Hans Weiser walking shirtless down the beach in a black and white photo, looking ripped and chiseled.
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Hans Weiser – Fitness Model Profile

Hans Weiser is a rising fitness model and social media personality from Brazil.

At 185cm high, Hans boasts an impressively ripped and chiseled physique that is earning him recognition amongst his growing fanbase online. Hans credits his achievements to the good old “hard work, consistency, and no excuses.”

A healthy lifestyle consisting of regular gym visits and home-cooked foods is Hans’ way of life.

While it has its hardships, looking at Hans’ pictures online, he clearly enjoys the journey and inspiring a growing number of people along the way.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Hans WeiserDate of Birth: N/A
Weight: 90-95kg (198lbs-209lbs)Height: 185cm (6’0″)
Nationality: BrazilianOccupation: Fitness Model

“Great things never came from comfort zones!”

Hans Weiser posing shirtless on massive rocks


  • Growing Social Media Personality
  • Model
  • Fitness Influencer
Hans Weiser posing shirtless in front of a fridge, looking lean and muscular.

Hans Weiser Workout

Hans does a combination of weight training and cardio. He can be seen doing various workouts in his social media videos, ranging from heavy military barbell press, to treadmill running, to doing sprints outdoors.

While doing heavy resistance training helps Hans grow and develop his physique. It’s his cardio and HIIT workouts that really help him get ripped and maintain his inspiring physique year-round.

HIIT for Staying Lean

For anyone unfamiliar, a HIIT workout involves doing intervals of a short but extreme bout of physical activity.

As mentioned, this can include sprints, but also things like cycling, swimming, and other forms of physical activity where you can maintain a very high heart rate for 30-60 seconds, followed by a minute of rest. This is repeated for several rounds depending on your goals and physical fitness.

HIIT is so effective that it keeps Hans’ metabolism high hours after the workout is finished.

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

Hans Weiser standing shirtless with his hands spread out wide towards the sky.

Hans Weiser Diet

As a fitness model, Hans eats a variety of foods to fuel his physique. Mainly, he focuses on complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and low-to-moderate amounts of healthy fats. Slow-releasing carbohydrates help Hans maintain high energy levels throughout the day, without the sugar highs and lows. Lean proteins are essential for Hans’ strength and muscle growth, and good fats, such as those from fish, keep his hormones in a healthy balance.

Some of the foods on Hans’ daily menu might include:

  • Tilapia
  • Salmon
  • Yams
  • Grass-fed meat
  • Pasture raised eggs
  • Green salad and cabbagge
  • Asparagus
  • Plant-based yoghurt
  • Oats

While Hans may also include some fruit in his diet, fitness models like him tend to opt for berries instead of bananas, apples, or similar fruit which is higher in glycemic index and may cause unwanted weight gain.

“Thank you, my God, for giving me so much more than I need, and for blessing me so much more than I deserve!”

Hans Weiser hitting a Zyzz pose while shirtless on the beach

What Hans Weiser’s Example Teaches us

Hans Weiser has shown us that when you love your lifestyle, staying fit and eating healthily isn’t a chore or something to dread. In fact, Hans lives and breathes the fitness way of life – it’s become a part of his identity on social media.

By adopting a similar mindset and values as Hans, you too could build a physique that you’ll be proud of.

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