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Lasse Matberg – Age | Height | Weight | Workout and Training

Lasse L. Matberg is a social media star, fitness sensation, and Royal Norwegian Navy Lieutenant with 700 thousand social media followers and counting.

With his imposing figure and ripped abs, long golden hair, and charismatic personality, Lasse Matberg is as close to a modern-day Viking as it gets.

A passionate outdoorsman and sports fanatic, Lasse is big on staying healthy and fit through smart and consistent daily choices. His passion for the fitness lifestyle has not only led him to develop his great physique, but also to earn a certificate in personal training and sports nutrition.

Rather than aiming to be the biggest, strongest, or baddest, Lasse’s goal is to inspire others to become confident through a fitness lifestyle. He hopes that by using his example, he can instill confidence in people who’ve been bullied or endured difficult life situations – as he once had.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Lasse Lokken MatbergDate of Birth:
July 11, 1985
Weight: 264lbs (120kg)Height: 6’6” (198cm)
Nationality: NorvegianOccupation: Fitness Model, Social Media Personality, Lieutenant in the Norwegian Royal Navy
Shirtless Lasse Matberg standing on a pier and showing off his lean physique.


  • Norwegian Royal Navy Lieutenant
  • Farmen Kjendis reality TV show winner
  • Fitness personality
  • Certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist

Lasse Matberg Workout

Lasse Matberg has tried many training styles over the years. One of his favorite is CrossFit, which he has been doing since 2017. CrossFit training is a combination of strength and conditioning workouts that are performed at a high intensity and with short rest periods – similar to a HIIT workout.

Some of the exercises Lasse might perform during a CrossFit workout might include:

  • Overhead press
  • Squats
  • Pull-ups and Presses
  • Burpee Box Jumps
  • Push Jerk

Due to his intense workouts, Lasse doesn’t need to do as much cardio and can still maintain an incredibly ripped physique.

Lasse Matberg in a gym.

Lasse Matberg Diet

If you look at his conditioning, it becomes clear Lasse’s secret to his success isn’t merely a tough workout routine – some would say that’s easy.

The hard part is sticking to his calories and macros, day in and day out. Saying no to invitations when he has to get his 8-9 hours of sleep, and maintain a clean diet regimen.

Naturally, having the kind of physique Lasse has comes with its sacrifices, but for him, every part of the journey is worth it. For Lasse, it’s very fulfilling to see his physique get leaner and leaner as he sticks to his lean proteins, veggies, and healthy fats every day.

Obviously, as everyone else, Lasse too has his ‘cheat’ days where he forgets about the strict fitness regimens and lets loose. It helps him recharge mentally for achieving new goals.

Lasse Matberg posing for a picture with a little girl.

What Lasse Matberg’s Example Teaches us

While Lasse’s lifestyle might look enviable from the outside, it’s in reality full of challenges and obstacles he faces on a daily basis. From having to stick to a consistent training schedule, even on days where that’s the last thing he wants to do. To having to avoid cakes, sweets and other junk temptations.

It’s certainly not an easy path.

For Lasse, though, the challenge is what makes it that much more appealing. The mindset of a champion is what this man’s story entails. With the same kind of attitude, you too can achieve your biggest dreams!

See more of Lasse over on his social media;

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