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Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter Review

We have Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter review up for inspection today.

This fat burner is a thermogenic stimulant. Ab Igniter reduces your appetite, speeds up fat loss, and reduces fat accumulation. This product contains many ingredients. The manufacturers say the ingredients’ synergistic effects will boost your fat loss. Let’s take a look at if any, or all, of the ingredients, will help you do what the manufacturer claims!

About Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter

Ab Igniter should be taken before meals. 1-2 capsules should be used at each dosage. The highest dosage possible is 6 capsules per day. The best thing to do is to assess your tolerance with 1-2 capsules per day and work your way up until you feel you are at the optimal dosage per day.

One bottle contains 90 capsules, which could last between 15 to 45 days, depending on your daily dosage. The price for one bottle will be around $30-35, which could either be affordable, or expensive!

The product label is 100% disclosed, which makes it nice to know how much you are taking in every serving. Proprietary blends hide the doses of each ingredient, so this is an upside to TSN Ab Igniter.

Main ingredients

There are 14 ingredients in Ag Igniter:

  • Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 – helps to improve hormone health and support the uptake of vitamins and minerals into the body, which is great for overall health. Which has a small impact on weight loss. Taking a standard vitamin will support basic vitamin needs.
  • Green Coffee Bean – shows to reduce the amount of glucose stored in the liver. Which will help your body to use fat stores on your body rather than using glucose AKA carbs.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – this plant fruit extract has been shown to reduce the appetite and overall weight in laboratory rats, but when tested on humans, studies showed little to no signs of weight loss.
  • Caffeine – is one of the most effective fat burning ingredients on the market. It boosts your metabolism, increases the rate in which you burn calories, supports energy production and can surppres your appetite! – See the full study here:
  • Green Tea – effective because it contains caffeine, catechins, and thiamine (AKA vitamin B1) which are powerful antioxidants, appetite suppressants, mood boosters, and weight loss aids. – Full study here:
  • Raspberry Ketones – are effective when injected directly into cells. But this is impossible with oral supplementation, making Raspberry Ketone supplementation basically useless for fat loss.
  • Caralluma Fimbriata – There are not enough test on this ingredient. It does however appear to be useful for appetite suppression, which helps you cut down on calorie consumption.
  • Grape Seed Extract – improves blood flow, which is not much benefit for fat loss. But it could work great if you train a lot in the gym.
  • Nelumbo Nucifera – There is no acute fat loss results form taking Nelumbo Nucifera. It does help reduce the amount of fat accumulation by breaking down fatty acids. It shows close relation to green tea, as it contains catechin, but other than that, it’s a fairly weak ingredient.
  • Ginger Root Powder – is highly useful for lowering your appetite, improving blood flow, and increasing overall health. But it has no real impact on fat loss overall.
  • Guarana – it’s effective because it contains caffeine, and powerful adaptogen ingredients. Which work to boost your mood, balance hormones, and relieve stress. Full study here:
  • Yohimbine – AKA: citrus aurantium is a powerful, and slightly dangerous ingredient. It’s been shown to increase adrenaline levels, and stimulate the rate at which the body uses calories i.e. increasing the body’s metabolism. To see a full write up of this ingredient, including the dangers when using it read more about
    the dangers of citrus Aurantium here.


Contains the following:

  • Green tea
  • Green coffee bean
  • Caffeine – all proven to benefit fat loss.


Contains ingredients that are harmful, and no benefit to fat loss:

  • Yohimbine – many negative side effects linked to this ingredient.
  • Ginger Root Powder
  • Raspberry Ketones

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Side Effects

Stimulants such as yohimbine can cause anxiety, lack of sleep, and too much energy. Reports show that mixing adaptogens such as guarana with stimulants. Such as caffein, and citrus aurantium can have brutal effects.

However, if you are a long-term user of these types of aggressive ingredients. Then you should be okay, but I would suggest to always use any fat burner containing yohimbine with caution.


Ab Igniter is a solid product, but if you could do something to improve this product. It’d be removing the ingredients that are ineffective and lowering the price overall. I would suggest that most people should stay away from Ab Igniter due to its side effects.

Ab Igniter is okay if you can handle it, but for most people, it will cause side effects. There are better products out there. So do your research and find out whether or not Ab Igniter is a good choice for you! If you want to see the current 5highest rated fat burners, click here.

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