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Nature’s Science Keto Slim Review – Does it Work?

Nature’s Science Keto Slim Review: In this review, we’ll explore information about Keto Slim on the internet to see how it compares to other fat burning supplements in terms of increasing your energy, boosting your metabolism, and helping with hunger control among others.

[NATURE’S SCIENCE KETO SLIM REVIEW SUMMARY] Keto Slim is a natural supplement designed to help you fight off cravings and make your metabolism more efficient at burning off excess calories. It has good marketing, but unfortunately, the ingredients don’t live up to the hype. Keto Slim consists of 4 ingredients, only 2 of which are somewhat effective fat burners – caffeine and green coffee bean. Keto Slim might work better for people who’re already eating a ketogenic diet. If you are, then Keto Slim’s ingredients will bring more ketones for your body to use as fuel. However, if you’re eating a normal diet that includes carbohydrates, you may not notice much apart from the stimulatory effects of caffeine. Since Keto Slim is missing core ingredients for fat burning, including a thermogenic and appetite suppressant, it isn’t the best weight loss supplement we’ve tried.

What works?

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Keto Slim Review – The Basics

Nature’s Science Keto Slim 60 ct is a weight loss product that’s available on different websites as well as some physical health stores.

The makers of Keto Slim claim these weight loss pills will help you:

  • Make your body go from burning sugar to burning fat
  • Provide a smooth release of energy
  • Enhance your endurance and performance without crashing or jitters

According to the manufacturers, these benefits come from one key ingredient in Nature’s Science Keto Slim: Sodium BHB.

So, what exactly does Sodium BHB do? Is it safe? Does Nature’s Science Keto Slim work?

See for yourself:


The ingredients in Nature’s Science Keto Slim don’t look too convincing. It’s a formula designed to help you enter a state of ketosis which is where your body starts burning fat instead of glucose as a fuel.

Sounds great, but in order to reach that state, you have to eat very low amounts of carbs. Adding exogenous ketones through ingredients like Sodium BHB doesn’t work unless you’re already in ketosis.

It does have a few great ingredients, and there’s no sight of a proprietary blend, so at least that’s good! Here’s a closer look at each ingredient and what it does:

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1. Sodium BHB (166.67mg)

We all know what sodium is, but what’s BHB? This compound, also known as Bety-Hydroxybutyrate, is a fat metabolite called a “ketone body”. It’s paired with sodium to help increase absorption in your gut.

The Keto Slim’s producers claim that this ingredient will make your body go from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel. In other words it should put you in a state known as ‘ketosis,’ which typically only happens when you’re eating below 50g of carbohydrates per day.

But can it really do this?

The answer is, only if you’re on a ketogenic diet. BHB brings ketones to your body to use them as fuel, however, if you’re eating a standard diet which includes carbs and starches, then your body will keep burning glucose as the preferred fuel.

Adding exogenous ketones in the form of BHB won’t just magically make your body start burning them as its primary fuel – as long as it’s got its supply of glucose from the carbs you eat.

BHB is only useful for people who’re on a ketogenic diet. It brings more ketones for your body to use, which is useful when your body is already burning ketones as a result of a low-carb intake.

But as long as you’re not in ketosis, then this will be a completely useless ingredient. Your body will just ignore it and use glucose as fuel instead.


2. MCT (133.34mg)

MCT oil or Medium-Chain-Triglyceride oil is a type of fat that absorbs very fast in your body. Your liver is able to quickly convert it to energy in the form ketone bodies. Sound similar?

Yeah, it’s similar to what Sodium BHB, the previous ingredient in Nature’s Science Keto Slim is supposed to do. But much like BHB, MCT oil won’t do you much good if you’re on a standard American diet.

It has some general health benefits, so in that regard it’s a good ingredient. But it doesn’t put you into ketosis. You have to eat very low amount of carbs if you want to enter ketosis – only then MCT Oil can be useful for helping you reach that ketosis faster. (source: examine)

3. Green Coffee Extract (66.67mg)

Green Coffee Extract is a very weak stimulant. Unlike coffee, it doesn’t have nearly as much coffee as a regular coffee bean. But what it lacks in that department compensates with another compound called Chlorogenic Acid.

This is known to alter how fast your gut is able to absorb carbs. By helping to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, Chlorogenic Acid can help prevent your blood sugar levels from skyrocketing after a meal.

4. Caffeine (66.67mg)

Caffeine is a great ingredient for any fat burner, and it’s sensibly dosed in Nature’s Science Keto Slim too. We like this! Very often you’ll see fat burners that have so much caffeine it can make you vomit just by looking at the label. Not to mention side effects once you ingest it! Luckily, Nature’s Science Keto Slim has kept this in mind so you shouldn’t worry about any negative consequences – that is, unless you’re extremely intolerant to caffeine.

Anything Missing?

Nature’s Science Keto Slim’s formula is, well, pretty slim.

It’s lacking some core ingredients that would make it a more efficient fat burner. It’d be better to throw out some of the useless stuff, such as sodium BHB (only useful for those on a ketogenic diet) and MCT, and instead replace these with proven thermogenic fat burners such as:

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Green Tea Extract

It’s also missing an appetite suppressant that would help control sugar cravings. Black pepper extract is missing to boost the absorption of other ingredients. What can we say? It’s an incomplete formula.

How to Use Keto Slim

Dosage directions for Nature’s Science Keto Slim are to take 3 capsules twice per day. This is a good serving schedule, unlike most fat burners which only have one serving per day. Ideally, you’ll want to have 3-4 daily servings to constantly keep your body topped up with beneficial nutrients, but 2 per day isn’t too bad either.

The biggest problem is that one bottle of Keto Slim contains just 60 capsules. By taking the recommended 6 per day, you’ll run out of it pretty quickly!!

Side Effects

Do Nature’s Science Keto Slim pills come with any side effects?

Nature’s Science Keto Slim is sensibly dosed, and we can see everything on the label clearly. It does have “magnesium stearate” under “other ingredients” which is known to cause diarrhea in some users.

But it shouldn’t cause many problems when you take this fat burner with food. Overall, the ingredients are all well studies and generally safe from any serious risks. So unless you have some kind of condition (in which case speak to a doctor before taking any supplement!), this should be fine to take.

What do Others Say?

Nature’s Science Keto Slim reviews are mixed. Some users love it, others not so much. It’s also unclear how many of those customer “reviews” are legit and not moderated or manipulated.

This is why we don’t like to rely on other testimonials anyways – looking at the ingredient label and knowing a little about the science behind the ingredients is all you’ll need to be able to tell if the product is worth your time or not.

Price and Value for Money?

Nature’s Science Keto pills cost between $15-$25 depending on where you buy them. Keep in mind that if you take the recommended dose it will only last you 10 days, so you’ll need 3 of those bottles just to last you a month. This can raise the cost to $75 per month, which is a poor value for money compared to other products in this price range.

If you’re still looking to buy this particular supplement, you’ll find it in a number of different online shops such as Amazon. Keto Slim pills are also available in stores like Walmart – at least they were the last time we checked.

Also keep in mind that there are two versions of Nature’s Science Keto pills available – each one has different ingredient profiles. There’s another version that we haven’t reviewed that has added Green Tea and Sunflower Lecithin, but it’s using a proprietary blend and doesn’t show its ingredient doses – this is a much riskier variant that we don’t recommend buying.


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Conclusion to Nature’s Science Keto Slim Review

So that brings us to the end of this Nature’s Science Keto Slim review. These fat burner pills are heavily marketed but their ingredients don’t look super spectacular. Except for green coffee bean and caffeine, it’s looking fairly ineffective. It’s an incomplete formula that’s also using a few ineffective ingredients. Unless you’re eating a strict ketogenic diet, don’t expect much from this particular fat burner.

If you’re eating a normal, varied diet then you should check other options that are more focused on boosting thermogenesis and actual metabolic rate which is what will ultimately help you shed that unwanted flabby fat. Our tip is to look for a fat burner that has a proven appetite suppressant, such as Konjac Root (Glucomannan) which is a fiber that swells in your stomach when combined with water and increases fullness for hours.


  • Green Coffee Bean can help reduce blood sugar spikes after meals
  • Caffeine is good for focus and mental energy to stick to your weight loss goals


  • One bottle only lasts you 10 days
  • A few ineffective, unproven ingredients
  • Lack of core nutrients that would help to boost the metabolic rate
  • Poor value for money overall

What’s Better?

We do independent analysis on over 40 fat burners every year, searching for the most effective, science-backed formula on the market.

Some of our criteria include:

  • Suitable for all genders
  • Must support fat burning naturally and safely
  • 100% clean, legal ingredients
  • Energy, Focus & Metabolism
  • Effective Appetite Suppression
  • Brand Trust
  • Value for money

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