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Francisco Chico Lachowski – Age | Height | Weight | Diet | Workout Routine

Francisco Lachowski, also known as Chico, is a Brazilian-born fashion model and fitness influencer. Ever since winning his first modeling contest in 2008, Francisco has been on the rise as a model and influencer.

Francisco is best known among his fans for his winner’s mentality and unique approach to training. Even though he did lots of weightlifting as a youngster, Francisco now places more emphasis on his cardio. This, coupled with cooking his own meals, allows him to maintain a physique that’s ideal for his modeling events.

Francisco sees his success as something that fuels him to push even harder in his career and life. Below, we’ll be looking into the training routine and diet that had allowed Francisco to build his ripped physique. But first, here’s his story.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Francisco LachowskiDate of Birth: 13th of May, 1991
Weight: 165lbs-187lbs (75kg-85kg)Height: 6’3” (1.91m)
Nationality: BrazilianOccupation: Fitness Model
Francisco Lachowski flexing his chiseled shirtless body


  • Walked the runway for Armani, Gucci, and Dior among others
  • The winner of the Ford Models’ Supermodel of the World contest
  • Featured in GQ, FHM, and other leading magazines


Early Life

Born to a Polish father and half-Portuguese half-German mother. Francisco Lachowski was always an active kid. Growing up with 2 older sisters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fransisco was always interested in sports: from surfing, tennis, skateboarding, to diving with his father. “I was fascinated with water sports,” says Francisco.

However, after turning 16, Francisco realized he was too skinny for his liking. He went to the gym every day for three months and experimented with weight machines. The ‘newbie gains’ enabled Francisco to completely change his body in this short period.

Francisco’s gains were to impressive that his mother even told him to stop because he became too strong. After getting into modeling, though, Francisco’s training routine changed.

Rise to Stardom

Francisco was always interested in pursuing a career that was different from most of his peers. But it wasn’t until 2008 when he acted on his dreams for the first time. Working hard on his body for months, he decided to step into the Ford Men’s Supermodel of the world competition.

Amazingly, Francisco ended up winning his debut show. Describing the event, Francisco said;

“There were many, many guys in the competition. I felt confident, however, there were also three or four other finalists that felt confident too. I was very surprised to win. My first thought was, This is just the beginning; the hard work is coming.

Francisco’s winner’s mentality allowed him to rise to new levels of success over the years. In fall 2009, he debuted as an exclusive at the Dior Homme event in Paris. A year later, he appeared as a model for Karl Lagerfeld, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and started working with world-renowned photographers.

Ever since then, Francisco has also appeared in 4 Homme Essential, Vogue, GQ, Made in Brazil and many other leading magazines.

With his amazing success story and incredible six-pack, Francisco is now a role model for many youngsters in Brazil who’re looking to excel in the fitness and modeling industry.

Francisco Lachowski (young) flexing his ripped abs

Family Life

Francisco is a family man whose priority are those around him. He’s been married since 2013, and has two children.

Francisco Lachowski Workout

While he used to train hard when he was younger, Francisco’s career as a fashion model requires of him to cut back on weightlifting, and put more focus on sports and cardio.

However, thanks to his muscle memory, Francisco’s lighter workout routine allows him to still maintain a strong physique, while featuring lean and ripped abs all year-round.

Nowadays, a typical workout routine of Francisco Lachowski looks something like this:

  • Jump Rope, 3 rounds of 60 seconds
  • Circuit 1: Jump Rope. Squat Jumps. Walk out plank. Mountain Climbers.
  • Circuit 2: Jump Rope. Kettlebell Swings. Kettlebell Presses. Walk out plank.
  • Rest 30 seconds.
  • Circuit3: Jump Rope. Squat Jumps. Walk out plank. Burpee.
  • Barre, 3 rounds of 60 seconds
  • Boxing, 3 rounds of 60 seconds
  • Cycling, 3 rounds of 60 seconds

Francisco Lachowski Diet

Growing up in Brazil, where people generally eat very healthy, Francisco’s meal plan consisted of lots of beans, rice, fish, and meats. He says he didn’t eat a lot of vegetables, which is something his parents weren’t too happy about.

His early modeling diet looked completely different. During times when he was on the road and under constant pressure, the Brazilian ate mostly fast foods and sometimes frozen foods. Nowadays though, he has more time on his hands and is able to cook for himself a lot of the time.

Francisco doesn’t really count every single calorie, although he does watch his carbohydrate intake. This is because carbs can spike his blood sugars and lead to unnecessary weight gain.

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What Francisco Lachowski’s Story Teaches us

Francisco Lachowski’s character and willingness to pursue the things that others are afraid of is an admirable trait. After winning his first contest, Francisco didn’t waste too much time, instead, he was already getting ready for his next big milestone.

  • His mentality is something we can all learn from. Don’t let success become your excuse for not continuing to improve.

Francisco is the first to admit that his diet wasn’t the healthiest at times. Which just goes to show that even models slip up from time to time. We’re all humans and it’s okay to enjoy life.

In terms of training, Francisco recommends a mixture of heavy strength training and intense cardio with short rest periods. if you’re looking to be a fashion model like him, though, a training routine which focuses more on cardio is the better option for getting you closer to your goal.

“If you want to be a good model, you have to work hard. It takes time to learn how to model, feel confident, and make good pictures.”

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