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Mario Tomic – Biography, Workout, Diet, Height & Weight

Mario Tomic is a Croatian personal trainer and social media creator. He grew up as the shy nerdy kid who would always prefer playing video games and messing around with computers as opposed to playing sports, chasing girls, and socializing like the rest of his peers. Once he graduated college and got his diploma in computer science he decided to put more focus into working out as he wasn’t happy about his physique. Once he started his journey it was like a drug, with every year of training and results pulling him deeper into becoming who he is today.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Mario TomićDate of Birth:
Weight: 172lbs / 78kg with 10% body fatHeight: 5’10” / 178cm
Nationality: CroatianOccupation: Entrepreneur and Fitness Coach


Mario Tomic graduated college as a software developer and system admin. When he started to get serious about working out he decided to make that his calling. Now he has a successful Youtube channel with over 420 thousands subscribers, an Instagram account with 24.4 thousand followers, website where people can get coached by Mario and his team, and a Facebook group where his clients can share the journey with Mario as their personal trainer.


Passion for Computers

Mario Tomic first started his career as a software developer and a system admin after graduating with a Master’s degree in computer science. At that point, he was 200lbs / 90.7kg and had no passion for fitness. This lack of interest in sports/working out is because he was always the nerdy shy guy that spent all his time playing video games and tinkering around computers.

Mario’s Fitness Journey

After he graduated was the time when he decided to start hitting the gym as he wanted to get in a better shape as he wasn’t happy with his weight and body fat. After 12 months of going to the gym regularly, he dropped down to 154lbs and was happy with the results he saw.

This drop in weight was the result of proper dieting and working out. Mario says that for the first year of training he focused on a calorie deficit, higher protein intake, cardio, and weight training. Even though he saw improvement in his physique and looking like a bodybuilder never interested him, he wanted to see how far he could go.

The next 3 years of training are where Mario saw the most impressive changes in his physique, especially when it comes to pure muscle mass. Through this period he did a lot of bulks and cuts learning the proper ways of doing it along the way. As he was more focused on making his body perform the best it could he also improved his sleep, perfected his exercise techniques, bettered his protein intake as well as dialed in his diet.

Becoming a Fitness Guru

As he was seeing all the results this is the point where fitness became a bigger priority in his life. He saw an increase of 14-15lbs of lean muscle mass. When he saw the results he thought to himself “what could be the next level and how far could I actually go?”

Right now he’s sitting at 5’10” and 172lbs / 78kg with 10% body fat. These days Mario focuses on his social media accounts where he inspires countless people as well as his business where he personally coaches people(primarily focusing on busy entrepreneurs).

Mario Tomic Workout

Mario is a firm believer in personalized training routines and his clients back those claims up. Some of them gained better results by getting trained by Mario for half a year than they did by working out themselves for years.

As far as we know Mario didn’t spill out his exact workout routine anywhere, but judging by the way he views and describes the best workout routines we can conclude that his routine consists of hitting the gym every day, hitting the right volume, intensity, and frequency, progressive overload, and consistency at a high level.

Mario thinks that there isn’t a quick way of getting into shape or taking shortcuts. The way he sees it you need to make fitness your lifestyle and experiment in order to see what works best for you over the years as we all have different bodies.

Mario Tomic Diet

As Mario is going for the lean athletic natural look he’s prioritizing eating high protein meals, low carb intake, and balancing out his meals with other healthy additions such as vegetables and fruits to maintain an optimal level of vitamins and minerals in his body. Although simple, these fundamentals are what many male fitness models stick by to stay in shape all year round.

This paired with Mario working out all the time, even when on vacation is the reason his results are the way they are.

What Mario Tomic’s Story Teaches us

What can we learn from Mario? For starters, we can learn that the first few years of working out is where we’ll see the most progress if done correctly. This should motivate us to get our fitness journey started if you haven’t already.

We can also learn that diet plays a crucial part, maybe even more than people think it does, especially when chasing the low body fat physique. Another thing is that building muscle naturally is really hard once you get to the higher levels.

The most important lesson we should all take from Mario is that discipline and consistency trumps motivation.

Working out will not only improve our health but also improve our social life as it will boost our confidence. It will help us mentally sometimes even more than physically and at the end of the day, we’ll be able to look in the mirror with satisfaction wondering what the next year of our journey will look like, and what results this journey is going to bring.

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