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Test Boost vs Nugenix: The Ultimate Comparison

Test Boost vs Nugenix: which one works better? Which one is safer? And which one is more effective at helping you feel energized, have more muscle, burn unwanted fat, and enjoy a better life?

Read on to see our team’s complete analysis!

Test Boost vs Nugenix – The Basics

Test Boost Overview

Sculpt Nation Test Boost specializes in reducing cortisol. It contains Ashwagandha, a natural adaptogenic herb that helps lower stress levels, and consequently, gives your testosterone more room to breathe. However, there are some issues with Test Boost that we feel need addressing – more on that below.

Test Boost comes in stylish black bottles that contain 90 capsules. Each bottle will last you a month if you take the recommended 3 capsules per day.

Sculpt Nation Test Boost promises to help you:

  • Improve hormonal balance – not just testosterone but also cortisol and estrogen
  • Feel more confident – command respect in any room
  • Have more energy – in and out of the bedroom

Obviously, we’ll have to take these claims with a grain of salt. Anyone who’s somewhat familiar with T boosters knows that they all make the same claims.

So, can Test Boost really give you a ‘boost’ down there? And is it safe? We’ll check the science of the ingredients below!

Nugenix Overview

Unlike Test Boost, Nugenix doesn’t specialize in cortisol reduction or balancing hormones. Containing 90 capsules per bottle, it’s more focused on raising your free testosterone levels directly with the ingredients that can reportedly stimulate your testes to spurt more of the male hormone.

Nugenix is claimed to:

  • Help you build strength and muscle
  • Boost libido and masculine vigor

So far, so good! Both products’ companies have nailed their marketing. But can they back it up with ingredients that actually work? Let’s see…

What do we recommend?

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The Formulas

As we said, there are a few important differences between Test Boost and Nugenix.

Whereas Test Boost has 8 ingredients, Nugenix contains 6. Does this mean that Test Boost’s ingredient profile is superior? It is, but not because of that, but because Test Boost is fully transparent with its ingredient doses, while Nugenix is not!

Looking at the Nugenix’s label, you’ll see some of the ingredients are in a proprietary blend. Why is this a problem? Because it prevents us from seeing the amounts of individual ingredients in this blend! You can only see their combined dose.

As a result, this effectively prevents us from telling if the ingredients in the blend work or are safe.

So in that regard, props to Test Boost for being more transparent. But it has some problems of its own – including a lack of core T boosting nutrients, poor serving schedule (only taken once per day, not enough to maintain the benefits), and using a few ineffective ingredients.

Apart from “Tribulus Terrestris,” Test Boost and Nugenix contain completely different and unique ingredients. See for yourself:

Test Boost Ingredients

  • Ashwagandha Root Extract (KSM-66) (600mg) – As we said, this will lower your cortisol levels. Not ideal if you have adrenal fatigue and have low cortisol, which can backfire. But if you’re healthy, then it can help you feel better.
  • Tribulus Terrestris fruit (500mg) – Tribulus can aid prostate function, but it’s not on our list of the best ingredients.
  • Eleuthero Root (200mg) – Also known as Siberian Ginseng, it can improve your mood. Ineffective for testosterone.
  • Epimedium Grandiflorum (Bishop’s Hat) (160mg) – A plant that may help support digestion. No proven effects onT, though.
  • Hawthorn Berry (40mg) –Again, while this is a great general health ingredient, it has no specific benefits on your testosterone production.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia “LongJack” (20mg) – This is a great choice. LongJack is an effective natural libido enhancer.
  • American Ginseng Root (20mg) – American Ginseng is a type of Ginseng that’s been shown to fight fatigue.
  • Cordyceps Mycelium Extract (20mg) – Numerous health benefits, however, it comes as the ‘mycelium extract’, which means it was grown on grains. This results in a poor nutrient profile compared to real cordyceps ‘fruiting body’ mushrooms, and by extension, fewer benefits.

Nugenix Ingredients

  • B6 – Vitamin B6 can aid the production of the male hormone, but it only works if you’re deficient.
  • Zinc – A great choice, it can help prevent dips in testosterone from hard exercise. Only 7% of RDA per serving, though.
  • Vitamin B12 – Your body uses B12 to make red blood cells, along with producing energy in the mitochondria and many other functions. It’s a great all-rounder, although it doesn’t offer anything specifically for testosterone.
  • Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex (Citrulline, Fenugreek, Tribulus) – This blend contains three ingredients in unknown amounts, you only see their combined dose. So we can’t tell if they’re effective or safe. Fenugreek is typically used for lowering DHT, which is another important anabolic hormone. Citrulline has no use in a T booster, it’s a better choice for a pre workout as it works to boost muscle pumps. Lastly, Tribulus, which we’ve covered in the Test Boost formula, is only good for supporting prostate health, but not much more!

The bottom line: Neither formula is perfect. While Test Boost is missing some core ingredients and uses several ineffective ones, Nugenix’s proprietary blend prevents us from telling how safe or effective it is. However, if we had to pick, we’d choose Test Boost’s formula, as it has a few decent ingredients that could lower your stress levels.

Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Test Boost by Sculpt Nation uses relatively safe ingredients. It shouldn’t cause you any trouble. Obviously, the standard warnings apply – if you have any type of condition, then it’s best to avoid taking it before speaking to an MD!

Nugenix is a bit different story. It has a proprietary blend and so we can’t tell if some of its ingredients are over-dosed. For example, Fenugreek can really lower your DHT levels when you take too much of it, which is not a good thing for overall anabolic hormone balance. Tribulus too, you don’t want to take too much as it can actually have a counter-effect.

Price and Value for Money?

Test Boost is available worldwide and you can only buy it on the Sculpt Nation’s official website right now. It will cost you $49 per bottle (a month’s supply).

As for Nugenix, you can buy it on numerous places online, and it costs about $58 per bottle (1 month supply).

Obviously, Test Boost is cheaper and also better value for money for the reasons we mentioned above, although neither one of these test boosters offers the same value as some of our top rated products on sale.

Our Conclusion to Test Boost vs Nugenix

So with this, we end our Nugenix vs Test Boost comparison!

Nugenix is a borderline scam product – it has only a few basic vitamins and ingredients, and half of them are hidden in a proprietary blend so you can’t see their individual doses. The ingredients themselves are fairly basic and the formula is lacking more proven T boosters. Not to mention the high price of $58 per bottle.

Test Boost fares a bit better, although it’s not the best product on the market either. At least it can help lower your stress hormones so you feel a bit better mentally.

As far as natural T-boosting goes, there are better, more researched options available on the market.

What do we recommend?

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