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Burn XT vs Lean XT | Which is Better for Weight Loss?

Burn XT vs Lean XT – which fat burner from Jacked Factory is better? Here’s a quick summary followed by a more detailed analysis of their ingredients below.

[REVIEW SUMMARY]: After reviewing their ingredients and analyzing information about them on the web, we’ve picked Burn XT as our winner. It has caffeine compared to Lean XT’s non-stimulant formula. This should make Burn XT more energizing, boosting focus during your workouts. However, neither Burn XT or Lean XT make it on our top 5 list, because they’re missing some core ingredients we usually like to see in top fat burners.

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Burn XT vs Lean XT – The Basics

Burn XT and Lean XT are both products of Jacked Factory, a company that makes supplements for fitness enthusiasts.

Burn XT is marketed as a thermogenic fat burner for both men and women. It comes in 60 capsule bottles with 2 servings of 1 capsule per day, and it’s a quite popular fat burner online.

Burn XT claims to deliver most powerful ingredients available, in “clinically researched” doses. More specifically, it’s said to help you:

  • Burn more calories
  • Suppress appetite
  • Preserve lean muscle

Lean XT, on the other hand, is a natural thermogenic fat loss supplement, but the difference is that it doesn’t have any caffeine or stimulants. Its formula was apparently made to help you burn fat and preserve muscle – essentially, the same claims as with Burn XT. It’s said to help you with weight loss, appetite control, and sculpting your physique “in record time” with diet pills that are safe and effective.

To be honest, I see the same claims every time I do a fat burner review. So I try not to pay too much attention to the claims. The real question is, can these fat burners back up the hype and the marketing with ingredients that actually work? We investigate below.

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The Formulas

Both Burn XT and Lean XT have their doses fully disclosed on the label, which is good. I always like to know what I’m getting with these supplements, and in what amounts. This is especially important if you take caffeine or other stimulants – their effects are highly dependent on the dose. Too little and they won’t work, too much and they can make you jittery and anxious.

Both Burn XT and Lean XT feature some common ingredients between them, but each one also has some specific ingredients that make them different from each other. Let’s start with the common ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract – This one helps with thermogenesis, which is essentially a process of internal heating. As your core temperature rises, your metabolism starts working faster, leading to more calories being burned. This effect isn’t too strong, you’ll burn a few extra calories per hour, but it can add up when combined with other ingredients. (1)
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – This is an antioxidant. It’s different from normal carnitine in that it can cross your blood-brain barrier, which is useful for cognitive benefits. However, this one doesn’t help with fat loss unfortunately. (2)
  • Bioperine – Although Bioperine has no effects on fat burning, it’s beneficial for improving the utilization of other nutrients in your body. (3)

If I’m being honest, these common ingredients don’t look too impressive. Besides green tea, there’s nothing in here that helps with fat burning. Let’s now start taking a closer look at Burn XT’s and Lean XT’s unique ingredients, to see if they can offer something more.

Burn XT Unique Ingredients:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – People’s favorite stimulant and drug in the world, it helps boost our energy levels in the morning, increase focus and help with productivity. But it can also be useful for fat burning. You might not tolerate caffeine well, so Burn XT’s formula is only for those who prefer stimulants.
  • CapsiMax Cayenne Pepper – This is a good ingredient. Much like green tea it can help you burn a few extra calories by inducing thermogenesis. (5)

Lean XT Unique Ingredients

  • Coleus Forskohlii (Forskolin) – With only 1 unique ingredient, and one that doesn’t even work, Lean XT’s formula is rather disappointing. Coleus Forskohlii has been suggested to increase levels of a molecule called cAMP, which is known to influence our body’s internal fat burning processes. But not enough research has been done on this particular ingredient for us to recommend it as one of our favorite fat burners. (4)

Key Takeaway:

If you have a keen eye for fat burners you’ve noticed there’s no appetite suppressant in either of these two supplements. Sure, Burn XT has caffeine and cayenne pepper which might help you with food cravings slightly, but let’s be real. A serious fat burner will include something like Glucomannan or Garcinia Cambogia, both of which are natural, safe, and generally regarded as the most effective appetite suppressants on the market.

On the whole though, which formula is better? I say that depends on what your preferences are. If you don’t mind caffeine, then Burn XT’s formula has the edge, but I still wouldn’t recommend it as one of the best fat burners we have on the market right now. On the other hand, Lean XT is a very weak fat burner. It has some good general health ingredients, but besides that, don’t expect too much from it.

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Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Burn XT can cause side effects if you’re intolerant to caffeine. In which case, Lean XT is a much milder option since it doesn’t contain any stimulants.

But generally speaking, if you can tolerate caffeine, then neither of these products should cause you any serious side effects. All of their ingredients are seen as safe, and are used by people all over the world.

Price and Value for Money?

You can buy Burn XT and Lean XT on various sites besides their official website, including Amazon. As for their price, the official website charges $29.99 for a bottle of Burn XT and $26.99 for a bottle of Lean XT.

Both products come in 60-capsule bottles. With 2 servings of 1 capsule per day, they will both last you a month.

Is this a good value for money? Just by looking at their price, the answer would be yes. But of course, price alone doesn’t determine the value of a product. Another factor you’ll need to consider is what it offers. Does it actually help you…? Does it bring you results? Neither of these products can help you burn any significant amount of fat. They’re good general health supplements, but for me personally, they’re not a good value for money as fat burners.

We’ve reviewed over 35 fat burners this year and picked out the 3 best ones in our in depth guide – you can see them here.

Our Conclusion to Burn XT vs Lean XT

So that concludes our Burn XT vs Lean XT comparison.

So, which one should you get: Burn XT or Lean XT? I’d say neither.

While Burn XT is more effective due to having caffeine, it’s still missing some core ingredients. Lean XT, on the other hand, is too weak to make any difference.

If you don’t mind the high dose of caffeine and really want one of these two fat burners, then Burn XT is a cheap option. Be warned though, 270mg of caffeine per serving can be pretty aggressive, make sure to not drink more coffe throughout your day on top of that.

Otherwise, if you want a more serious fat burner that can help you burn fat as well as boost mental willpower for dieting, we recommend checking our top 3 reviewed fat burners of this year by clicking on the image below.

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