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Testogen vs Prime Male: Our Complete Comparison

Testogen vs Prime Male: what’s better? Here’s our complete comparison with a short summary and a more detailed analysis from our team below.

[PRIME MALE VS TESTOGEN SUMMARY] Both products are 100% natural, although Prime Male does have an edge in a few key areas. It’s got higher quality forms of ingredients (e.g. vitamin K2 over vitamin K1 for testosterone), it’s got better doses (e.g. 1,600mg of D-Aspartic Acid for long-term male health support), and is more targeted for older folks who want to regain youthful vitality in and out of the bedroom, and feel less stress mentally. Testogen’s only advantage is that it’s cheaper, but then again, Prime Male offers longer money back guarantee (90 days vs 60 days). Testogen may be better suited for young guys just looking for short-term muscle-building benefits. As an overall package, though, Prime Male wins this easily.

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TestoGen vs Prime Male – The Basics


TestoGen is made by Wolfson Berg, a Cyprus-based company. It has 120 capsules per bottle, it’s mean to be taken 4 times per day (1×4) and promises to help you:

  • Boost natural T production
  • Have a stronger and leaner body
  • Enjoy a better sex drive

Unlike Prime Male, Testogen is available on numerous 3rd party sites including Amazon and eBay. This has its advantages and downsides.

The advantage is that you’ll love this if you’re a bargain hunter. The downside is that you don’t know how old the product is and how long it’s been sitting on the shelf. And in the end, the prices do tend to get higher, as you have to deal with a middle man. You also don’t have a s good of a customer support if there are any issues.

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Prime Male

Prime Male is a high grade test booster specifically designed for older gets (think 40 plus). Although our team has found it to work exceptionally well for our younger guys who just wanted to build muscle too.

Prime Male is the brainchild of specialist sports company Roar Ambition.

Prime Male also comes in 120-capsule bottles, with a recommended serving of 1 capsule, 4 times per day. You may ask why so many capsules per day? The answer is simple: the more daily doses you have, the longer the effects of its ingredients on your testosterone will last.

Prime Male Official Website: https://www.primemale.com/

Prime Male’s ingredients help:

  • Vigor – Enjoy higher energy levels throughout the day.
  • Hormonal balance – Improve testosterone, reduce estrogen, bring back a more youthful hormonal ratio
  • Cut body fat – Get a more defined stomach, arms and abs.
  • Better focus – More focus, less brain fog.
  • Denser muscles – Get lasting results from training.

Prime Male’s formula has been heavily researched to help you get more out of your daily life. Not just in terms of how your body looks but also how you deal with stress mentally.

Although the emphasis isn’t as much on muscle building and gym strength like Testogen, Prime Male can still give your body the natural testosterone support for better overall function.

The Formulas

The good thing about Testogen and Prime Male is that both formulas don’t use proprietary blends. We at Ookles are on a crusade against proprietary blends. They hide ingredient doses so you can’t see how well the supplement works and if it’s safe.

Okay, so that’s good. But what else?

Testogen has 11 ingredients, whereas Prime Male has 12. The ingredient choice is similar in some aspects, but the doses are what really separates these two testosterone boosters apart. Testogen appears underdosed in some key areas, and uses cheaper forms of some vitamins – e.g. vitamin K1 instead of vitamin K2.

Prime Male, on the other hand, uses only top of the line stuff, which is impressive. The ingredient doses are generous and it has 4 daily servings. Which will ensure your test levels stay topped up.

Here’s a closer look at both formulas.

Testogen Ingredients

  • Magnesium – This helps boost free and total T levels, along with sperm and fertility. However, Testogen uses a cheap form of magnesium citrate which you’ll piss down the toilet basically.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – A good dose of a very powerful ingredient. That said, D-Aspartic Acid is more suited for younger guys who want to build muscle fast. That’s because DAA has diminishing returns, it stops working after a while.
  • Fenugreek  – This ingredient may lower DHT levels in order to increase testosterone, which isn’t good. As a man, DHT is crucial for numerous aspects of your health and lowering it can lead to hormonal disbalance.
  • Vitamin B6  – This one naturally boosts energy. You won’t necessarily notice it but it’s helpful for gym workouts. his is a natural energy booster that can help your gym workouts. More on vitamin B6 here: https://examine.com/supplements/vitamin-b6/
  • Zinc – Zinc helps with hormones and the immune system.
  • Boron – Testogen only has 8mg of boron. Studies show that we need 10mg or more to get benefits.
  • Vitamin K1 – Vitamin K1 is a decent general health nutrient, but it’s inferior to vitamin K2 when it comes to boosting testosterone.
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D is a great choice; your body uses it to make hormones including testosterone.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract – The nettle roots are what is used for lowering the female sex estrogen. Leaf, on the other hand, have compounds that are more beneficial for nasal inflammation and have no effects on your testosterone.
  • Red Ginseng – Red Ginseng is good for blood flow and general physical vitality.
  • Bioperine – Although not a test booster, Bioperine can enhance other ingredient’s effects.

Testogen’s formula looks solid overall. It’s got some great ingredients that can help your body produce more testosterone naturally, which you should reflect on your libido. Some of TestoGen’s ingredients are a little underdosed though (in some cases, they’re even too highly dosed), which does hinder the results you’ll get from this product a little. Another annoying thing is that it uses vitamin K1 instead of the more potent vitamin K2 for testosterone, and it has a few unproven ingredients (e.g. Stinging Nettle Extract).

Prime Male Ingredients

  • Vitamin D3 (5000IU) –Again, a great ingredient that can have a significant impact on your testosterone production. Excellent dose in Prime Male!
  • Vitamin K2 (45mcg) – Awesome to see it’s using vitamin K2. This is superior to vitamin K1 for keeping your test levels high.
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) (7.5mg) – This vitamin b6 comes as P5P, which is more bioavailable in the body than the cheaper vitamin B6 found in Testogen.
  • Magnesium Citrate (100mg) – Although a bit lightly dosed, Magnesium can still be important in aiding natural testosterone production in your testes.
  • Zinc Citrate (30mg) – This has a nice big dose of zinc to ensure you get enough of this crucial test-boosting trace mineral.
  • D-Aspartic Acid (1600mg) – This is an excellent dose of an excellent ingredient. D-AA is known to raise test levels significantly, probably more so than any other natural ingredient. However, it has a downside, its effects wear off if you take 3,000mg or more per day. The 1,600mg in Prime Male is an ideal dose for maintaining its effects long-term.
  • Asian Red Ginseng 4:1 extract (120mg) – Asian Red Ginseng can lower your stress levels resulting in improved test production.
  • Luteolin (60mg) – Luteolin has been shown to combat increased estrogen levels in older age. This could be an important ingredient for men who’re starting to notice the effects of testosterone decline on their body. Luteolin also has the ability to protect cells in your testes from damage.
  • Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract (15% Levadopa) (300mg) – Mucuna is an ingredient with mood-boosting effects. It helps the brain make more dopamine, the crucial motivation chemical.
  • Nettle Root 10:1 Extract (160mg) – Nettle Roots contain compounds that can lower aromatase levels. Consequently, this reduces estrogen with it. Nettle root is of particular benefit for older men who experience man boobs, increased weight gain and other symptoms of high estrogen.
  • BioPerine Black Pepper Extract (10mg) – BioPerine facilitates and potentiates the effects of other testosterone boosters in Prime Male.
  • Boron (5mg) – Boron is a trace mineral that holds a lot of promise in scientific research for its ability to increase T levels.

Key Takeaway: Prime Male is the winner of this round. It has a cleaner quality formula with better doses. Testogen may be slightly better for short-term muscle building (such as winter bulking, or summer cutting to preserve muscle tissue), but doesn’t offer the same long-term benefits that Prime Male has. Prime Male is currently one of the best options for men over 40 on the market. Because it can reliably boost not only your muscle growth, but also libido, weight loss and even make you mentally more confident and also feeling better in general.

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Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Prime Male has lighter doses of D-Aspartic Acid and a few other ingredients and so there’s no risk of overdosing or anything like that. The ingredients themselves are highly researched and of finest quality.

Plus, Prime Male is produced in cGMP and FDA-approved facilities under strict professional supervision, much like its rival. The only issue with Prime Male could be the zinc in it – zinc is known to cause stomach upset when you take it on an empty stomach. Despite this, Prime Male is one of the safest testosterone boosters we’ve tested in all these years.

Testogen is more risky due to the fact it has a highly concentrated Fenugreek Extract. Although beneficial when taken in natural doses, this ingredient can cause hormonal imbalance when taken as a highly concentrated extract that’s found in Testogen.

Price and Value for Money?

One bottle of Prime Male will set you back by $69 dollars plus shipping (depending on your courier, it can be between $4.95 and $12.46). It also ships fast worldwide and offers discounts on multi-box purchases.

Have a look at Prime Male’s prices and discounts:

  • 1 box (120 capsules) – $69 or $2.3 per day
  • 2 boxes (240 capsules) – $138 or $2.3 per day
  • 3 boxes + 1 box free (480 capsules) – $207 or $1.73 per day
  • 4 boxes + 2 boxes free (720 capsules) – $276 or 1.53 per day

Prime Male also offers a more generous 90-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with it. Meanwhile, Testogen only offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Testogen is the cheaper option, though; it costs $59.99 per bottle. However, we’d say this round still goes to Prime Male due to offering more value and better ingredients (e.g. vitamin K2 over K1, D-Aspartic Acid, and longer money back guarantee).

Our Conclusion to Testogen vs Prime Male

So that concludes our Prime Male vs Testogen comparison.

Prime Male is ultimately our winner here. Although Testogen is not too far behind!

Testogen has a number of excellent ingredients that can boost your testosterone and sex drive; the problem is, it uses a few lower quality ingredients such as vitamin K1 and has too much of D-Aspartic Acid. Coupled with its lower dose of zinc, it means Testogen’s ingredients won’t make the same kind of impact as Prime Male’s.

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