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Colton Wergin – Weight, Height, Age and More!

Hailing from Omaha Nebraska, Colton Wergin is a model, natural bodybuilder and brand ambassador of some of the biggest fitness brands in the industry. He’s earned recognition for his sculpted body, as well as pictures and tips on social media.

But Colton wasn’t always the strong, muscular fitness model we know today. During his teens, Colton embarked on his fitness journey to improve his confidence and overall look. This initial motivation grew into something much more, as Colton developed a deep passion for the fitness lifestyle.

Ever since then, Colton has not only achieved an amazing physique, but also a booming career within the fitness industry – inspiring other youngsters to start their own transformation journey.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Colton WerginYear of Birth: May 21, 1999
Weight: 180lbs (82kg)Height: 5’10” (177cm)
Nationality: AmericanOccupation: Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete
Colton Wergin posing shirtless in a modeling photo shoot

Athlete Track Record

  • Social media personality
  • Model
  • Bodybuilder
  • MuscleTech brand ambassador

How Does Colton Wergin Train?

Colton can be seen working out in numerous videos online. He likes to combine heavy compound lifts with free dumbbell weights, and isn’t afraid to experiment with machines. His rep range varies but generally stays in what’s commonly regarded as the optimal rep range for muscle growth; between 8-12 reps per set.

For cardio, Colton doesn’t do the traditional treadmill or similar exercises, but instead engages in sports such as volleyball. Which are fun to him and also burn fat at the same time.

In addition to everything, Colton likes to do yoga every morning as a means of balancing his body and mind.

Colton’s Tips for Growing a Thick Back

To develop his wide and muscular lats, traps and lower back, Colton says he focused on compound movements. These exercises involve the most muscle fibers and bring about a lot of growth.

Second tip is to nail your form first, then start increasing weight. Especially with back training where reckless training can lead to injury. Additionally, not doing the back exercises right means you’ll engage other muscles which hurts your long-term development, according to Colton.

Third and last tip for growing a huge back is to train with intensity. As Colton says; “Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s any less important than your front half.” It’s often said that strong backs win shows. Colton believes it will be continue to be the most dominant muscle group when trained correctly.

Colton Wergin showing off his muscular back in a back double biceps pose

Colton Wergin Back and Bicep Workout

As shown in his Instagram post;

  • Spider curls: 4×10
    “These are great because they take your shoulders/momentum out of the equation.”
  • Preacher curls: 4×10
    “I love these because they’re difficult.”
  • Barbell curl: 5×10
    “Barbell curls are great because they allow you to go heavier in weight, while activating more fibers than isolation movements do.”
  • Pull ups 5×8-10
    “Pull ups are the holy grail of back movements. I utilize them in almost every back workout.”
  • Machine Row: 3×10
    These have been a great movement to incorporate into my training.
  • T Bar Row: 4×10
    “If building thickness is your goal, I’d highly suggest adding these into your routine.”
  • Cable Row: 4×10
    “These are great because they allow you to get a great squeeze and preform full range of motion.”
Colton Wergin taking a selfie in a gym locer room

Colton Wergin Diet

We’ve all often heard that counting macros is one of the most crucial ways of hitting our fitness goals. But Colton begs to differ. Although he doesn’t say macro counting is ineffective (he says it really is), but it’s a massive waste of time and energy in his eyes.

According to Colton, it’s difficult to track every single calorie that you ingest. E.g. that hanful of cashews you ate during work break, or the spoon full of peanut butter between your meals. “It’s just not realistic,” Colton says.

Secondly, Colton points that labels aren’t always accurate. He’s found that the macros can be off by as much as 25%. “Pretty heartbreaking if you’re slaving over calorie counting just to be mislead in the first place.” Colton Wergin

On top of all of this, Colton says macro counting is stressful and time consuming. The average person will only get more stressed from doing it. In Colton’s opinion, the key is to not overcomplicate your fitness journey.

And his alternative? Eat healthy 80% of the time and don’t forget to enjoy your life. A sustainable diet that works well with your lifestyle will go a long way in terms of achieving the results you’re after on your fitness journey.

Colton Wergin before and after photos of his shirtless physique

Key Lessons to Learn from Colton Wergin

Colton Wergin has shown us that fitness doesn’t have to be serious and strict. By abiding to a few essential rules, you too can develop a physique that you’ve been dreaming of. So, what are some of the rules? Let’s have a look:

  • Train hard, but the form always comes first
  • Back is the most dominant muscle group for overall asthetics, so don’t neglect it!
  • Don’t stress over macros – instead, find a diet that gets you results and is also sustainable long-term.
  • As a general rule of thumb, Colton recommends eating healthy 80% of the time and enjoying your favorite foods 20% of the time.

Remember, Colton didn’t get his physique over night – nor did he learn all the ins and outs of dieting in a single day. Through consistent effort and learning, you too can achieve amazing results on your fitness journey!

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