Natasha Oakley posing on a beach in a black bikini, looking toned and lean.
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Natasha Oakley – Age, Height, Weight, Workout Routine, and Diet Plan

Natasha “Tash” Oakley is an Australian bikini company owner, fitness model, and social media influencer. With 2.5 million fans and growing, Natasha is an inspiration for people from around the world who’re looking to better their physiques and lead healthier lifestyles.

However, as awesome as her figure looks today, Natasha’s success didn’t come easy. She’s faced many hardships throughout the years, including being mocked for her figure early on during her fitness journey. Instead of letting the criticism bring her down, Natasha used it as a fuel to propel herself even higher – becoming one of the best known bikini models and entrepreneurs in Australia and beyond.

Here’s her story.

Natasha Oakley posing shirtless in front of a camera, looking lean and toned.

Quick Stats

Full Name: Natasha OakleyDate of Birth: July 14, 1990
Weight: 141lbs (64kg)Height: 5’8″ (173cm)
Nationality: AustralianOccupation: Bikini and Fitness Model
Natasha Oakley posing on a beach in a black bikini, looking ripped


  • 2.5+ million followers on social media
  • Glamour’s Top 7 Athleisure Clothing Designers (July 2017)
  • Launched one of the top swimwear brands for women
Natasha Oakley showing off her lean beach body and awesome glutes in a white bikini.


Natasha’s Early Life

Natasha Oakley was born and raised in Bronte, New South Wales, Australia. From an early age, Natasha had an entrepreneurial spirit, along with a strong passion for staying fit and active, something she got from her parents. Natasha’s mother became an entrepreneur at the age of 18, as well as winning the Miss Australia 1980and Miss Universe – Photogenic titles. Her father, meanwhile, was a successful surfer in his youth.

Natasha spent most of her early life moving between and living in two places – Miami and Maui. Later on, after opening her social media accounts, she moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams of becoming a model, fitness influencer, and entrepreneur.

Success in Business

At just 20 years old, Natasha started making her dreams come true – launching her first production company in LA. Two years later, she started a lifestyle blog with her business partner, where the pair shared photos of new swimsuits every day. After amassing a large following, Natasha went on to launch her own swimwear brand together with her business partner.

It was at this point that Natasha’s dreams slowly turned into a reality. Not only did she become a well-known businesswoman in the bikini business, she also became an influential fitness icon, inspiring an ever growing number of people on social media.

Rise in Fitness

As more and more people started following her journey, Natasha began to regularly give interviews, sharing tips and secrets to achieving a lean and toned physique like hers.

With her growing recognition, Natasha soon became an ambassador for Caroline Herrera, Bonds Australia, Sunglass Hut, and other major brands. She also featured on the cover of a number of international magazines, including the Women’s Health Fitness Magazine.

With her amazing physique, unique personality, and amazing story, Natasha continues to inspire more and more people from all around the world.

Natasha Oakley walking down a sandy shore in a bikini.

Natasha Oakley Workout

Natasha makes sure she’s always fit and healthy. This doesn’t mean “looking perfect” in her world, but rather, feeling the healthiest version of herself that she can be.

You may ask, how does Natasha achieve a fit and healthy look all-year round? For one, she has a go-to exercise routine she can do anytime, anywhere. No matter how busy the schedule gets.

Split into legs, glutes, ABS and upper body, Natasha’s workouts are a combination of bodyweight exercises, HIIT, and weight training. Natasha trains 3-4 times per week and likes to make her sessions as intense and effective as possible – having very little rest between exercises.

Before she beings her workout, though, Natasha ensures she warms up. And after she’s done, she takes some time to cool down and potentially also stretch. On her “Rest days,” Natasha still does some form of physical activity, such as a long walks, a light run or swim, or a quick bike ride.

Natasha Oakley’s Weekly Workout Plan

Here’s how Natasha’s week of training looks like:

  • Monday: Legs and Glutes
  • Wednesday: HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with a focus on abs
  • Friday: Arms and Abs focusing on upper body strength with exercises like sit-ups and a twist on tricep dips.

Natasha Oakley’s HIIT Exercise Routine

As you’ve seen above, HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It’s a form of exercise done in short but intense bursts, with very little rest in between. This way of training offers Natasha several advantages, such as; efficient and quick workouts, high calorie burn, can be done anytime and anywhere.

In her HIIT workouts, Natasha vigorously performs each exercise for 45 seconds. Rests for 15 seconds. Then moves onto next exercise. After each circuit, Natasha will rest for one minute.

She recommends doing 3 circuits for beginners, 4 circuits for intermediates, and in her words, 5 circuits for “ninjas!”

Here’s an example of Natasha’s full-body HIIT workout.

  • Spiderman Press-Up

This exercise targets Natasha’s triceps and core muscles. She starts the exercise in a standard press-up position. As she lowers herself to the floor in the first stage of the push-up, Natasha will lift her right foot off the ground and bring her knee up to meet her right elbow. Pushing back up to the top of the press-up, Natasha kicks her leg back to the starting position.

  • Plank to Frog Hops Side-to-Side

This exercise targets Natasha’s core, glutes, and thighs. She starts the exercise in a standard plank, then hops her feet forward into a frog position. While staying in the frog pose, Natasha will jump from side to side. “Yes, this gets your heart going.”

  • Blast off Press-up

This exercise targets Natasha’s core, arms, chest, and shoulders. She begins the exercise by getting into a push-up position. Her knees push her body weight to her feet, before moving back into a push-up with most of Natasha’s weight now on her shoulders. She finishes the movement by lowering to the ground into normal push-up, pressing back up to the start position. She does this without stopping for 45 seconds.

  • Extended Arm Sit-up

This exercise is all about abs. Natasha beings it by lying on her back with legs straight and arms extended above her head. She slowly curls her upper back off the floor while stretching her arms upwards. Holding this for a few seconds while squeezing her stomach muscles. After this she lowers back down to the starting position and repeats the process for 45 seconds non-stop.

  • Extended Arm Straight Leg-Jack Knife

This is another one of Natasha’s favorite HIIT ab exercises. She beings the movement lying on the floor with legs extended and arms stretched above her head. She exhales and engages her core. As she balances her body weight on her sitting bone, Natasha simultaneously lifts her arms and legs to the ceiling to make a V shape with her body. She holds this pose for a few seconds before returning to the starting position and repeating the process all over again – until the timer hits 45 seconds.

Natasha Oakley Diet

Natasha is a pescetarian. She loves to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with fish. She says she never follows “diets,” eating healthily is second-nature to her. That being said, Natasha says she also indulges in chocolate or pasta here and there. Listening to her body is a priority.

Natasha eats healthily and works out even when she’s on Holidays. It helps her maintain her structure and feel good.

Natasha always likes to work out before having her breakfast. After the training session, she’ll usually load up on fruits and other healthy sources of carbohydrates to replenish her muscles.

Natasha Oakley showing off her lean and fit body for a photo shoot.

What Natasha Oakley’s Story Teaches us

Natasha is someone who followed in the footsteps of her parents to become a successful fitness model and entrepreneur. But even though she had the motivation and inspiration from her mother and father, it’s Natasha’s own determination and discipline that propelled her to where she is today.

If we can learn anything from Natasha’s story, it’s to keep pursuing your passion. If you can maintain the same grit and determination that she’s shown us, then you too will one day reach your own greatness – whether that’s in fitness or anywhere else.

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