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Testogen vs TestRX: Which is BEST?

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Here’s our Testogen vs TestRX comparison. Which of these is better at boosting your libido, energy levels, mental focus, and well-being? Which is more effective at raising your anabolic hormones naturally? Which is safer and better value for money? We answer all these questions below, and more – check our quick summary first.

TESTOGEN vs TESTRX SUMMARY: Both are well-received, 100% natural products. They nudge your body to make more of its own testosterone, while also enhancing your energy levels and performance. However, we still don’t rate either as the best testosterone boosters today. Why? Because, both Testogen and TestRX have underdosed key ingredients, which makes them less effective than other testosterone boosters. If we had to pick between the two, we’d go with Testogen – it has more effective ingredients and costs less than TestRX.

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Testogen vs TestRX – The Basics

Testogen is a popular men’s supplement designed to enhance your natural test production. Testogen is also claimed to boost your sex drive, mental well-being, and virility.

With 120 capsules per bottle, Testogen’s serving size is 4 capsules spread with your meals throughout the day. This means a bottle of Testogen will last you a month. Testogen has been longer on the market than TestRX – since 2009.

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As for TestRX, it’s an all-natural testosteorne booster with similar claims. It says it will make your body more efficient at producing testosterone, while also combating thigns like estrogen and cortisol from shooting up too high and causing hormone imbalance.

TestRX too has 120 capsules per bottle and a serving of 4 evenly spread capsules throughout the day.

If you’re struggling with poor focus, weak and deflated muscles, low motivation, and other symptoms of low testosterone, then Testogen and TestRX might sound like attractive, natural options for you. But are they the best testosterone boosters around? Which one is better between the two? Are there better products around today?

We check below as you read on.

The Formulas

Testogen contains 11 ingredients, whereas TestRX has 7.

Testogen contains all the ingredients that TestRX has, plus some additional natural libido & energy boosters.

Additionally, the dosages of key ingredients, such as vitamin D, are higher in Testogen – making its formula more effective overall.

However, Testogen is not perfect by any means. It contains the inferior form of vitamin K1 that doesn’t affect testosterone, it still contains less vitamin D than what’s optimal for testosterone and has a few other underdosed ingredients too.

Below, we’ll show the ingredients found in both Testogen and TestRX. The bolded ingredients are those that are found in Testogen only; the rest are found in both supplements.

See for yourself:

  • Vitamin D3 – this is the key element for testosterone. Evidence shows vitamin D ramps up T levels when you’re deficient in this nutrient. Testogen contains over 2,000IU of vitamin D3 per serving, which is more than TestRX’s 1140IU but still below the amount the very best testosterone boosters use. Research points to 3,332IU per day being the minimum level of vitamin D3 required for testosterone support. 5,000IU produces even more substantial results.
  • Vitamin B6 – Also named pyridoxine, vitamin B6 assists in the normal function of your nervous system. A serving of Testogen contains 20mg compared to TestRX’s 5mg.
  • Zinc – Zinc keeps your immune defenses strong, supports testosterone production, and reduces the effects of stress on your hormone balance. Both Testogen and TestRX contain 10mg of a highly absorbable form of zinc, which is excellent.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – DAA is an amino acid that has potent short-term effects on your testosterone. However, DAA’s seems to only produce these effects in sedentary individuals or those who have sub-optimal T levels. It won’t raise your testosterone above the already healthy level. Additionally, D-Aspartic Acid’s effects do wear off after a few weeks of continual use – unable to provide long-term anabolic support. Testogen contains 2,352mg of DAA, whereas TestRX stays close at 2,300mg.
  • Fenugreek Extract – Fenugreek is an herb that hinders your testosterone from turning into DHT – another anabolic hormone. Testogen contains 40mg of Fenugreek which is a light amount. TestRX takes the edge here with its 300mg of Fenugreek per serving, which will have a far more powerful effect on your anabolic hormones.
  • Korean Panax Ginseng – Also named Asian Ginseng, it’s been shown to enhance libido, mood, and masculinity. This ingredient is exclusive to Testogen only; but it’s found at a low dose of 40mg per serving. This is much less than 100-150mg that’s found in the best testosterone boosting supplements, which is a more optimal amount for the aforementioned benefits.
  • Black Pepper Extract – This is another ingredient that’s only found in Testogen. Its main benefit is the improvement in absorption of other ingredients in Testogen.
  • Vitamin K1 (20mcg) – Vitamin K1 is a nutrient found in high amounts in green leafy veggies. It helps your skin heal faster from cuts, and makes your blood clot as well. However, whwen it comes to testosterone boosting, vitamin K2 is the more effective (albeit more expensive to produce) form of the nutrient. So the fact that Testogen contains vitamin K1 and TestRX doesn’t, doesn’t really make Testogen any superior in that regard.
  • Magnesium (200mg) – Magnesium is shown in studies to raise levels of both free and total testosterone. Although, it doesn’t work unless you’re already deficient in magnesium and/or have sub-optimal T to begin with. A good dose of 200mg per serving in Testogen – TestRX doesn’t contain any.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract (40mg) – Nettle leaf is only found in Testogen. But it doesn’t give it any advantage over TestRX. This is because Nettle doesn’t work for boosting testosterone or other aspects of male vitality.
  • Boron Citrate (8mg) – Boron is a great ingredient that’s only found in Testogen, but not in TestRX. At doses of 10mg per day and higher, it’s been shown to enhance natural testosterone production in as little as one week. Testogen only has 8mg, though, which may not be enough to exert the same effect.

Key Takeaway:

Although both ingredient profiles have flaws, we rate Testogen as the better formula overall. It has more ingredients, covering a wider range of health benefits. Still, some important ingredients in Testogen are underdosed, which completely negates or substantially limits their effects. These include Panax Ginseng, Boron, and vitamin D. With that said, there are definitely better testosterone-enhancing formulas on the market today.

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Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

Testogen and TestRX both contain well-researched ingredients, in safe doses. This means the risk of side effects from either Testogen or TestRX is low.

Disclaimer: if you have any sort of condition or are taking medications, make sure to talk to your doctor before taking these products.

Price and Value for Money?

TestRX is the more expensive of the two, costing $69.99. You do get some benefits when buying in bulk, such as their 3-month supply which costs $179.99. Still, this is quite expensive considering you get a 5-month’s worth of Testogen for the same price.

Testogen bosts $59.99 per bottle, which lasts you a month. It also offers excellent bulk-buy deals. When you buy 3 bottles of Testogen, you will get 2 extra bottles for free + extra gifts like a workout and testosterone boosting guide, as well as free international shipping. So, as we said, 5 month’s worth of Testogen will cost you $179.99. Breaking it further down, it costs $1.19 per day – less than a cup of coffee. Check Testogen’s price here.

While we don’t rate Testogen and Testo Max as the best men’s health supplements on the market right now, Testogen definitely offers better value for money with its awesome bulk-buy deals.

Where to Buy

You can buy Testogen and TestRX on their respective websites, as well as on Amazon.

Our Conclusion to Testogen vs TestRX

Testogen and TestRX are both highly popular testosterone boosters. Testogen, however, is the better option between the two – having more ingredients, better ingredient dosages, costing less, and offering superior bulk-buy deals.

Still, Testogen is not among the very best testosterone boosters we’ve reviewed. The most important ingredients like vitamin D and Ginseng are underdosed, which makes it less effective than what’s currently available out there. With a little research, you can definitely find a more powerful male vitality supplement.

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