ingredient.
  • Black Pepper Extract (10mg) – This ties the whole Instant Knockout formula together to improve absorption.

Key Takeaway:

Instant Knockout completely knocks out its competitor in this category. In terms of ingredients, Burn XT has fewer included, and the ingredients that it does have aren’t as effective or effectively dosed.

Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Both Instant Knockout and Burn XT contain ingredients that are well-known and used by a lot of people around the world. The scientific research behind them is pretty solid as well.

That said, both products contain caffeine. If you’re intolerant to it then you might want to speak with your doctor before considering a caffeinated supplement. Alternatively, you can check our top 3 fat burners to see what we rate as the best stim-free options.

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Our Conclusion to Burn XT vs Instant Knockout

So that concludes our Instant Knockout vs Burn XT comparison.

Overall, we rate Instant Knockout as our winner here, and our overall #1 thermogenic fat burner. It has more ingredients, better quality ingredients, more servings per day (and thus, longer-lasting effects), and is endorsed by pro athletes and MMA fighters. Overall, it’s a better package that delivers a more powerful punch. And it looks pretty darn cool too.

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