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Does Fenugreek Work for Weight Loss? A Look at the Science

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Fenugreek, also known as methi in Hindi, is a plant of the genus Trigonella. It has been used for centuries as a spice and medicinal herb.

Fenugreek is good for balancing hormones and regulating blood sugar levels. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that have been found to be helpful for various conditions.

Some people wonder if Fenugreek could be beneficial for weight loss. This article finds out the answer by delving deep into the current scientific evidence.

Benefits of Fenugreek

The health benefits of Fenugreek are varied. The seeds have diuretic properties that can help with urinary tract infections. It can also help relieve inflammation in joints and muscles, which can be helpful for those who suffer from arthritis or menstrual cramps. Eating Fenugreek helps to regulate blood sugar levels so it’s often recommended to those who have diabetes.

Fenugreek may also help support men’s testosterone levels. It achieves this by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into other hormones, such as estrogen and DHT. As a result, Fenugreek may also offer these benefits:

  • Increased libido and sex drive
  • Enhanced muscle growth and retention during weight loss
  • Improved confidence and vitality

Does Fenugreek Help With Weight Loss?

There isn’t much research surrounding Fenugreek’s effects on weight loss specifically. At least not in humans.

In one study, researchers investigated the effects of fenugreek seed extract on weight gain and obesity in diet-induced obese (DIO) rats.

They found that after a six-week treatment, rats who were given fenugreek seed extract had less bodyweight gain than those who did not receive it. The research also showed that post-treatment bodyweight gain was lower in rats treated with fenugreek seed extract as well as a significant reduction in food intake.

According to current evidence, Fenugreek can help with weight loss by increasing the body’s insulin sensitivity. This means that the body will be able to use insulin more efficiently and turn sugars into energy rather than fat. This will lead to fewer calories being stored in the fat cells. Fenugreek can also increase satiety which can help with appetite control and lead to weight loss over time because you’re not eating as much as you would if you were hungry all the time

With all these benefits of Fenugreek, it seems like it could be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle as a natural way to lose weight.

Fenugreek Dosage for Weight Loss

The optimal Fenugreek dosage for weight loss, and for other purposes depends on what type of Fenugreek you’re using. A typical dosage of Fenugreek powder is anywhere between 1/4 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon per day. If you are taking Fenugreek capsules, take one capsule three times a day with water or another liquid (with or without food).

Negative Side Effects of Fenugreek – Are There Any?

In small doses, Fenugreek can help to improve digestion, but it can also have negative effects on the body if taken in large doses or for too long of a time. The most common reports of side effects from Fenugreek include stomach upset, excess gas, and in rare cases, allergic reactions.


Fenugreek is a plant that contains a variety of nutrients. It has been used for many purposes in traditional medicine and has been touted as an ingredient that can help with weight loss.

While the current evidence mostly comes from animal studies, it shows Fenugreek may help with weight loss by improving the metabolism, enhancing insulin sensitivity, and reducing appetite. Fenugreek may also support weight loss by increasing testosterone levels in men, which in turn leads to faster metabolic rate.

On the other hand, Fenugreek does have some side effects when taken in large doses. The best way to avoid these side effects is by sticking to the dosage recommendations of the Fenugreek product you’re using.

This article contains affiliate links. Learn more here.

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