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Brandon Harding | Fitness Model Profile | Age, Birthday, Workout Routine, and More!

Brandon Hardin is a British fitness influencer and a sponsored athlete. Brandon is known for his incredible physique, detailed workout routines, and success as an amateur bodybuilder. He shares his inspirational lifestyle through photos and videos with his massive audience on social media.

However, as inspiring as Brandon’s physique looks today, he wasn’t always a model of strength and fitness. Interestingly, the main reason Brandon started his fitness journey as a teenager was because he was unsatisfied with his slim appearance – which led him on the path towards becoming the best version of himself.

This is Brandon’s story.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Brandon HardingDate of Birth: January 5, 1997
Weight: 210lbs (95kg)Height: 6’1” (185cm)
Nationality: BritishOccupation: Bodybuilder, Sports Entrepreneur, Sponsored Athlete, Fitness Model
Brandon Harding posing shirtless in a house.

Brandon’s Achievements

  • Bodybuilding Competitor
  • Brand Ambassador
  • 700k+ followers on Social Media
  • Fitness Supports & Accessories Business Owner


Start of Brandon’s Fitness Journey

Brandon’s fitness journey began when he was 16. As a youngster, he became obsessed with the idea of growing stronger, filling out his “school shirt that hung so loosely.”

Brandon had always have an interest in muscular development, so he naturally began working towards achieving his dream physique. Although the progress was slow and tedious, Brandon’s passion for the sport of bodybuilding was a constant source of motivation for him to continue to work day in and day out. Not only in the gym but also, as he developed his knowledge in fitness, diet and recovery too.

An Athlete in the Making

After years of progress, Brandon’s goals and ambitions started to grow, too. In his words: “It’s always been a goal of mine to step on stage, and show case all the hard work and dedication I’ve put in my diet and training, since be beginning of my fitness journey.”

Brandon’s goals eventually turned to reality. In the years that followed, he competed in3 PCA Junior Bodybuilding shows – taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Motivated by his progress, Brandon continues to improve every day, striving to earn the coveted Pro Card in the future.

Becoming an Influencer

Alongside his success on the stage, Brandon rose to prominence on social media, as well. He’s now dedicated his life to being a fitness & health resource to as many people as he can reach. With a collection of over 700 thousand followers across his channels, Brandon’s dreams are slowly coming to life.

Brandon now owns a successful fitness apparel business, and is working with some of the leading brands in the industry.

Brandon Hardin's amazing body transformation during his bodybuilding journey.

Brandon Harding Workout

Brandon trains in the gym 5-6 times per week, placing emphasis on heavy compounds movements to keep his muscles full and chiseled. He often ends his training sessions with a series of isolation exercises to “finish off” the muscles. This can help with developing his famed definition and striations.

Here’s an example of Brandon’s chest workout.

Chest Workout Routine

Brandon usually begins his chest workouts with the good old bench press. Because it’s an intense compound movement, Brandon gets it out of the way first thing. If he would leave bench press for the end of his workout, it would leave him exhausted. However, Brandon warns to properly warm-up your chest before doing heavy bench press to avoid injuries.

Here’s how his chest routine looks like:

  • Barbell Bench Press, 5 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Cable Flies, 5 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Machine Chest Press, 5 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Incline Dumbell Flies, 5 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Incline Push-Ups, 3 sets to failure
Brandon Harding doing a front double biceps pose while shirtless outside with a great view.

Brandon Harding Diet

Just like any successul bodybduiler, Brandon sticks to some basic dieting rules that keep him looking great, while also allowing him to achieve progress year after year.


Brandon doesn’t do bulking in the traditional sense where you eat whatever food you like. Instead, he prefers cleaner bulks with high-quality foods – even if that means it will take him longer to get to his goal weight.

Here’s an example of a day of eating for Brandon Harding when he’s bulking:

  • 1st Meal: 10 whole eggs with salad, Oatmeal with peanut butter, fruits, and whey protein
  • 2nd Meal: 7oz of lean minced meat, 12 oz of high-quality rice with a serving of veggies
  • 3rd Meal (pre-workout): 7 oz of chicken wings, thighs, and breasts with sweet potatoes
  • 4th Meal (post-workout): protein shake with peanut butter, oats, and fruits
  • 5th Meal: 9oz of steak with mixed vegetables

Cutting Weight

In order to look his best for competitions and fitness photo-shoots, Brandon will go on a “cutting diet” every once in a while. During this period, he will maintain a consistent calorie deficient, eating foods that are high in protein but low or moderate in carbs and fats.

Here’s an example of Brandon’s day of eating when looking to get shredded:

  • 1st Meal: 5oz oats with peanut butter and whey protein
  • 2nd Meal: 1 whole egg, 7 oz mashed sweet potatoes, half an avocado and 7 oz of lean grilled fish
  • 3rd Meal: 7oz of lean beef, 5 oz of white rice with vegetables
  • 4th Meal: 7oz of skinless chicken breast with 7oz of baked sweet potatoes (no added oil or fat)
  • 5th Meal: 2 whole eggs, 6 egg whites, oatmeal with banana and cinnamon for blood sugar regulation

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Brandon Harding flexing shirtless in front of a mirror.

What Brandon Harding’s Story Teaches us

What Brandon’s story tells us, is that there’s no magic recipe for success in fitness. If you want to achieve a lean, great-looking body, you will need to put in months, or in Brandon’s case, even years of work.

Daily, consistent effort with your training and diet is key if you want to see results. For that, you will need the motivation and the discipline to keep going. But as Brandon says, “if you love it, it won’t be an issue”. For him, fitness is a way of life, something that he can’t imagine himself without.

With the same mindset as Brandon, you too can sculpt an amazing physique – and maybe even become an inspiration for others along the way, just as he did.

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