Glucafix Review - Are these weight loss pills legit, or are they a scam?
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Glucafix Review: Does This Weight Loss Pill Work?

Glucafix review: you’ve seen the hype online, you’ve seen the manufacturer’s claims, and so you might wonder: does Glucafix really work? Will it do what it’s claimed to do? Is it safe? I know that not everyone likes reading long reviews; to make it easy, we’ll start with a summary.

[GLUCAFIX REVIEW SUMMARY] Glucafix is not the best fat burner we’ve reviewed. The shady-looking website of its manufacturers promises a list of amazing benefits, but it doesn’t even show Glucafix’s ingredients. We only know it has BHB, a ketone salt that will not help you burn fat unless you’re eating a strict keto diet. Glucafix’s sales page is all about aggressive marketing and stirring emotions with a made-up story about a woman who’d taken her life because she couldn’t lose weight – then offering Glucafix as the solution. The solution is not cheap though – costing $67 per bottle. In our experience, you can find more effective fat burners on the market at this price range.

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Glucafix Review – The Basics

Glucafix is a diet and weight loss pill that’s only recently come out. It came under our radar when people started asking us to do a review of it.

Looking it up on Google, you’ll have a hard time finding the official website of Glucafix. You will only mostly see the reviews of other websites. It is in those reviews where you can click on ‘affiliate links’ to finally get on Glucafix’s website.

So, what does Glucafix’s website look like? Is it packed with helpful information and scientific studies about its ingredients? Do the manufacturers tell you how to take this supplement correctly so you can get the maximum benefits, and avoid side effects? They don’t!

The entire Glucafix website is a landing page trying to tell us a story about a man who’d lost his wife due to her struggle with losing weight. Then showing you the miraculous properties of Glucafix that helped this man transform his sister’s and mother’s life.

The actor is really good, so you might start doubting there for a second if this is actually legit. It’s not, unfortunately.

The author keeps going, on and on, about the benefits you’ll get from Glucafix and how your life will never be the same. If you try to find more information about ingredients, or dosage, or anything else, you will be very frustrated because there isn’t any way to navigate their site!

You’ll only see the price at the end, which is a generous $67 per bottle – and only for a limited time!

They do offer discounts on multiple box purchases, so buying a 3-month’s supply will be costing you $57 per bottle. This doesn’t take away from the fact that Glucafix is one of the biggest scams we’ve seen lately in the fat burner market.

How to Use Glucafix

Glucafix’s website doesn’t offer any instructions on how to properly take this supplement. Their manufacturer only seems to care about the $$ he’ll be getting from mentally challenged individuals who buy into his scam.


No ingredients list can be found on Glucafix’s website. We only know it has BHB ketone salts, along with magnesium and potentially some other minerals. None of which can turn you into a ‘fat-burning machine’ as Glucafix’s manufacturers claim.

We don’t know the doses of these ingredients. It could be horses*it, and you wouldn’t be able to tell until you buy this supplement; at which point it’s too late, because guess what… you won’t be getting your money back.

Side Effects

Since there’s no way of knowing what exactly is inside of Glucafix (other than actually buying it – no thanks), we can’t tell if it has any side effects.

Speak with your doctor if you’re seeking medical advice. Information found on Ookles is for entertainment purposes only!

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Price and Value for Money?

Glucafix will cost you $67 per bottle? Considering all of the above, is it a good value for money? We’ll let you be the judge on that one!

Conclusion to Glucafix Review

Glucafix is one of the worst – if not the worst – supplements we’ve come across. We’re genuinely feeling sad for anyone who bought into this scam.

It’s a worthless supplement that we wouldn’t even touch with a stick. You don’t know the exact ingredients, you don’t know the doses, you don’t know anything about this supplement except its price. Safe to say this product is best left alone.

If you want to see their website for yourself, here’s the link:

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