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Testogen vs Nugenix | Which T Booster is Better? (UPDATED)

Testogen vs Nugenix – which testosterone booster works better? Which of them is safer? And which one will help you build more muscle, burn fat, have a higher sex drive, and enjoy a better life? Here’s our quick summary followed by a more detailed breakdown of their ingredients.

[NUGENIX VS TESTOGEN SUMMARY] I don’t think that either Nugenix or Testogen is good enough to do what they claim. The marketing material is outrageous, they claim all these benefits that you can’t realistically achieve without using steroids. That said, Testogen is the better product between the two. It has more proven ingredients and the formula is completely transparent, whereas Nugenix contains ingredients that are hidden in proprietary blend, so you can’t tell their amounts. Despite being the winner here, Testogen still isn’t quite as good as some of the best testosterone boosters on the market.

  • Transparent formula
  • Fenugreek is a good choice
  • Good for short-term, not long-term
  • Vitamin K1 is not as good as K2
  • $59.99 per bottle (30 servings)
  • Popular name
  • Contains zinc and vitamin B6
  • The formula is not fully transparent
  • Missing A LOT of important ingredients
  • $57.99 per bottle (30 servings)

The Testosterone Boosters We Use:

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Testogen vs Nugenix – The Basics

Testogen is marketed as a “triple action testosterone booster” that can naturally ignite your masculinity and promote healthy sex drive. It’s also used for muscle building and fat loss, and other fitness goals. The dosage is 4 capsules spread out throughout the day, and you get 120 capsules per bottle.

Taking Testogen daily is claimed to help you:

  • Build more muscle
  • Have more energy
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Reverse poor libido

Testogen is currently one of the more popular testosterone boosters on the market. However, the company is known for having a bit too aggressive marketing, which I personally don’t like.

As for Nugenix, it’s a “free testosterone booster” that comes in a sleek-looking bottle with 90 capsules. It claims to contain researched ingredients that help to increase your testosterone levels, along with:

  • Boosting libido & performance
  • Helping you to feel stronger and more masculine

Sounds great! Both testosterone boosters have their marketing on point. Let’s now see if they can back it up with good ingredients.

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The Formulas

There are a few crucial differences between Testogen’s and Nugenix ingredient formulas. Testogen supplies you with 11 ingredients, whereas Nugenix contains 6. So does this mean that Testogen’s ingredient formula is superior? Yes, but not because it has more ingredients – but rather because those ingredients are more effective, and their doses are clearly shown on the label.

By contrast, when you take a look at Nugenix ingredient label, you’ll see one big proprietary blend. Which prevents you from seeing the amounts of each ingredient inside. You’re only able to see the total dose.

This is a bit disappointing because when you can’t see the dose, you can’t tell if the ingredients will work. And what’s more concerning, we don’t know if the dose is too high and potentially risking side effects.

So, in that regard, I give props to Testogen for being more transparent. Now, let’s look at the ingredients themselves.

First, here are common ingredients of Testogen and Nugenix:

  • B6 – This is a great foundational ingredient, it can help you build more muscle, but it only works if you’re deficient. (1)
  • Zinc – It’s an essential mineral that can help prevent your testosterone levels from doing down due to stress. (2)
  • Fenugreek – Inhibits estrogen to testosterone conversion, allowing for more T to stay in your system. (3)

Testogen’s Unique Ingredients

testogen ingredients label
  • Magnesium – No matter how healthy you’re eating, chances are you won’t be getting optimal amounts of magnesium from food alone. Mainly due to soil depletion and food processing. Supplementing magnesium can improve muscle function, recovery and sleep. (4)
  • Vitamin D3 – The famous sunshine nutrient. What can we say about this one that hasn’t been said already? It’s a great ingredient, and very much needed for maintaining healthy test levels.
  • Vitamin K1 -You’ll typically see vitamin K2 in best testosterone boosters, because it’s more bioactive and has bigger effects on our testosterone production. Vitamin K1 is already found in plenty of foods and isn’t as beneficial for testosterone.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – This ingredient can be effective at raising your test levels short-term. The dose is nice and big, bigger than Nugenix’s entire proprietary blend!
  • Nettle Leaf Extract – Nettles are great for fighting inflammation, so this one can help you with any nasal or sinus issues you may have. It’s also good for the male prostate. Doesn’t boost testosterone though.
  • Red Ginseng Extract – This is one of our favorite vitality enhancers. It boosts strength, libido, energy levels, mood, and is even beneficial for your testosterone. (5)
  • Boron Citrate – Some studies show that boron can help raise test levels, but at doses higher than 10mg. Unfortunately Nugenix only has 8mg.
  • Bioperine – Bioperine is a fancy name for piperine, or black pepper extract. So basically, this one doesn’t do much except for boosting the absorption of other compounds like turmeric. Since there’s no turmeric here, it’s a pretty useless ingredient. (6)

Nugenix’s Unique Ingredients

Nugenix ingredients label
  • Vitamin B12 – We need vitamin B12 to make red blood cells, and our mitochondria need it to produce energy. Vitamin B12 also plays an important role in our mood and cognitive function. It’s a good all-rounder ingredient. (7)
  • Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex (Citrulline, Fenugreek, Tribulus) – This complex contains one ingredient which we’ve already covered, fenugreek, along with Citrulline and Tribulus which don’t have any evidence that would make me recommend them as best test boosting ingredients. Plus, they’re all hidden in a proprietary blend so you don’t know how much you’re getting.

Key Takeaway:

Neither formula is perfect, but Testogen’s ingredient choice is obviously better than Nugenix. Not only because it’s more transparent, but also because it contains more ingredients that are shown to boost male health. Still, Testogen has some room to improve as well. Mainly, we’d like to see vitamin K2 instead of vitamin K1, along with some other core ingredients. Boron is underdosed too, so it won’t help you with testosterone much.

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Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Testogen contains ingredients that are common in test boosters and have enough evidence to confirm their safety. The formula is natural, and the doses are well within safe limits. So all in all, it shouldn’t give you any serious side effects. Obviously, if you have any medical concerns, make sure to speak with your doctor before taking any supplement.

As for Nugenix, it’s a bit different story. The ingredient doses are hidden so we are unable to asses the product for safety. Still, the ingredients themselves are commonly used in supplements of this type, so there shouldn’t be a lot to worry about.

Price and Value for Money?

In terms of Testogen vs Nugenix Price, for us the winner is Testogen, even though it costs a little more. Here’s why…

One month’s supply of Testogen will cost you $59.99. You can get discounts when buying multiple boxes. E.g. buy 3 month’s supply get 2 months supply free. One bottle comes with 120 capsules – if you take the recommended 4 per day, it will last you a month.

Nugenix can be bought on different websites, including GNC where it costs $57.99 for a bottle of 90 capsules. It will last 30 days if you take the recommended 3 caps per day.

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Our Conclusion to Testogen vs Nugenix

We don’t currently rate Testogen nor Nugenix as the very best testosterone boosters on the market right now. Still, between the two, Testogen is a clear winner in my eyes.

Testogen contains more proven ingredients, and the formula is fully disclosed. Meaning, you know what and how much you’re getting.

With Nugenix, you’re only getting a few decent ingredients, like vitamin B6 and zinc. But besides those two, there’s not much I like about it. The formula is incomplete. Also, it has a proprietary blend which completely ruins the credibility of the company for me.

All in all, Testogen is our winner here but if you want the best results, I recommend checking the current 3 leading test boosters by clicking on the link below.

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